You guys must have been wondering what I was up to since MMU.

When I finished my final semester in MMU, i had an offer to continue study in Stamford College, PJ.

Not really a bachelor degree nor a master programme, but simply a communication course certified by EdExcel, University of London.

Well, after MMU, I had a one month holiday in Australia, then I started this professional course with Scicom Academy in Stamford, and finished it in 2 months.

I wasn’t too keen on this course but i still went ahead (I guess it’s because its a scholarship from the gov that I still went ahead with it). But I glad that I did attend the course, because in this 2 months, I met people from different walks of like, different ages, different experiences. In just 2 months, we became family. It is amazing how well we got along =D


ish.. blur =\




before meeting our juniors in the other classes


after iftar @ hartz


our talk show *wink*

my group was a lil different. we made a “plasma TV” as our props. fun fun fun!


mr garfield


Ahh, the memories. It is so hard to pick these pictures. too many nice ones, and too many pictures!!!!

Well, I will be graduating again soon, this time with Scicom instead of MMU =) Feels kinda good graduating twice a year, hehe.

I hope all of us will be able to keep in touch. Miss you guys batch 1 & 2.


i have so many things to blog about. i don’t know where to start. perhaps where is left off?

i will have tot hink about this tmr.

tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow…

so darn busy with Scicom. 2 more weeks to go =( so sad.

6 degrees

oh great.. finally i can move my fingers. my fingers were so frozen that i can’t blog.

been wanting to blog for about a week ago when i reach Australia, but i cannot seem to just sit down and get started. It has been really really cold here. Winter here is crazy.. during the day weather is tolerable, but at night it drops all the way to 6 degrees. whats more crazy is that the locals recommend me eating rock melon topped with cottage cheese, with a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper. i am really having a bad tummy ache! =(

i am rolling in pain now. lucky for me i have a hot water bottle on my tummy and a heater in the room.

i have been around for a week plus now. took so many pictures, but haven’t had the time to put it up. here the day seem to be really short… it gets dark around 5 pm (Australian time). sigh sien.

time passed pretty fast. the last i remember was a week of sleepless nights rushing for FYP at jason’s, then submission, then economics, acc and management exam, party so hard till the next day, mamaking then i am on the plan on the way to Gold Coast. Pretty fun being meĀ  :P

I really can’t take the pain adi. i think i’m gonna stop here, tmr will surely update this dusty blog with a week worth of pictures!!!

I’m Moving Out

I feel really heavy hearted right now. I just finish packing my stuff and am waiting for my ride.

This is my final semester, and am graduating soon, hopefully..

*fingers crossed*

It’s been 4 good ol’ years. I am so gonna miss this place. I will miss staying in MMU, esp NEA apartment. way much comfy than staying in the hostel and in Cyberia.

dscf0740my room window

dsc04996splendid view from my room

(the night view is even nicer)

Well the things that i will miss most is attending classes, assignments, exams submissions, the swimming pool and the life guards and above all, my fellow friends and lecturers in MMU.

It’s been really wonderful.. It has. =’)

*happy tear*

Krispy Kreme Cravings + post birthday @ Zouk

i kinda owe this post to myself and baby.
Remember the last post i had really bad cravings for krispy kreme?

so yea i was at baby jas0n’s place, doing my FYP (well, about to start actually), suddenly i have this strong cravings for Krispy Kreme(thanks to Dexter).


Jason, being the super boyfriend he always is, he agreed to drive us down to Times Square after the oh-so-ever-yummy-bak-kut-teh-in-puchong dinner.


super excited!


our choices : original glazed donut (rm2.50),devils’s cake, powdered strawberry fillings,

caramel and custard, hershey’s white choc, and the flower (rm2.80 each)

they were slightly more expensive than Big Apple and JCo’s but they are much softer BUT they too are much sweeter compared to those 2 donut chain mentioned. If you are diabetic i recommend you not to take Krispy Kreme. They are mostly glazed with a thick layer of sugar and filled with really sweet fillings. good for those who have sweet tooth.

My favourites are the original glazed and the devil’s cake. so rich!


ouh so yummy!


this has to be jas0n’s fave. Hershey’s white chocolate.

I am not a fan of white and milk chocolate. real chocoholic only takes dark and bitter chocolate.


i will definitely return to Krispy Kreme. so heavenly.

after the sweet desserts, we went to Zouk to shake all the calories off. kinda fun being a Zouk member. For my birthday, they gave me 12 free entrance passes and 6 jugs of alcohol beverage. On top of that it was ladies night, so we got 5 extra drinks.


in pic : scha, noa, mC, jas0n, steph, nat, naresh

tina, richard, khai tzer and ester were too busy at the dance floor >.<

omg all of us so red. on the way back we got block at a road block. first time seeing the real breathalizer.

baby was so nervous… but the cop just let us go. we didn’t drink that much. 6 jugs and 5 drinks each.

it was fun. hell load of fun. and right now i am in hell of a pain trying to do my work. i need motivations!

MMU Award Night 09

MMU Award Night rocks. I had so much fun getting involve in such a huge event like this. baby jas0n was the emcee for that night <3 he look so hot btw =) me and my bestie was all dolled up. spent so much time with the committees, getting to know each other and all.

Congratulations to Alex for winning 4 awards, including Student Leader of the Year.

Too many pics to upload. To view bigger picture, simply just click on them. =)

Pre-Award Night Pics

last weekend was very busy decorating the MMU Grand Hall. I was part of the decoration team fro MMU Awards 2009. there were misunderstanding, stress, last minuteness, unplanned scenarios, but all in all, it was good.



here’s some part of the deco. white candles we got from Ikea. although they are so plain and simple, we bought RM150 worth of candles! I cannot think of any occasion where I will need to buy so many candles. @_@


to save cost, we actually have to get our hands on. here’s some DIY skills i could really use. it’s not really pretty now, but when it lights up, its so awesome!

click to continue reading… =D

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milo and potato chips

let’s see.

it’s 2.50 am right now, i just got up. hmm…

shouldn’t drank that Livita i bought last night. kinda screws up my system @_@

i think i am becoming nocturnal again (oh no!). for the past 1 month i have been good. slept around 2 am everyday, and wake up at a normal time, around 8-9 am daily, till this week.. i had to stay up late last night to finish up my FYP. time all screwed up already.

ouh well, at least i am finally done with my FYP board presentation today, that means 1 more digital presentation and i am done with MMU. it kinda suck… i mean my presentation sucked big time.

i skipped dinner today, and i woke up with a gastric. #$@#%

i guess i will just have to eat what i have. my house mate.

*evil laff*