I’m glad it’s December. Never in my entire life, I wish for time to fly as fast as I wanted this year to.

They say time will heal, well, is it true? Or is it just a saying? Anyway December is a happy and jolly month. Justin’s birthday, Christmas, turkey and cupcakes. For once, something to look forward to, in 6 months :)


I miss blogging so badly.

I have not uploaded a real blog post for ages.

I have not been taking pictures to post up my blog.

I have not been editing pictures for my blog.

I have not write anything.

I have so many backdated entries that I have yet to publish.

…ever since I started working :((


arghh.. *depressed*

This is not good.

I must at least get Michele and Illy’s wedding pictures and details up in the next post.


This year is full of shit. Loads of bullshit.

So many bad news and deaths.

It is so heartbroken to see what has happen and why it all happen. I want this year to go away.

Let 2010 come fast, may all the newly weds of this year brings new life to celebrate the next.

A Prayer for John

Dear friends,

Prayer vigil for John Tan  who passed away this morning at 2 am, will be

held at Gui Yuan Funeral Parlour.

It is located at:

Jln 229, Sec 51A Kg Tunku

8pm, 21st & 22nd Sept 2009

Parlour No 5

If you are a friend of Iris and John, do spread the words.
Hopefully we can all attend his funeral to pay him one last respect. It

will be great if you can give Iris a call to show your love and support.
P/s: Iris, be strong girl, and I will be praying for you as well.