Krispy Kreme Cravings + post birthday @ Zouk

i kinda owe this post to myself and baby.
Remember the last post i had really bad cravings for krispy kreme?

so yea i was at baby jas0n’s place, doing my FYP (well, about to start actually), suddenly i have this strong cravings for Krispy Kreme(thanks to Dexter).


Jason, being the super boyfriend he always is, he agreed to drive us down to Times Square after the oh-so-ever-yummy-bak-kut-teh-in-puchong dinner.


super excited!


our choices : original glazed donut (rm2.50),devils’s cake, powdered strawberry fillings,

caramel and custard, hershey’s white choc, and the flower (rm2.80 each)

they were slightly more expensive than Big Apple and JCo’s but they are much softer BUT they too are much sweeter compared to those 2 donut chain mentioned. If you are diabetic i recommend you not to take Krispy Kreme. They are mostly glazed with a thick layer of sugar and filled with really sweet fillings. good for those who have sweet tooth.

My favourites are the original glazed and the devil’s cake. so rich!


ouh so yummy!


this has to be jas0n’s fave. Hershey’s white chocolate.

I am not a fan of white and milk chocolate. real chocoholic only takes dark and bitter chocolate.


i will definitely return to Krispy Kreme. so heavenly.

after the sweet desserts, we went to Zouk to shake all the calories off. kinda fun being a Zouk member. For my birthday, they gave me 12 free entrance passes and 6 jugs of alcohol beverage. On top of that it was ladies night, so we got 5 extra drinks.


in pic : scha, noa, mC, jas0n, steph, nat, naresh

tina, richard, khai tzer and ester were too busy at the dance floor >.<

omg all of us so red. on the way back we got block at a road block. first time seeing the real breathalizer.

baby was so nervous… but the cop just let us go. we didn’t drink that much. 6 jugs and 5 drinks each.

it was fun. hell load of fun. and right now i am in hell of a pain trying to do my work. i need motivations!

green green b’day

i woke up on Wednesday morning only to find baby jas0n waiting for me down there at NEA apartment with a bouquet of flowers. it is not even my birthday yet, but hey, i liked it! =)


all in all, this is the third time jas0n is giving me flowers. i don’t usually get flowers for valentines, birthdays and so on.. i only get them when he happens to find daisy, even though it is not my birthday. for the past two times its was just daisies, but this time it was OXEYE DAISY!!! my favourite! cannot get it locally you know, and somehow he managed to find them <3


there’s 1 word to describe my 22nd birthday = “superduperuberly100%funandwarmanditsallgreen!”

yeah… somehow this year was better than the last.


all my green goodies


a parcel came from the US. apparently i won a craft book from threadbanger.


handmade nation


they only gave out five copies. guess i was lucky~

(even the book is green!)


couldn’t be any happier


jimmy the krokodil

he has a tag on the hand that says “Michelle, Please take me home *RAWR*”

haha, it was so funny.. i thought only dinos rawr..


my new boyfriend


a blankie to keep me warm at night!


then off we go to dinner…

more pictures click here


april 16th post

i know this is damn late for my birthday pics. Well, its better late than never : )


this post is image heavy btw~ patience people, patience!!! i have alot of pics, but i am not gonna put everything in it. just selected ones.


la~here goes.


— 21st B’day PART 1 —


had a surprise party by my friends in hostel. i remember having a really bad headache that night. so i went to bed early. at midnight i was then awaken by my roomies telling me grandma stories, and i actually buy them >.< then i was forced out of bed. Pei Wen is a really good actress btw.




they all got me a sweet choco strawberry cake! and a big big bucket of Famous Amos cookie.

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hang over

*face turns green*

i am practically blogging from the toilet bowl right now. i had the craziest birthday ever.

jas0n dear and my best friends threw me a party at a karaoke lounge. was super fun and crazy. some couldn’t make it tho, but i sure miss those who weren’t there. you know who you are right dearies?

anyway i cannot blog much for now. i had a very terrible hang over now. last night after partying, we all head home to my place and drank a whole 1 litre bottle of Absolut Vodka. yes, we finished it. i ended my night with a pure shot of vodka, bottoms up. i wasn’t drunk to my surprise but i had the worst morning ever. i threw up over n over again, till i had nothing left in my stomach.

argh, you don’t wanna know what came out. it has been 20 hours ago, but i am still feeling really uncomfortable. i swear i will never do this to myself again. oh gosh. all this lack of sleep and too much alcohol is killing me. i think i have to go throw up now. must get it out of my system.


*puke puke, sings birthday song to self in toilet*

phuck. will update with pics soon.

p/s: to carlyn, pei wen, steph, scha, kahyee, wee, yu lin, chun jun, joanne, kit, shiew woei.

thank you gurls for the surprise party. i sure didn’t see that coming. (pei wen and carlyn sure are damn good at acting you know)

*hug hug*

February Babies turning 21


suppose to post this up in February, but i was caught up with assignments and submissions. *takes a deep breath* i was freaking stressed up last week because i couldn’t get certain things done in time because i was away for a few days. went to bangkok, rode an elephant while all my classmates were in e-commerce class. >< you have no idea how helpless i feel. damn.

back to the topic…




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