Tak Nak Merokok! Campaign

This TVC and campaign is by the Ministry of Health.
The TVC’s mood and settings are superb. It has a very strong and direct message, yet not cheesy.

Well done.
Hopefully it will motivate others to create even better TV Commerials.

Thumbs up to the government for willing to spend a little more on creatives to come up with something as great. No more lame slides show/infomercials!!! Yay.

vote vote vote~!

My bestfriend Wendy has joined this competition on Astro Jia yu channel. It would really be great if you can actually cast in a vote or two. Support support!

Guys, if you have the time please please please vote for my best friend, Wendy, contestant number M13.

All you have to do i type in:-

“MARY <space> M13 <space> (your name) <space> (your NRIC)”

and send to 32300.

Each sms cost RM1.00.

Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

Yasmin Ahmad

I don’t know how to put all my thoughts in words. I am crying my eyes out as i am writing this.

how do i say this? well, I have been a fan of Kak Yasmin’s all this while and recently, on July 25th, Malaysia has lost a director, a story teller, a sister, a legend. I feel very inspired whenever i watch her movies, TV commercials and especially those aired during the festive season. I have always secretly wanting to meet her in person, simply just shake her hand, hug her, to tell her how she great she iss, and how she inspire me. Sadly I didn’t have the chance.

Just a minute ago I was watching Yasmin Ahmad Dalam Kenangan on Astro 110. But what really made me write this post was because i was watching her memorial, they played one of the video i edited for MDP class during my beta year’s assignment. they freaking aired it on astro!! i am so thrilled. though i know i cannot reach out to her in person, i am honored that my short video was shown on astro, in her memorial. it’s too good to be true.

Her passing is a great lost to the advertising industry, Malaysia and to me. Most people will remember her for her great movies and tvc, but little do they realize, most of her artwork comes with an important message. a message of love, hope and unity. I will always remember her as the sunshine of Malaysia, constantly giving hope to unite our nation, constantly telling wonderful stories about life, love and family. I really wished she won’t have to leave so early, but i know, God loved her more.

I hope her works will not be forgotten and will not die together with her. I will always remember the legend of Yasmin.


In the memory of Yasmin Ahmad 1958-2009


Sony advertisement and the ad agency that they chose has always been very well known in selling colors to the world. These are some of my favourites.

The Sony Bravia Bunnies
just simply love how crafted they are. the bunnies are animated “frame by frame”.
lots of effort.

The Sony Cybershot T700
After watching commercials after commercials u have to agree with me that life is colourful. =)

and my new and latest favourite…
The Foam City

and here guys.. is the making of.

a Friday off

on Thursday, I was out all day in Damansara Perdana at PixelPost. Was there for an offline edit and also to attend a pre-production meeting. I had a long long day, so i had to have the all famous Ikea meatball. jas0n waited for me after work and treated me to some delicious Swedish meatball with cranberry sauce! mmmm, yummy!





so juicy~~





for ur information, you can click the picture to enlarge it. how can u not want to click. u see la the meatballs are so yummy and the cranberry sauce is just irresistible!


And so this is what i did on Friday. I took a day off, and went back to Cyberjaya to pay my school fees. I sure miss that place very much!!!






Miss the long straight road to Cyber, the big white fluffy clouds on the big blue sky. I feel hor, Cyberjaya’s sky is always blue. ^^,


Then jas0n and I had the Palazo’s nasi lemak. it is really nice!





nah, nasi lemak hb2.


after that we head on to Cathay in Cineleisure to watch a movie. We went for The Elephant and the Sea. It is written and produced by one of our ex-MMU lecturer, Ming Jin.





this movie has fetch many international awards. it was pretty awesome, but i have to admit that there are parts of the movie that i didn’t like. but overall i will give it 7/10.





go watch it. it is only being screen at Cathay’s. support local indie film! =)


you can easily get the trailer on youtube and here are some reviews if u need to know more about this movie.







Day 34: Updates


boss: *running from far and shouting* MICHELLE!! Stop what you are doing now!

Michelle: *sketching sketching and looks up at boss innocently*

boss: FUCK, client changing brief.



*eye twitch twitch*

I am gonna blow everything here!!!!!! If i have a gun now i will first go over to client site and shoot them all! so “cha dou”!

My team and i have been working on the 7 sectioned campaign for GSK thing all day and night. Even stayed back for the project. We are suppose to do the whole damn campaign. Well, fair with me. They are the client. But for this past few days we have came up with theme concepts and all. Tested the product and Guess what?

Client called and change brief! u think so easy ar? like baking cupcakes? Feel so pissed at first, but then kinda thought about it. it’s advertising. i am trained to take rejection way back in FCM Alpha. I am pretty much numb.

boss: “welcome to Grey =)”

Michelle: *smile smile at the same time drool*


yay! lets just all throw our ideas in the bin. and start all over again. so fun! (apply sarcasm here)

Lucky Sunny was supportive, had a long chat during lunch. Meeting at 3pm.

*talks to self*. *nodnod*.

am going looney soon.


Day 6: More than super

Last night i did not have the time to blog. was occupied all day. started my day as usual, was supposed to go back around 7. but no… was held back for till about 8 something, then i was invited to join a small meeting/discussion. contributed 20+ ideas and all. was great. i was suppose to go back after the meeting and then again i was held back for some urgent logo design. they need it by 9 am the next day (today!). i stayed back and tried my very very best and manage to finish up at 12am. gosh this is one of my latest day so far in the office.

i can really feel how working is like already. i am quite envy to those classmates of mine, whom all leave work sharp at 5.30pm. but some how or rather there’s a pro and cons in it.

yesterday i was about to breakdown/give up 3 times. the first time the meeting pull me through. of course was excited. a noobie like me can join meetings with the art directors and also the senior. i am more than happy. then 2nd time when i was to breakdown, baby jas0n called to give me support. and the third time, my daddy called me to encourage me.

besides that, chatting with my other classmates during work really push me a lil further too. Mia, Illy, Scha and Kah Yee were really great companions.

usually in this situations, my emotions will kick in and i would give up and start crying alone. but this time i manage to control myself and think positive at the same time. =)

here i am again in the office… i should start calling this place my second home if i want to take this career path seriously. before i started blogging, i made myself a hella big cup of bitter coffee to keep me through the day. i’m not a coffee person you know.

just a short thank you note over here. i just wanna thank daddy for waiting for me last night, your the #1 dad!!! =) and i appreciate baby jas0n for his effort to pick me up although it was like really late, and sorry steph and sam if i made you guys worried for my safety last night.

I want to go back a little early today. and i want to be able to survive internship.

i know i can. =D