Colours to my winter: Alumbra

Haven’t been anywhere since I started working (this is bad). I seriously miss those days where me and Mei wake up in the morning somewhere in Perth, then put on something comfy, grab my camera, sunnies and the map and start walking around and exploring. Also I miss moving around from one point to another. Been too comfy in Melbourne. I just can’t wait till September ends, then my adventure will resume.

It’s hard to explain the state I am in right now. Won’t say it’s the best and most happening period, but I guess this is just a point of transition. Anyway I met a few friends here in Melbourne, won’t say that we know each other very well, besides that we are all from Malaysia, we all have one thing in common, we love to travel.

We met each other not even for 24 hours, we decided to go clubbing at Alumbra and then make a road trip to Brighton Beach and to Peninsular Hot Springs. Awesome. This is what I am talking about.. Adventure.

First up : Party pictures taken in Alumbra, Docklands on Forever Fridays!

love this place to bits

L-R : Lin, Michz, Ness, me & Mei :))

Tequila Shots

mr bartender mr dee jay

waiting for our drinks

need a new liver when I get back to Malaysia

long island tea! :3

friends from Malaysia, Singapore and Indo :)

Docklands at night



Well, ever since I stopped working, been loving the smell of my freedom.

Been really really productive. Got so many things done.

Honestly, deep deep down inside of me I miss my job in Digitalyst, I think I enjoy doing what I do. I too missed my colleagues, how we tease each other, laugh at almost everything, bullying  Tan. I also missed those mornings when I am feeling totally trashed, then some angels will come by and cheer me.

Tieng, Jin Min, Wei Ming, Stephy been great to me. <3 u all!

Well, I have moved on and am very excited on what the future is in store for me.


This post is a quickie and a lil teaser *wink*

More info on the next post!~ :D

hint: in picture~

That’s why God created friends

michelle says:
=) i wish i was a lil braver, like u

Iris says:
what’s stopping u actually?
i have no doubt that you know what is obvious but tough to handle the consequences emotionally?
to be brave, you don’t have to wish
is a free gift tat everyone has
just gotta use it
brave – is within u
you are ALREADY brave
don’t let feelings, attachments win over it
tell me, what’s stopping you?

michelle says:

Halloween @ MOS Euphoria

What I did on Halloween.

A day or two before halloween, I saw this poster by MOS. Been dying to go.

I was actually bugging baby to bring me, then he couldn’t decide to bring me or not, then i also asked all my besties to go with me, in the end no confirmation, so eventually I plan was off. I did not go.

Then just before midnight, I was in my comfy pajamas, surfing the web on my lappie, while getting so comfysnuggy on my bed, suddenly baby called. He was like “Wanna go Euphoria with my cousins?”

I was like “HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Who will actually say no to Euphoria huh, you tell me. Been all around town, and yet I still find this place the best. Havent been to all the clubs yet *fingers crossed* but I really love Euphoria – Ministry of Sound. One of the main reason was that it’s a non-smoking club.

Why would I pay to get myself smell like cigarettes and satay? nonsense.

So anyway, Jas0n’s bro and cousin came by from SG, so we decided to show them the nightlife in M’sia.


Anyway , last last and a half Saturday was Halloween. Gosh, this post has been in my draft for about two weeks plus already. Here’s some awesome socks rocking pictures i took that night!

(batt died halfway through)

pics credited to Heidi and Phelicia.

euphoria 1

best place club in town

euphoria 2

Sunway Hotel


was such a last minute plan


what in the world is that guy doing?


phelicia, mr skeletal, liv, mC


cute lil cupid


no halloween is spookey without a pumpkin!


jas0n’s cousin, Phelicia his bro, Sean (both from Singapore) and half drunk jas0n


oh oh, I met Mr Iron Man.


If you realize he is actually wearing a spec under that mask.

tee hee…


our bartender / ninja


jas0n + eng park

heidi and michelle

then then then… I met Heidi there! What a coincident. The place was so dark, like that also she saw me and jason. >.< urm don’t ask me why Heidi look so fair and why I look so red

club lighting not good kot..


jason + michelle + heidi *meow*

see la, so last minute and rush, till i forget to bring my reindeer costume




cute ^^,


hogging on to the bottle


that night 6 of us open bottle, but more than half of that chivas was finished by jason and I

that explains the redness in the photo


Ironman meets Batman


Ironman’s heng tai


just dance

michelle and pontianak

ouh ouh! my fav!!

PONTI the Pontianak =)

this is so funny, that place was a lil dark, so happen that Phelicia and I wanted to go down stairs and this pontianak wants to go up the stairs, she suddenly stop to give way to us. Phelicia being blur and all, suddenly she scream! she thought this pontianak was real. =D haha~


mC + Phelicia


: D


*dance dance*


:) :D =]


group photo!


jason about to KO in the mamak

can you believe, jason was too drunk to drive, in the end I drove him back to puchong! Manual car sumore!!! *claps*



A Prayer for John

Dear friends,

Prayer vigil for John Tan  who passed away this morning at 2 am, will be

held at Gui Yuan Funeral Parlour.

It is located at:

Jln 229, Sec 51A Kg Tunku

8pm, 21st & 22nd Sept 2009

Parlour No 5

If you are a friend of Iris and John, do spread the words.
Hopefully we can all attend his funeral to pay him one last respect. It

will be great if you can give Iris a call to show your love and support.
P/s: Iris, be strong girl, and I will be praying for you as well.


You guys must have been wondering what I was up to since MMU.

When I finished my final semester in MMU, i had an offer to continue study in Stamford College, PJ.

Not really a bachelor degree nor a master programme, but simply a communication course certified by EdExcel, University of London.

Well, after MMU, I had a one month holiday in Australia, then I started this professional course with Scicom Academy in Stamford, and finished it in 2 months.

I wasn’t too keen on this course but i still went ahead (I guess it’s because its a scholarship from the gov that I still went ahead with it). But I glad that I did attend the course, because in this 2 months, I met people from different walks of like, different ages, different experiences. In just 2 months, we became family. It is amazing how well we got along =D


ish.. blur =\




before meeting our juniors in the other classes


after iftar @ hartz


our talk show *wink*

my group was a lil different. we made a “plasma TV” as our props. fun fun fun!


mr garfield


Ahh, the memories. It is so hard to pick these pictures. too many nice ones, and too many pictures!!!!

Well, I will be graduating again soon, this time with Scicom instead of MMU =) Feels kinda good graduating twice a year, hehe.

I hope all of us will be able to keep in touch. Miss you guys batch 1 & 2.

Krispy Kreme Cravings + post birthday @ Zouk

i kinda owe this post to myself and baby.
Remember the last post i had really bad cravings for krispy kreme?

so yea i was at baby jas0n’s place, doing my FYP (well, about to start actually), suddenly i have this strong cravings for Krispy Kreme(thanks to Dexter).


Jason, being the super boyfriend he always is, he agreed to drive us down to Times Square after the oh-so-ever-yummy-bak-kut-teh-in-puchong dinner.


super excited!


our choices : original glazed donut (rm2.50),devils’s cake, powdered strawberry fillings,

caramel and custard, hershey’s white choc, and the flower (rm2.80 each)

they were slightly more expensive than Big Apple and JCo’s but they are much softer BUT they too are much sweeter compared to those 2 donut chain mentioned. If you are diabetic i recommend you not to take Krispy Kreme. They are mostly glazed with a thick layer of sugar and filled with really sweet fillings. good for those who have sweet tooth.

My favourites are the original glazed and the devil’s cake. so rich!


ouh so yummy!


this has to be jas0n’s fave. Hershey’s white chocolate.

I am not a fan of white and milk chocolate. real chocoholic only takes dark and bitter chocolate.


i will definitely return to Krispy Kreme. so heavenly.

after the sweet desserts, we went to Zouk to shake all the calories off. kinda fun being a Zouk member. For my birthday, they gave me 12 free entrance passes and 6 jugs of alcohol beverage. On top of that it was ladies night, so we got 5 extra drinks.


in pic : scha, noa, mC, jas0n, steph, nat, naresh

tina, richard, khai tzer and ester were too busy at the dance floor >.<

omg all of us so red. on the way back we got block at a road block. first time seeing the real breathalizer.

baby was so nervous… but the cop just let us go. we didn’t drink that much. 6 jugs and 5 drinks each.

it was fun. hell load of fun. and right now i am in hell of a pain trying to do my work. i need motivations!