april 16th post

i know this is damn late for my birthday pics. Well, its better late than never : )


this post is image heavy btw~ patience people, patience!!! i have alot of pics, but i am not gonna put everything in it. just selected ones.


la~here goes.


— 21st B’day PART 1 —


had a surprise party by my friends in hostel. i remember having a really bad headache that night. so i went to bed early. at midnight i was then awaken by my roomies telling me grandma stories, and i actually buy them >.< then i was forced out of bed. Pei Wen is a really good actress btw.




they all got me a sweet choco strawberry cake! and a big big bucket of Famous Amos cookie.

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O-M-G ! ! !

i am finally typing something here. i have been starring at this empty space on wordpress for about 20 minutes already.

lately i don’t have the mood to do anything, that includes blogging. been super duper busy with things. am not really stressed up yet. the current stress level is digestable still (<– is that even a word?).

anyway, BEHOLD world! i am gonna post up pictures taken during this past weeks. =)


this year, most people did not feel the mood of CNY. mainly because there were not as much CNY songs being played and less deco around town. for me it was as good as jumping in a pool of hot melted chocolate. My CNY was really fun and happening. didn’ t get to take much picture because was so busy spending time with family and friends.

My CNY was full of mandarin oranges, red packets, yee sang, loved ones and decks and decks of poker cards =]

First and second day was just lepaking at grandma’s house. then on the third day i had a small open house. not many friends came this year, coz most of them are abroad doing their final year of diploma. and lately i heard that Nick Koh has just migrated to Sydney. wtf, migrate also never inform. i guess it was really a last minute thing.


picture taken in klang. i force daddy to syiok sendiri, in the end Justin and I sibuk wanna be in the pic as well.



me and “kung fu muscle”

oh-emm-gee Justin, you are LAME!


then i syiok sendiri with daddy.

my family and i stayed up really late this CNY. we all woke up super early and slept really late.

esp my grandmother, she stay up till 1 am and still standing. i guess we are all too happy that everyone is home on such special day, so everyone felt heavy hearted about going to bed. =) i miss them right now. homesick pulak.


this is my first fortune cookie this year. jas0n dear gave this to me. don’t know if he is hinting me or something.

try reading what’s on the paper.

it says “Passionate new romance will appear in your life when you least expected it” and it ends with a retarded smiley.

i sure do hope this ”new romance” is talking about the same person i am dating..

anyway, jas0n’s daddy invited me over for dinner. according to Uncle Aw, he said it’s F A M I L Y dinner. he made me so nervous. i spent 2days to choose what to wear. in the end of the day dear had to come over and pick something for me to wear.


this was taken in Bubbles (i gave jas0n’s car a geli-girlish name so he will loose his macho-ness when ever he tries to pick other girls up for a date.. I JINX IT) honestly i still remember how i felt while taking this picture. had butterflies flapping in my tummy and i barely feel my legs. what more jas0n had to drag me into his house. chicken-ness.

Celebrating Valentines

on top of the world =)

i spent my valentines in a restaurant which is specially booked for the two of us, on top of the hill overlooking the whole city of Kuala Lumpur. nuff said.


i wished i brought my camera. the view was splendid~


Malaysia Mega SALE!

i contributed to the sales. sigh. i gave into temptation. =\

I have to make something clear. I am NOT a shopaholic like most girls. yeah. you can confirm that with jas0n or my daddy… but… i have this habit of saving up a lot, then when it comes to some mega sale or maybe Chinese new year, i will finish up all my money in the bank! @_@ i think this is worst than a shopaholic isn’t it? sigh, i got to change, before i really go bankrupt.

i recall going out with my roomie, Pei Wen to Mid Valley last week, spent on unnecessary things and a pair of shoe(i need it, ok?).

then on friday night, I went out with Wendy and Seet to Mid Valley again to makan and catch a midnight movie. Rush Hour 3 was great. better than i expected. i will rate it 4 out of 5. not bad at all. anyway, before the movie started we went to Brewball for a short game of pool snooker. totally pawn the both of them. i think it was pure luck.

hehe… then on the way home we went “yam cha“.

Saturday and Sunday i spent my weekend with my family. Daddy brought us out to The Curve because mummy wanna go to the street market and collect her new car. again i spent on some small lil unnecessary stuff. *smack own head* Went shopping after that, in the Curve. although daddy paid for my blouses and some Famous Amos cookie(it was orgasmic!!!!!!!!!!!), but i still made him spend. gosh.

not long after, i broke my damn heels! urm, what else, daddy got me another replacement. its a sweetie :3 this is like my 4th pair of shoe in 3 months from Vincci!!!

i declare myself broke for this week! yea, ppl around me whose reading this, pls be a dear and stop me from good expensive food, cute cute stuff, pool, movies, cookies and SHOES!!!

my baby brother

Justin is gonna go back to school tmr. two weeks had past so fast. i spent a lot of time with my bro this holiday, and right now he is in my grandma’s house, preparing for school tmr. we usually don’t meet till the weekends. its nearer for him to go to school if he stays in my granny’s place because it is nearer and for me, if i have school i will be staying in Cyberjaya.i cannot believe i am saying this, but i really miss him right now. really really do. i did not realize how fast he has grew over these years. he is now taller than me and can piggy back me! im a fat cow and he is one strong kid.

sigh, i don’t think i can go on blogging… i miss him right now. ='(
i spent all my time with him this holiday. we do so many things together. i wonder if he realize it. of course spending so much time together i got to know him better and all. i enjoy going to the club house together, playing PS, squash, snooker, staying up late watching heroes and family guy over and over again.

*happie tears*

i cannot go on already… need something to dry my tears up.
justin, if ur reading this, jie just wanna let u know that i sayang u ok?

what a day!

oh my goodness… finally! finally! finally my butt has landed on a comfy chair.

i’ve been out all day and am very tired now. started off my day very early today, and exercise non-stop!i don’t know where to start but urm, just gonna blog about the main things that happened today. woke up pretty early this morning, then went Sg Wang to exercise my feet, hehe~shop shop. Bought some nail polishes, wanted to only buy 1 but couldn’t decide which color, so i took all.

then i bought a pair of shoe… wanted to buy just one side but the shop keeper ask me to take both -.-”

then urm, went to this shop…ter-look into the mirror(green color 1)… it made me look prettier than usual so, i bought it as well.

next i went to the royal sport house and got myself a new swimsuit…….. *ran outta excuses* very sweet 1. aih…i also dunno what else i bought… all junks.

i got a very bad feeling that im not gonna be rich, because i spend money like water only. i admit that i buy things on impulse. which is bad. some 1 pls help me! some 1 rob me puleezzzz….(so that i wont have a single cent to spend). arghhh~ its frustrating u know… i just cant explain myself right now. =|

aaaaanyway…. i took some pics today at KimGary in Sg Wang during lunch.

my godparents who love justin and me with all their hearts
we love u too~

notti fella

justin and michelle

KimGary’s nice and fattening food
all the pork chop, chicken chop and CHEESSSSEEEE baked rice.

after lunch at KimGary, i immediately went home and drove to the ClubHouse and swam 10 laps(used to swim 16 laps non stop ok?!).
gosh…guilt haunts!

***my prayer: my dearest grandma
dear God, she wasn’t feeling well today but she still cook 6 of my fav dish for dinner… after that she fainted a few times and threw up all the food that she took in. i hope God will help me watch over her and make her feel better as i cannot afford to loose her.***

——————————————————-random camwhoring pics

sibuk brother alert!
gonna cut my hair real short
wanna take picture kau kau 1st

don’t u love my purple hair and my rounded face?
(like pau)

i got more…but can’t be shown in public…
urm its more like i make monkey faces and stick my finger in the nose kinda pictures…so, urm yeah =\

day filled with love!

what a day.

i started my 3rd day of CNY at 4am. didn’t get much sleep last night, and the night before and the night before! @_@
i had to clean the hse, do this and do that. go visiting here n there. gosh, it isn’t really a break for me, every festive season, esp Chinese New Year. surely there are things for me to do.

today i am very very happy. i had hosted a gathering at my place like every other year, but this year is better than the previous ones. its just getting better. i had so much fun and i am really happy. i don’t know how to express myself in words but i surely am HAPPY!

hmm, let me give u some updates. things are smooth sailing for me and jas0n’s family. i have been joining them for breakfast lunch and dinner. his family really made me so welcome and so at home. i feel like i am part of the family. i am very grateful that they can accept me and yes, my parents too can accept jas0n.
other than that, i am very glad that my close friends are still the same. well, they have change physically but not their attitude. we are still able to get along very well, and laugh our asses off on lame lame jokes. =) no one can understand how i feel right now. i just feel like crying =’)

*tears of joy rolling down my cheeks*

my life has been wonderful. i am blessed with joy and laughter, and most importantly Love.

i will not trade this life of mind with anything else. never…

…and to all that came to my house today, thank u very much and i appreciate it alot. thank u!
i hope to see u guys again next year, same time and same day at the same place!!!

happeeee chinese new yeAr and hapie holiday! ^^,

** this post is out to wendy, my bestfriend who just turned 20. HAPPIE BiRTHDAY!!!

i’m the living dead


im in singapore rite now. reach here yesterday around 5 pm.

the weather here is so hazey and me no like the food here. eat till nose bleed(due to haze la, not the food). luckily i brought along my nose spray.

was here to actually accompany my grandma. she is not feeling very well, but as soon as we reached here she insist that we’d go shopping.
im currently staying in my uncle’s house in bishan street. quite convinient. got shops, market and pubic public transport too.

today i went to chinatown. no biggie…cant buy clothes o accessories. kl got more baju. and i still prefer nick nacks frm kl.

the whole day only spent only $39 on junx. oh oh…..but i got a very good deal for the bag that i bought for my grandma in KL. its a dinner bag. very shinny and cute. hopefully she’ll like it. cant get things for dad and godFather. not the right place. in chinatown most of the things are for auntie 1, unlike chinatown in KL, happening place. good for children from 8 to old ladies at the age of 80. syiok. no place is better than home.

i got homesick when i reach here. im so useless. hmmm, but its ok…i got mochachino here to teman me. aiya….when i go back home to malaysia, i must give a tribute to mochachino and his family. he’s been there for me alot. i sure miss my family… sobs.

thats my first day in singapore. ntg much. will blog again tmr. muaxx!

-the reflection of Judy, mC-