bad hair CUT~

I went to a saloon at Sg. Wang with my baby yesterday. Had a very very bad haircut, yeap… the both of us and mind u, its not cheap, cost rm 80 bucks!!!

look at us… tsk tsk tsk~

that lala guy at the shop actually straighten my hair.. hate it so much! but what the heck, i still wana smile to the camera, vain bitch.

toot~~~ never never wana go back there

**** man… will never ever go back to that place again *shows tongue* blekk~~~

make sad sad face

i’m so doomed… prom is in a month time!!! *panic* wish i had hair tonic that will make my hair grow longer…back to how it was. regret….. ='(

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One thought on “bad hair CUT~”

  1. you look nice lah dear! =) prefer this. look younger and fresher look :) straight suits you too!

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