One of the feeling i fear most is feeling unwanted. it sucked just as bad as if i have lost someone dear to me.

Had a weird ass dream last night. dream that daddy got a new baby girl and he bought a 10 bedroom house in Melbourne.

Guess he doesn’t want me in the dream and want to move out. I dislike both the baby girl and the house in Melboune. grr >:E

… but after SMS-ing daddy, I felt all warm and happy inside, because i love the feeling of assurance :)

the man who knows me 360

my daddy is my inspiration.

i lost my mom when i was 11. that was like the very very crucial time for me to have a mummy by my side. that is when i will be needing to buy my first bra, getting my period, figuring out how to get a pad on for the first time, advice on love, tips for grow into a young lady. Mummy wasn’t there for me. it was time for her to go. all i had was daddy.

my daddy worked hard for the family just to make sure my brother and i can live comfortably. he gave us almost anything.. and yes i mean anything. but that is not why i love him so much. my daddy is simply the most special man in my life.

he is some one i talk to when i am down, he is someone i can share a joke with, he is someone who understands me, inside out. he has been my pillar, through all these years of my life. when i am weak, i will tend to turn to him and lean on his strong shoulders.

i use to want to grow up really fast when i was younger, but now i think life is moving on too fast.

i just had a talk with him that day, he was telling me how fast i grew up, but never the less, he said i will always be his little girl.

my daddy is just very imspirational. he is a good leader, a good friend, a hella creative guy and above all, a good father. most teenager wish and probably will die to have him as their dad, because i dare say my daddy is very very cool! in high school i use to come back with piercings (like a lot~) he is still fine with it. other than piercing, he is also ok with my —— =) infact he got me that for my 20th b’day. i am pretty sure he knows a lot of (the bad) things that i have done, but some how or rather, there are many many times that i think he is backing me up. like one incident where i got busted in the cybercafe when i was 13. lets not go there now shall we.

he might be a lil impatient sometimes, but that is just it. there are many lessons that i have learned from him, and he will remind me over and over again. he always very particular about time, punctuality, and always teach me skills in order to be a good leader. my daddy is good in many things that i am not. i tend to rely on him, all the time.

ah, i will never be able to write all that my daddy is and what he has done for me. the list just goes on and on and on.

to sum it up, i just want to say Thank You daddy for giving me the 2 best thing in the world that anyone could ever ask for.. love and education.


dear daddy


don’t be sad, don’t worry too much…

eventually, everything will be alright. i promise.

every single emotion of your radiates to me, and most of the time it hit me like a big tidal wave.

so cheer up daddy, i am always here for you. =) you know i will.


i love u,

daddy’s little girl (still am.)


O-M-G ! ! !

i am finally typing something here. i have been starring at this empty space on wordpress for about 20 minutes already.

lately i don’t have the mood to do anything, that includes blogging. been super duper busy with things. am not really stressed up yet. the current stress level is digestable still (<– is that even a word?).

anyway, BEHOLD world! i am gonna post up pictures taken during this past weeks. =)


this year, most people did not feel the mood of CNY. mainly because there were not as much CNY songs being played and less deco around town. for me it was as good as jumping in a pool of hot melted chocolate. My CNY was really fun and happening. didn’ t get to take much picture because was so busy spending time with family and friends.

My CNY was full of mandarin oranges, red packets, yee sang, loved ones and decks and decks of poker cards =]

First and second day was just lepaking at grandma’s house. then on the third day i had a small open house. not many friends came this year, coz most of them are abroad doing their final year of diploma. and lately i heard that Nick Koh has just migrated to Sydney. wtf, migrate also never inform. i guess it was really a last minute thing.


picture taken in klang. i force daddy to syiok sendiri, in the end Justin and I sibuk wanna be in the pic as well.



me and “kung fu muscle”

oh-emm-gee Justin, you are LAME!


then i syiok sendiri with daddy.

my family and i stayed up really late this CNY. we all woke up super early and slept really late.

esp my grandmother, she stay up till 1 am and still standing. i guess we are all too happy that everyone is home on such special day, so everyone felt heavy hearted about going to bed. =) i miss them right now. homesick pulak.


this is my first fortune cookie this year. jas0n dear gave this to me. don’t know if he is hinting me or something.

try reading what’s on the paper.

it says “Passionate new romance will appear in your life when you least expected it” and it ends with a retarded smiley.

i sure do hope this ”new romance” is talking about the same person i am dating..

anyway, jas0n’s daddy invited me over for dinner. according to Uncle Aw, he said it’s F A M I L Y dinner. he made me so nervous. i spent 2days to choose what to wear. in the end of the day dear had to come over and pick something for me to wear.


this was taken in Bubbles (i gave jas0n’s car a geli-girlish name so he will loose his macho-ness when ever he tries to pick other girls up for a date.. I JINX IT) honestly i still remember how i felt while taking this picture. had butterflies flapping in my tummy and i barely feel my legs. what more jas0n had to drag me into his house. chicken-ness.

Celebrating Valentines

on top of the world =)

i spent my valentines in a restaurant which is specially booked for the two of us, on top of the hill overlooking the whole city of Kuala Lumpur. nuff said.


i wished i brought my camera. the view was splendid~



me: daddy, can i have some vodka pls? *innocent eyes*
daddy: have u been a good girl?
me: yes. *smile sweet sweet*
daddy: okay, here u go.