Listening to other people’s happy ending simply make me feels puffy and happy on the inside.

Life IS beautiful : )

I wonder what will my fairytale be like, and how my happy ending will be like?

Hopefully it’s full of sunshine and love, clouds and rainbows, moon light and sparkles.

Blood drive

Went to support a blood donation drive at plaza sentral today :)

Same old problem.. The nurse couldn’t find my vein. She complained that I didn’t do enough housework. Such a cranky lady. Sheeshh!

She poke the needle through my skin many times at the same spot. Have to say i was a bit scared compared to all the times that I have donated and this is definitely the most painful. When my pint was half pack full.. My blood just decided to flow, the nurse came and pull out the needle and push it back in further. What did I just got myself into?!
Ouh well it’s for a good cause I guess.


I feel trapped, very trapped.

I cry secretly everyday.

I don’t have the answer for myself, I really don’t.

I wonder why I ever feel this way?

I’m envious,

Of some who are successful,

Of those who are carefree,

And those who work in Starbucks,

And still be happy.

I don’t need much money, I don’t need much.

I just want to do something that will make my heart sing.

I’m searching for it,

I know it exist,

Right now I’m just lost,

I guess,

Someday I will find it.

Pampered with Desserts

I am truly thankful that I have you baby.

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Was awefully moody and extremely feeling all dark and emo. Baby came over to see me, but I kinda lost my temper (feels so guilty now).

Although I was so moody, he was very patient with me. He tried many ways to cheer me up. TiedĀ  to bribe me with cupcakes, desserts and sorts. He even brought me on a ride to God-knows-where. We were on the road driving aimlessly, hoping it will cheer me a lil. Then we stop by at Mid Valley, had a very yummy tiramisu at Delicious.


Honestly it was good. But what made me feel even better was to know that he was with me by my side, all day long. so patiently, and trying oh so hard just to see me smile.

Baby, you are the best thing that ever happened to me.


I love you.



Halloween @ MOS Euphoria

What I did on Halloween.

A day or two before halloween, I saw this poster by MOS. Been dying to go.

I was actually bugging baby to bring me, then he couldn’t decide to bring me or not, then i also asked all my besties to go with me, in the end no confirmation, so eventually I plan was off. I did not go.

Then just before midnight, I was in my comfy pajamas, surfing the web on my lappie, while getting so comfysnuggy on my bed, suddenly baby called. He was like “Wanna go Euphoria with my cousins?”

I was like “HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Who will actually say no to Euphoria huh, you tell me. Been all around town, and yet I still find this place the best. Havent been to all the clubs yet *fingers crossed* but I really love Euphoria – Ministry of Sound. One of the main reason was that it’s a non-smoking club.

Why would I pay to get myself smell like cigarettes and satay? nonsense.

So anyway, Jas0n’s bro and cousin came by from SG, so we decided to show them the nightlife in M’sia.


Anyway , last last and a half Saturday was Halloween. Gosh, this post has been in my draft for about two weeks plus already. Here’s some awesome socks rocking pictures i took that night!

(batt died halfway through)

pics credited to Heidi and Phelicia.

euphoria 1

best place club in town

euphoria 2

Sunway Hotel


was such a last minute plan


what in the world is that guy doing?


phelicia, mr skeletal, liv, mC


cute lil cupid


no halloween is spookey without a pumpkin!


jas0n’s cousin, Phelicia his bro, Sean (both from Singapore) and half drunk jas0n


oh oh, I met Mr Iron Man.


If you realize he is actually wearing a spec under that mask.

tee hee…


our bartender / ninja


jas0n + eng park

heidi and michelle

then then then… I met Heidi there! What a coincident. The place was so dark, like that also she saw me and jason. >.< urm don’t ask me why Heidi look so fair and why I look so red

club lighting not good kot..


jason + michelle + heidi *meow*

see la, so last minute and rush, till i forget to bring my reindeer costume




cute ^^,


hogging on to the bottle


that night 6 of us open bottle, but more than half of that chivas was finished by jason and I

that explains the redness in the photo


Ironman meets Batman


Ironman’s heng tai


just dance

michelle and pontianak

ouh ouh! my fav!!

PONTI the Pontianak =)

this is so funny, that place was a lil dark, so happen that Phelicia and I wanted to go down stairs and this pontianak wants to go up the stairs, she suddenly stop to give way to us. Phelicia being blur and all, suddenly she scream! she thought this pontianak was real. =D haha~


mC + Phelicia


: D


*dance dance*


:) :D =]


group photo!


jason about to KO in the mamak

can you believe, jason was too drunk to drive, in the end I drove him back to puchong! Manual car sumore!!! *claps*