Blue Blue Sky

Today seem a lil different then the normal days….
As I was starring at the clouds up in the sky, my mind was flooded by the memories, the memories n times that i used to spent with my mom…

Mummy used to drive us (my bro n I) to Singapore every once a year to visit grandma. While drivin on the highway, mummy always tells us how beautifull the sky was.
I love to look up in the big blue sky n look at clouds that have funny funny shapes. Some looks like dinosaurs, some look like a palace, some even look like toys that i have always wanted! Isnt it cool?
Its just so amazing that the clouds can form shapes of an animal, places or objects.

Normally when i look at the clouds, I see diff things than what my bro sees.I really dun know why why till today… I finally realise that whatever things that i see in the clouds its those things that i wish to have. It’s like a paradise. Its not real but its just things that we wanted realli badly.
Are u surprise or amaze that I finally got the answer to my question? I found it becoz today i saw the most beautiful thing in the world up high among the clouds…. I saw Mummy.

I really look up to mummy cz she is a really tough lady. She never gives up on fighting her cancer till the very last moment in her life, n yes i understand how must suffering she went through last time.

I will always be loving u n i am looking forward to the day we meet again, at the heavenly gate!
Love u, mummy!

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2 thoughts on “Blue Blue Sky”

  1. im sure ur mum knows wat u tot of…and michelle ur a good girl and alwis will be..u’ve done ur best in life…infact u can do better…even now..more and then…as a fren..i truly understand wat are u tryin to send out from tat message..cherish life? do not take ppl tat beside u for granted…enjoy life to d fullest mc….im still here…love u as alwis…i love u…. =3

  2. mc.. remember we r always here for u. ur mum wld be happy if she knows she had never been forgotten by u. i love u always deary.

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