MMU Award Night 09

MMU Award Night rocks. I had so much fun getting involve in such a huge event like this. baby jas0n was the emcee for that night <3 he look so hot btw =) me and my bestie was all dolled up. spent so much time with the committees, getting to know each other and all.

Congratulations to Alex for winning 4 awards, including Student Leader of the Year.

Too many pics to upload. To view bigger picture, simply just click on them. =)

i’m on a high

i spent all my money.

i have a blardi long list of things to buy and do.

one of it is a bigger memory card for my psp. i came to realize 4G is not enough.

how how u tell me how?!not to forget this is already October. so many of my darlings’ birthday. Have to get something and send over to UK for Michele, a sweet something for Pei Ling(she got licence adi!) and ahemm, buy an “ah moi” for jas0n. >.<”

thank goodness for nuffnang. still got money coming in for me.

anyway, i am having a long break now. done with internship and presentations. honestly i am missing my hectic working life. it has been really shitty but yet i am missing those days. i definitely miss those ppl there. ouh well, i am loving my holiday!

i did so much this holiday. i went taking pictures at Putrajaya all day, went shopping at IKEA, completed and submitted an entry for SKA, volunteered to help out in a NGO event, went Genting theme park, then went Genting again the following week for a drink and come back. finished 2 seasons of Dexter, now on the 3rd one, watched Heroes 3rd season also, and i got to spend a lot of time with my besties… i am a super happie person right now.

it was 12 celcius

we went to Genting for a drink

iced latte

i don’t know why on earth i did that.

camwhore a bit

and came back. =D

that was fun.

and… and.. i am planing for a backpacking trip. don’t know where yet. maybe 2 trips. feel like goin to KaoShan in Thailand. lotsa cheap boost! haha. ouh well. will see how it goes.

will upload Putrajaya pics after this. me goin out for a movie with Steph. ciao.

Genting Trip

We are such spontaneous people. Went up to Genting Highlands on a random weekday.

Ben and Stef was supposed to join us but both had last minute plan. sad. anyway, in the end four of us made it.

The tickets were rather cheap. RM 42 for bus ticket, return, SkyTrain, return also + Theme Park (indoor and outdoor).

on ur way up!

camwhore in the bus

his turn pulak… >< so vain. kenot tahan.

took us exactly an hour to reach the SkyTrain station.

esa and I

i can’t remember when i last took a cable car up there, all i can recall was the ride is super shaky and very very scary. i basically freaked out when i was on it. =\ it is a really good warm up for me, before the roller coasters. *face turns green*

pretty scenery. but still freaking out.

how do u expect me not too. esa got very excited as this was his first time going up Genting, he walked around the gondola and the whole cable car was shaking!!!

the guys – still macho. no one screamed.

finally. off to the theme park.

super colourful. got so excited and it makes me feel like a kid again.

first world hotel.

cyclone. Genting’s first ever roller coaster. seriously I find this way more fun than cork screw.

it was everybody’s favourite ride.

the spinner. see everything so colourful! ^^,

he looked so funny sitting on it

this one funnier. haha.

the cutest!

space shot.

when i first walked into the theme park, i told myself, that i SHOULD NOT AND NEVER ride on it, or even so, let anyone bring me on it. i know it is a shame that i still have not go on this stupid thing even though it has been there since forever. but i am really afraid of heights the Space shot.

eventually jas0n and weiming talked me through. aiyoo i really don’t know what made me go on it.

not once, BUT TWICE!!!! i am amazed myself, that i was smiling in the picture. when the ride started i was screaming my head off. jas0n looked happy and weiming look damn cool. so cool that he could actually take a short nap before the ride started.

after all the heart attack, we went for bumper car!

we went so many rounds till i lost count. i had so much fun bullying this small boy. well, we all did. he deserved it for cutting queue. hmph!

baby jas0n and esa

while queueing up for bumper car


bumper boat.


posers, waiting for the rain to stop.

that day the weather was cuckoo.

still waiting…

finally! bumper boat! kinda boring actually.

wanted to try the flying coaster, but it was pouring again.


Last day at Grey

Last Friday was my last day of internship! I have been waiting for this moment for 3 and a half months ago. but you know, just when i got the hang of working, i had to go. honestly, some of you might hear me complain about how much i hate working and how much i don’t like advertising, i ended up psycho. i slowly love all these crazy people, and the heavy fast paced work.

anyway, i had 3 farewell lunches from 3 different departments. took some pictures with some friends.

i did not manage to take picture with a lot of them because my last day was on a Friday so they were mostly out servicing at client sites. here are the few.

btw, i just found out this cool feature of this word press thinggy. i didn’t know that it allows me to add the whole gallery onto this post. hehe. cool.

over and over again

i can listen to Juno OST over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…

and am happy to catch up with you again, it has been a while.