Earth Hour

60 Earth Hour

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for 1 hour. In 2008 the message had grown into a global sustainability movement, with 50 million people switching off their lights.

In 2009, Earth Hour finally came to Malaysia. So guys, please participate, vote for earth, do your part to stop global warming. Spread the words if you may.

Click on the website to find out more.

Earth Hour

If you are in Malaysia or Singapore, the time to switch off those lights is on:

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm.

Remember the date! =D


This is very interesting.

I have finally set foot into my final semester in MMU. In just 2 weeks i feel like i have learn a lot from my Design Process class. I found myself a new source of inspiration and ideation. i no longer need to inject ideas into my blood stream. I guess if you try hard enough, ideas will eventually come. This is where the name of the class make sense to me. Process.

Today, I learned about subcultures. Pretty interesting. I am aware and exposed to most subculture, till the bricolage slide came.

Bricolage means the practice of working with whatever materials are at hand, “making do” with what one has. As a cultural practice, bricolage refers to the activity of taking consumer product and commodities and making them one’s own by giving them a new meaning. This has the potential to create resistance meanings out of the commodities. For example the Michelle punk practice of wearing safety pins as body ornamentation is one of the most well-known examples of bricolage.

I am very surprise that what ever i am doing is actually an existing subculture. And heck, there’s a name for it.

one of the usage of safety pin
one of the usage of safety pin

I still remember, in high school days, my best friends and I use to always visit the piercing shop on Fridays. We would go down there and pierce our ears/nose together. Some of my friends will actually take out the piercing and let it close, and redo the whole process again on the following Friday. I use to have like 10-12 piercings on each ear. what more my friends.

Even better still, I once manually pierced my bestie’s earlobes. not just onces but twice. To make things even more exciting, i pierced her ear in a bumpy school bus ride on the way home. I guess we all shared one thing in common, is that we love the pain, the adrenaline rush and we use to think doing all that is beyond super(i am not gonna say it’s cool). I am so glad that WE ALL TURNED OUT TO BE DECENT. well, sort of.

I secretly likes the idea of body piercing and tattoo. Actually I thought of getting an industrial piercing and hand piercing though.

Gosh, no no… thinking back of things that I did gives me super goosebumps. 8 + 1 is more than enough. Really, I had enough.

Shake It, Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

I found a super cool image maker software last night.

Check this out.

It is a programme that will change your picture into very nice pieces of vintage and retro polaroid slides. Here is how it works.

Firstly, download Poladroid from here.

It supports Mac OSX and Windows. =)

After you install it to your computer, you will have something that looks like this.


It is really simple. All you need to do is to drag and drop the picture that you want to “polaroidasize” (<– i made this word up). It is really simple, just drag and drop.

This is how it will look it. You know, like the realistic polaroid, it takes time for the picture to appear. This too will take some time in order for the picture to appear.


When the picture is done, it will have the little red marking at the bottom of the polaroid. You can then, right click and save the picture =)


This is how it looks when it is done.

Super cool ain’t it? Let me show you the process.


here’s the before and after.


Oh did i mention, this software is pretty smart and has a good sense of design. The polaroid pictures will come out in a different position every time. not only it is fun, but u can decorate your whole desktop with pictures of your loved ones =)


have fun!

Cinema going 3D

Last night I went out for a movie with my date. Watched Bolt 3D in GSC Mid Valley.

Was actually expecting 3D pictures to be like what we get in Motion Master in Genting, and we were told by the lady at the ticket counter where the 3D effects will only be seen in a few scenes. okay…

When we got into the cinema, we were given 3D glasses. Nope, it wasn’t the cheap red and green ones. It was a really good quality ones.

It was produced by Dolby, very smart invention. for those who wear specs, you can actually clip it on. can’t believe they thought of it will making the glasses. basically it fit everyone. Cool huh!

Well, the downfall of this glasses was it is a tid bit heavy. it kept slipping of my nose.

Enough of the glasses, back tot he show. THE SHOW WAS FULLY 3D! Hell yea.. full 3D!

Before the show started, they have many trailers of upcoming movies, and i swear, all are equally fun to watch. i so cannot wait for them to hit the cinemas. I see where the movie, film and entertainment industry is going.

And guys, if u have the time, just go and get tickets for Bolt 3D, it is worth the time and money, really!

Bazaar Pics!

ARTrage Lab and Bijou had a bazaar last weekend.

Decided to join the fun. Here are some pics.

Before i begin, here’s a lil thank you for those who were there supporting me.

Sayang u guys so so much! ?

Me and my booth (sticKKy fingers!)

sales was very good that day

Jook Yie and me

happy GREY-ians =)

sorry, couldn’t help myself when there’s a mirror

Jook Yie trying to take a pic of the booth

me and Jason :3

Jason and Nicholas fron e-Toyz

Scha darling and me

Scha, Noa and me

i drove my car there ???

my besties!

me and Wendy

(ignore the oily face)

Mr Munkey23

I did batik painting! so freaking fun!!!

For more pictures, do check them out on my Facebook yea. Click here.

p/s: Special thanks to Vivian for putting so much effort on this event, and thank you Jou jou and Shugi.

it’s a date people~!!

I am gonna be setting up a booth selling lots and lots of artsy fartsy craft stuff. meet me at Soho KL’s grand opening this Saturday and Sunday yea~ Come on down and support me!!! =)

there will be some toy traders there who sell some kick ass collectors item like Transformers, Blythe, Designer vinyl toys, Plushies, Coca-Cola Collections and so much more.

this bazaar is also in conjunction with Bijou Bazaar, so ladies, be prepare to shop till you drop!

Mark your calenders!!!

Dates to remember: 29th & 30th November 2008 (Saturday – Sunday)

The Time: 12:00pm – 9:00pm

The Place: Soho KL, 2 Jalan Solaris, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

How to get there??

click the map for better resolution

Thank You!


have u heard of this?

Wordle is a site where u can chose to insert a whole bunch of text/words then they will generate a simple yet stylish typography for u. But instead of inserting words, what i did was i chose the 2nd option which is to enter my blog URL. guess what was the result?

look at the words that dominates… FOOD and YOGA… how ironic.