Beauty Pageant

this is gonna be quite a long post. lotsa pics. be patient while they are loading. click on the image for a larger view.

Please do not continue if u have heart problem. In the process of making this beauty pageant i almost die of laughter. Though some ppl say laughter is the best medicine but… just view at ur own risk.

The Contestants:-


Round 1

we come in peace~~~

Round 2
The Beauty of Square Head

i look like a box here! a plasma tv box >.<

Round 3
The Mirror

6 of us.

Round 4
Short Neck

plastic surgery went wrong. hehe.

Round 5
Zoomed In

Round 6

OMG! Looks like we got hit and run over by a very big truck and then an aeroplane come crashing by.

Round 7
Fish Lens

fishy eye lens?

Round 8
Being Happy

gosh…we look super duper scary happy pea-pole XD

Round 9
If we gain weight

** michelle got disqualified coz she is already fat XD**


Group Photo


Best Group :

the comic

Best Smile:

Best Pose:

Best Distorted Face:


Long lost SISTERS?

oh dear… thank God we have inner beauty!

I cannot stop laughing while taking these pictures. I salute both of my roomies coz they can keep their cool and pose for the camera although the saw the preview that they look like this. I was really rolling on the floor laughing and tearing. Thank u Pei Wen and Carlyn for such a good time. u guys are really crazy!

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  1. HAHA…looks like we’re really the long lost sisters.Yeah it really makes me crazy and bcome more and more siau d after entering a room v u guys…love u guys a lot…kakaka

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