O-M-G ! ! !

i am finally typing something here. i have been starring at this empty space on wordpress for about 20 minutes already.

lately i don’t have the mood to do anything, that includes blogging. been super duper busy with things. am not really stressed up yet. the current stress level is digestable still (<– is that even a word?).

anyway, BEHOLD world! i am gonna post up pictures taken during this past weeks. =)


this year, most people did not feel the mood of CNY. mainly because there were not as much CNY songs being played and less deco around town. for me it was as good as jumping in a pool of hot melted chocolate. My CNY was really fun and happening. didn’ t get to take much picture because was so busy spending time with family and friends.

My CNY was full of mandarin oranges, red packets, yee sang, loved ones and decks and decks of poker cards =]

First and second day was just lepaking at grandma’s house. then on the third day i had a small open house. not many friends came this year, coz most of them are abroad doing their final year of diploma. and lately i heard that Nick Koh has just migrated to Sydney. wtf, migrate also never inform. i guess it was really a last minute thing.


picture taken in klang. i force daddy to syiok sendiri, in the end Justin and I sibuk wanna be in the pic as well.



me and “kung fu muscle”

oh-emm-gee Justin, you are LAME!


then i syiok sendiri with daddy.

my family and i stayed up really late this CNY. we all woke up super early and slept really late.

esp my grandmother, she stay up till 1 am and still standing. i guess we are all too happy that everyone is home on such special day, so everyone felt heavy hearted about going to bed. =) i miss them right now. homesick pulak.


this is my first fortune cookie this year. jas0n dear gave this to me. don’t know if he is hinting me or something.

try reading what’s on the paper.

it says “Passionate new romance will appear in your life when you least expected it” and it ends with a retarded smiley.

i sure do hope this ”new romance” is talking about the same person i am dating..

anyway, jas0n’s daddy invited me over for dinner. according to Uncle Aw, he said it’s F A M I L Y dinner. he made me so nervous. i spent 2days to choose what to wear. in the end of the day dear had to come over and pick something for me to wear.


this was taken in Bubbles (i gave jas0n’s car a geli-girlish name so he will loose his macho-ness when ever he tries to pick other girls up for a date.. I JINX IT) honestly i still remember how i felt while taking this picture. had butterflies flapping in my tummy and i barely feel my legs. what more jas0n had to drag me into his house. chicken-ness.

Celebrating Valentines

on top of the world =)

i spent my valentines in a restaurant which is specially booked for the two of us, on top of the hill overlooking the whole city of Kuala Lumpur. nuff said.


i wished i brought my camera. the view was splendid~


PD – Malacca Road Trip

I seriously owe this post to my dearest friends. It’s been a month now, but worry not, it’s finally up.

i couldn’t decide which pictures to put up on my blog because we took so many photos! I mean it when i say MANY!


wish tina was here with us though.

part1 — Getting There: PD here we come!

me and my besties planned for a trip last year. around Christmas time. we all haven’t really go on a trip together. we have never been travelling together before. so here’s our first.

we went somewhere near for a start. so yea, PD and Malacca is our best bet. surprisingly this time Pei Ling came with us. she seldom join us during meet ups and gatherings. I sure wish Tina went too. She had some stuff going on last minute so couldn’t make it.

Anyway, this is gonna be a super duper extremely 100% freaking long entry. might need to wait a while for the pictures to load.


this is me and Stef in Naresh’s car. look at us, hair still quite neat.

ok. we went in 2 different cars. one in the morning and one in the evening. Wendy had work so Faiz, CY, Ling and Michele(mm) had to wait for her. Stef, Vimal, Naresh and I went to PD early in the morning to check out the place and check into the apartment. so in the next few minutes, u are gonna see lots of us. hehe.

02.JPGthen…. look at our hair. Naresh’s car has NO aircond! see la. like crazy ppl only.


before we hit the road, we went to Tesco Kajang to get frozen foods and some snacks because Mr Naresh here curi his mom’s deep fryer. ><

(still can’t believe we brought our own fryer)


jakun a bit n take picture together while shopping for grocery


after shopping. my tummy was making noise. well, haven’t had anything what, so i made noise too. made every1 follow me to the mamak at Sg Chua to makan.


they were bored waiting for me to eat my roti.

Naresh and Steph’s smile can qualify for Darlie’s ad la.


no. not showing my teeth.



ok. after makan, we are back on the road. can’t wait. i just can’t wait.



road to the highway.

part 2 — here we are~

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i’m on sale, ouh no, i’m FREE


trimester 2 of 2007/2008 has ended yesterday(Thursday, i wrote this halfway and kept it in draft >.<). it was my final submission and my presentation went well for me.

here’s what I’ve been working my ass off for. did corporate id for this whole trimester.

we got to create a Malaysian brand. so… yea, this is mine. nota.










gosh, glad it’s all over, for now.

despite not having enough of sleep, i still went out with baby jas0n immediately after presentation. this time we went to One Utama by public transport. ntg much, just want to have something else for a change. It kinda suck actually to take public transport in Malaysia, as the buses will only arrive on time according to the Malaysian time (always being late). it’s true, it is even on AllMalaysia Info.

” It can be said with some certainty that Malaysian time is plus but never minus

– i.e., expect things to generally start a little past their scheduled time, or people

to get to an appointment just a teensy bit late. ”



taken form: http://allmalaysia.info/msiaknow/malaysiana/malaysian_time.asp

and also check out http://thecicak.com/?p=29


anyway, we both went for a movie. couldn’t decide which movie, there were Alvin and the Chipmunk, Alien vs Predator, National Treasure, Heartbreak Kid but in the end, we went for ‘I Am Legend’. who will say no to Will Smith??

at first, i thought that movie was just like any of his usual movies, typical ones, but oh no… no… it was freaking interesting!!!! I was having cold feet n palms throughout the show. You guys who haven’t seen it, it is definitely recommended.

mC gives ‘I Am Legend” four and three-quarter 5 stars!

*stick stick star on Will Smith’s poster*

k lah, got to go now.

ciao & tora poopoo to you~

my second home : part 1

**uber long post ahead, and image heavy**


I spent my last weekend in Haadyai, Thailand. I have not been there for four months already and that place hasn’t change a bit. still feels good as it use to. ^^, i missed the last trip when my family went to Thailand. Why? because i was freaking doin my assignment! hmph~ speaking of which, i got my results today. =)

my family will go to Thailand two months once. sometimes once a month. The men will go hunting for the food, food and more food, while the ladies, like my mom and Godma will go there for facials, spa and of course SHOP!!! it seems like the doctor that they frequent is damn good! kononnye la. i got feeling they go there because Dr Kae Shin looks hamsem~ can’y deny but his face is super smooth and shinny *sparkles* I only went to the doctor once, and i got fed up of waiting while they patch icky icky stuff on my face. i rather go to the spa and get a massage~ facial and stuff is so not my thing! it’s just not my thing. someday when i hit 30 and desperate, i will go.

I visit Thailand pretty often u can say but i never really taken much picture or blog about this. this time i am gonna blog about my journey. as remembrance.

i started my journey on Friday. yea we always leave for Thailand on Fridays and come back on Sundays.

this time around, I went with daddy, mommy, Godma and some of her gym friends.


i started my journey from Kuala Lumpur on Friday night. We got ourselves tickets from Hover (a ”chap-pa-lang” bus agency) because the usual bus company that we always go to is temporary closed. no VIP bus for us.


the only good thing about this Hover bus is that it will stop right in the middle of Ipoh town at 1am, so that we could get fat! The all famous ”nga choi kai” (Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken Noodle) is located here!



so tempting…

but snacking at night will gain me another 10 pounds before i can even reach Thailand!!!

*guilty guilty*

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Happy New Year 2007

before i start, lemme bid 2006 good bye*wave wave* and welcome the big 2007 here…*clap clap, hug hug*

it’s the 3rd of January 2007, and i’m just posting up a New Year post. how sad >.<

this new year, my friends and i wanted to go for countdown but then just by thinking of the crowd in sg wang freaks us out. its pack and full of pick pokets and molesters, so we decided to celebrate at naresh’s hse. his dad offered us chivas.

anyway, new year in 2007 was a lil quiet compared to the last new year. i hope things will get better this year for me and everyone else around the globe, and will b praying very hard for world peace. its so sad to read news on the paper about floods in Johor and earth quake here and there. ppl are loosing their home and loved ones. if u happen to have any extra spare change or unused items, hopefully u’ll donate it to the needy instead ofkeeping it at home.

i saw this advertisement on tv, and i really liked it. the tag line was “perhaps this year it’ll be less of ourselves but more about others“.
i’ve started to give, have u?

for this year’s resolution there is a few things i wana achive. here are some of a few things. such as signing up as an organ donor, get a tattoo for my 20th burfday(dad promised me!!!!), give more blood, and change my attitude, for better. there are much more i wanna do, but i cant list all of them here, so i’m just gonna keep it to myself for now.

to whom is reading this rite now, i wana wish u a blessed and happy and healthy new year.