Australia: Week 1

temperature here has dropped again. during the day on average it was 21 degrees Celsius, now it’s 16.. and night is at 4 Celsius. Que, YunYi and Hanim are in Canberra, i heard the weather there is even colder.

anyways, finally i have resized some pictures so it’s blog ready. =)

these are just the pictures of my first week stay in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Nerang.


I left for Australia last last Friday, ALONE, after a whole long night of party at MOS. Can barely remember what to pack in my bag. Reached Coolangatta Airport on Saturday morning and went straight to breakfast. The picture above is the family i live with in Brisbane. My grand auntie and my favourite grand Uncle John, my godparents, and my two new friends aka tour guide, Chew and Daniel.

On the day of my arrival, I went back to my uncle’s hse in Eagleby to put down my baggage and started packing for a week of clothing because we were going to go and stay in Cedarlake, where the vacation home is. It was seriously a big rush. I have not recover from my jet lag and these ppl are pushing me around forcing me to pack and unpack. *sigh*


Anyway we made our way to Nerang Town where Cedar Lake is located. We check into our stable block. Its exterior really mimic the horse stable, and inside it was lovely!

After unloading our stuff at the house, Chew, Daniel and I went to the Equestrian Club in the resort where we saw on our way in. Daniel and I have not tried horse riding so we decided to give it a try. We were brief on how to control the horse and off we go into the woods. It was a hell long bumpy 1 hour ride. My bum hurts.


But I was pretty lucky, I saw a while kangaroo while in the woods. =)

On the 2nd day, we went up to Mount Tamborine. There’s a really pretty market place there. On the way up we stopped by at the look out, he scenery was fantastic…


a place well known for hang gliding and parachuting


<3 the scenery


Old man


breathe-taking view

We reached the market place after a 2 long hours of driving. Pretty and interesting little market place up in Mt Tamborine. There are ppl selling fresh produce, vintage goods, pre-loved items, pets and lots more at a really good bargain.


I tried one of Australia’s most famous delicacies, Lamington. It’s actually a spongecake cut up in a cube, coated with chocolate icing and coconut sprinkles. IT WAS TOO SWEET! >.< didn’t like it. sorry.


had hot chocolate and some dutch pancake for breakfast. I don’t remember if it’s dutch or what.


me and my second set of mummy and daddy =)


chewy and me


Mt Tamborine is famous for their pies. This is what i had, Steak and Potatoes, yummy!

After Mt Tamborine, we head off to Carrara Market.


It was more like a bazaar. i run like a mad girl. so much to see so much to buy


on the way home. took a pic through my sunglasses =) cool eh?

The following day we took a slow drive to Murwillumbah. Yea I know, its a mouth full. I cannot pronounce nuts about the name of the places here. most of the words are aboriginal’s. We Malaysians just call it Mum Mum bah. haha. pisses my Uncle John. We’ll now i know how to pronounce it, coz I got a smack from him for not saying it right. haha. On the way to Murwillumbah to see the Hippie Town, we stopped by at Chillingham, and also, we took a wrong turn and end up at the border of Queensland and New SOuth Wales. =) cool right?!




Day 4 Uncle John brought us to David Fleay’s Wild Life Park. I was there for not even an hour i was running and screaming my heads off. That place have so many worms and caterpillar. EEEeeewww.. Then We head of to the Currumbin Sanctuary at Gold Coast. I was bugging him to bring me see the kangaroos, koalas, wombats and the wallaby! And sure enough, I got to see all of them, including penguins, polar bear, sharks, dolphin and rays. I even got to carry a koala.


see this little joey, wanna cam whore with me

i think she is a girl joey ^^,




click to enlarge – look!

i sayang one of the kangaroo another one came.

they look super manja <3


then at Currumbin there was a lorikeet park. it was full house when we went.


they are not scared of people. they will fly freely and just land on your head, shoulder and hands if you have food. i got a lot of scratches on my hands for feeding them *curse curse birds*


feeding them milk in a bowl

I spent whole of my fifth day in SeaWorld. I feel like a kid again. Went on rides, excited to see those animals, and fishes.. my 85 year old grand uncle actually went on a terror ride with me, can you believe that? aaa it was good =)



dolphin and me


Uncle John and I


cute eh?

The following day I went to Paradise Country. Saw how they made Billy Tea and the damper.

Saw how the “farmers” (hot aussie hunks) sheer the sheep. We had lunch there as well.


That night I don’t know what got into me. I jumped in the pool!!! WOOO~I can now tell people I went swimming in winter. =D though the pool was heated, I was coughing out my lungs the next day >.<


(proof, haha)

The 7th day, we stopped by at the trawler’s market before we head home to Brisbane.

Lots of fresh and cheap seafood there =) prawns as big as a daddy prawn and lobster as big as my handbag and bay bugs as fresh as hell. was it ever good. yummy.


catch of the day – menu


yeap, they sell their fresh catch on their fishing boats


crab crab

Ouh dear, i have got to stop blogging now. It’s 4 degrees here, I’m off to hugging the heater now. As the day pass, the temperature drops, how can? Australian winter never been this cold… Seems like i have witnessed the coldest winter ever in Brisbane. Stupid global warming. Will continue week 2 later! Ciao for now =D

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  1. wah so fun! :D

    I wanna pet Kangaroos and Joeys too… *pouts*

    At least you’re escaping from the horrible weather in Malaysia.

    Owh and congrats on graduating! :D

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