Phuket Trip: Day 1


My besties and I planned a small trip to Phuket, Thailand from the 17th – 19th Sept 2009. We booked our tickets via Air Asia, surprisingly, the fare was quite cheap. We each paid RM280 for a return ticket including 3days 2night stay , inclusive of breakfast at Leelawadee Boutique Hotel. =) how cool is that?!

Well, I never really get to travel out of the country with my friends before, so we were all excited over every lil thing. We took the earliest flight possible, which is 7.20am, and book for the latest flight back. *wink*

So we arrived and gathered at LCCT at 5 am.

DSCF1774L-R: Jason, Naresh, Natalie, Ken, Chey Men, Steph


drizzle drizzle


We checked in and what not. Board the plane, and it was raining that morning.

As usual, I get to sit next to the window.

Just <3 to see those fluffy clouds.


While waiting for the plane to take off… so we CAMWHORED!


The flight took about an hour, from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket.


The streets near where we stayed. It was like a dead town during the day.

But at night, full of booze and mat salleh. Didn’t feel like I was in Thailand at all.


This is the hotel that we stayed. Leelawadee Boutique Hotel.

It was really nice, new hotel, there fore rooms and every thing were very good. My room even had a mini garden at the back.


so zen!

We took 3 rooms all together, and my room was in the middle, end up everyone were climbing in and out  =\


as mention the town was pretty dead, no shops were open for lunch. we were all starving.

we walked and walked till we finally reach this lil shack like cafe and had our lunch there.

everything was so expensive but…


it’s worth paying for. we get really authentic and good Thai food. yumm..

after food we went to the nearest 7-Eleven to buy the Thailand all famous Singha and Chang beer.


super cheap. even their Heineken was cheaper than Msia, I wonder why.


*tuk tuk*

after a good lunch, off to the beach we go!


Patong Beach!


Naresh and Nat


baby jas0n and mC


Ken and Chey Men


First day itself was super fun… It only gets better. Day 2 post coming up in a bit! =D

Krispy Kreme Cravings + post birthday @ Zouk

i kinda owe this post to myself and baby.
Remember the last post i had really bad cravings for krispy kreme?

so yea i was at baby jas0n’s place, doing my FYP (well, about to start actually), suddenly i have this strong cravings for Krispy Kreme(thanks to Dexter).


Jason, being the super boyfriend he always is, he agreed to drive us down to Times Square after the oh-so-ever-yummy-bak-kut-teh-in-puchong dinner.


super excited!


our choices : original glazed donut (rm2.50),devils’s cake, powdered strawberry fillings,

caramel and custard, hershey’s white choc, and the flower (rm2.80 each)

they were slightly more expensive than Big Apple and JCo’s but they are much softer BUT they too are much sweeter compared to those 2 donut chain mentioned. If you are diabetic i recommend you not to take Krispy Kreme. They are mostly glazed with a thick layer of sugar and filled with really sweet fillings. good for those who have sweet tooth.

My favourites are the original glazed and the devil’s cake. so rich!


ouh so yummy!


this has to be jas0n’s fave. Hershey’s white chocolate.

I am not a fan of white and milk chocolate. real chocoholic only takes dark and bitter chocolate.


i will definitely return to Krispy Kreme. so heavenly.

after the sweet desserts, we went to Zouk to shake all the calories off. kinda fun being a Zouk member. For my birthday, they gave me 12 free entrance passes and 6 jugs of alcohol beverage. On top of that it was ladies night, so we got 5 extra drinks.


in pic : scha, noa, mC, jas0n, steph, nat, naresh

tina, richard, khai tzer and ester were too busy at the dance floor >.<

omg all of us so red. on the way back we got block at a road block. first time seeing the real breathalizer.

baby was so nervous… but the cop just let us go. we didn’t drink that much. 6 jugs and 5 drinks each.

it was fun. hell load of fun. and right now i am in hell of a pain trying to do my work. i need motivations!


This is very interesting.

I have finally set foot into my final semester in MMU. In just 2 weeks i feel like i have learn a lot from my Design Process class. I found myself a new source of inspiration and ideation. i no longer need to inject ideas into my blood stream. I guess if you try hard enough, ideas will eventually come. This is where the name of the class make sense to me. Process.

Today, I learned about subcultures. Pretty interesting. I am aware and exposed to most subculture, till the bricolage slide came.

Bricolage means the practice of working with whatever materials are at hand, “making do” with what one has. As a cultural practice, bricolage refers to the activity of taking consumer product and commodities and making them one’s own by giving them a new meaning. This has the potential to create resistance meanings out of the commodities. For example the Michelle punk practice of wearing safety pins as body ornamentation is one of the most well-known examples of bricolage.

I am very surprise that what ever i am doing is actually an existing subculture. And heck, there’s a name for it.

one of the usage of safety pin
one of the usage of safety pin

I still remember, in high school days, my best friends and I use to always visit the piercing shop on Fridays. We would go down there and pierce our ears/nose together. Some of my friends will actually take out the piercing and let it close, and redo the whole process again on the following Friday. I use to have like 10-12 piercings on each ear. what more my friends.

Even better still, I once manually pierced my bestie’s earlobes. not just onces but twice. To make things even more exciting, i pierced her ear in a bumpy school bus ride on the way home. I guess we all shared one thing in common, is that we love the pain, the adrenaline rush and we use to think doing all that is beyond super(i am not gonna say it’s cool). I am so glad that WE ALL TURNED OUT TO BE DECENT. well, sort of.

I secretly likes the idea of body piercing and tattoo. Actually I thought of getting an industrial piercing and hand piercing though.

Gosh, no no… thinking back of things that I did gives me super goosebumps. 8 + 1 is more than enough. Really, I had enough.


weee~ i haven’t felt like this for a very very long time. i had had the longest and happiest weekend this year.

I spent all weekend with my buddies and we hung out through friday till monday~ it feels so good and i feel so refreshed. here’s some sneak preview.

will upload more pictures later~

april 16th post

i know this is damn late for my birthday pics. Well, its better late than never : )


this post is image heavy btw~ patience people, patience!!! i have alot of pics, but i am not gonna put everything in it. just selected ones.


la~here goes.


— 21st B’day PART 1 —


had a surprise party by my friends in hostel. i remember having a really bad headache that night. so i went to bed early. at midnight i was then awaken by my roomies telling me grandma stories, and i actually buy them >.< then i was forced out of bed. Pei Wen is a really good actress btw.




they all got me a sweet choco strawberry cake! and a big big bucket of Famous Amos cookie.

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midnight dip

it’s 2 am. just came back from swimming with her.

it was amazing, never felt this relaxed for the past weeks. and really missed spending time with a long time friend.

thank you Wendy for making effort to come by at wee hours. enjoyed swimming and pillow talk with you.

remember this,  mC loves you. may our friendship grows stronger each day and happie 15 years of friendship and counting!