Day 31: and more…

Yesterday was really funny. Met an old friend for lunch, then had a smooth sailing day at work, after work went for the premier of the Dark Knight with jas0n, then reached home at 2am, then argue with him over the phone. Never expect to do all this on a Thurday night. I am so blessed. Haha.

So anyway, today was a little hectic for me but i am enjoying every single workload that i was given. this is probably the 8th week in Grey, and my boss came up to me and told me that he wants me to work with different Art Director, so that i can learn and adapt different styles and all. I couldn’t be happier. Working with different a team for a change is like me having a whole basket of onion rings to myself. Speaking of onion rings, did i tell you that lately i am pretty much obsessed with onion rings? well, to be honest, i am a person who hates onion, ginger, garlic and what not… but since that day i had the A&w onion ring with jas0n dear, i kinda got hooked on to it. what is in the recipe i wonder, that makes it taste like anything but onions? *rubs chin*

Eh drifted of the topic pulak. my day Friday was really really great, although i had to sit in the meeting room from 9am till 4 pm. had like 30 minutes for lunch. Right now i am on Joseph’s team. Joseph is a really talented guy. Humble and very very supportive over me and my crazy ass ideas. It is really a very big change for me. allt his while i have been only doing things for a brand, but now i am actually involved with a campaign by GSK. not gonna go there for now. it’s P&C.

I realized that life is like the weather in Malaysia. You’ll never know when it will be rainy, sunny, cloudy or flood. The last i remembered was finishing my finals in MMU for the 3rd sem of gamma, then got into Grey and hated my first few weeks, then it has been a month there and now, i am meeting so many new people and actually working on something which interest me a lot.

i guess Internship is not that bad after all.

but i still prefer university life.

It’s a bliss

to reach home at 9 pm for the pass few days.

to be able to meet my best friends twice this week.

to be able to have breakfast with daddy.

to be able to breathe, and live this moment.

i always, i mean always say that life is short and blah blah n blah the blah. the more i think of it the more i am wasting my time, am i?

i have a little story to share. this morning, like every other morning i will go to the 7-11 opposite my condominium to get the morning papers. well, every morning i will see the same regular staff working there. they would recognize me and greet me. but today was rather different. there was this new guy at the counter, he watched as i walk in the shop. i grab the paper and secretly taking a peek at his face. he looked back. he said out loud as i was walking out the door, “don’t worry, you will have a nice day, i am sure”. then he smiled. i was gawddamn shocked! instead of wishing him like have a nice first day at work, i quickly rush out of the shop. what came to my mind was how on earth he knows that i was worrying about something? is it that obvious that it’s written on my face? come to think about it, no.  anyway, before i exit the 7-Eleven, i turn to him and we exchange smiles.

life is not all about the ups and downs, the problems and the worries, but the different people that you meet or come across your daily life that make a difference.

I have been worrying about things that are not even happening yet. I don’t want to waste my time thinking about shits and then realize that i have been wasting my time worrying and not embracing this moment.

you should do to. live every moment as if it’s your last. baby jas0n always tells me this. =) and i hope to you who is reading this, whether you lost you enthusiasm in doing something or having a bad day, do remember my advice. look forward to small small things that will make you smile and keep you going. after achieving it look forward to more that is coming your way.

smile like you mean it. =)

keeps me going

I try my very best not to look at the bad side of internship.

Every morning i wake up, i will try to think of something that motivates me, or something really simple that can keep me happ, even for 5 minutes.

Today i woke up thinking positive. As soon as i got out from home, i realize the sky in KL was brighter and clearer than yesterday. Is it really the sky is brighter or is it just me?

Yesterday i had a very bad day. I went to the toilet to let out my tears. honestly working in a big advertising company is a big deal. I didn’t cry because i was stressed up or what not, it is simply because i was being urm, how do i say this? Well the seniors here definitely not as friendly as i thought they would be. Thank goodness I have Farah here with me, supporting me in many ways. (Good friends are like angels on earth right?)

Anyway i would like to keep things this way, as i am more open and positive now.

If you are having a bad day and wish you could finish the day faster, try my method. try looking forward to small small things that will make you smile. even for a second.

Right now i am blogging in my office. Waiting to have breakfast with Farah. Then to chat with Mia, Scha, Illy, Steph, Farah and Kah Yee (yesh, ppl that i chat with almost everyday in the office). Looking forward for baby jas0n’s ms. Waiting for my daddy to call, To take a toilet break in between. And yes, all this little things made me smile.

Beyond what is going to happen today, I am so looking forward to have dinner with Illy (i miss you la), a mamak session with my bestfriends this weekend, go back to Cyberjaya to check in my new place, cuddle with baby jas0n, go for the Maxis Wild life Blogging party which is organized by Nuffnang (I got tix!).

See, just when I am so positive about life, all the good thing comes. AND do you know, while blogging this, the director of human resource came here and told me that i am offered a job in Grey after i graduate? oh not to mention,there’s a guy who exits the lift with me ran out from behind and open the door for me. =D

Day 5: Sunny all day

I have stepped into week 2 of my internship programme.

I am now blogging in the office while waiting for the rain to stop so I can walk to KLCC to meet daddy.

Let me tell you how my day went, in brief.

Well, i started my day with a smile and many many positive thoughts. In return i get things to go according my way. I watched “the secret” last night and I tried and practiced the Law of Attraction. It works you know. If you have no clue what I am saying here, get yourself a copy of “The Secret”. it really helps me boost my self confidence and helped me to stay positive.

By being so happy and positive today, many things fell into place properly. most of my concept boards were accepted, got some jobs done for other department, and got quite a satisfying result (for last sem).

I learned a bunch of stuff today at work. Mostly was about ideation and coming out with concepts. I learn about Direct Marketing and I am already been assigned a job prior to this. I have to come up with 20 concepts by tomorrow morning.

It shouldn’t be a problem. Ciao for now.

some one help me~ *tired*

What a week!

Today is Wednesday and i already feel very exhausted. i think i can no longer tolerate it. this week i haven’t been sleeping well and all i remember myself doing was story board for my TV Commercial for MI project and some animatics. i have to say that i really don’t have the basic principles of animation, so my final execution is like so so only. thanks to baby jas0n, he helped me correct a few hiccups here and there.

Yeap, it is only Wednesday and i feel like i have done a lot for this week and i am so losing all my energy.

Oh yea, yesterday (Tuesday), me and my Moral group mates(WeiMing, Han Joo, Ben and jas0n) had to go down to SPCA Selangor to lend a helping hand. it is actually part of our subject, doing community service. despite it was part of our subject, we were really sincere you know. =) we bought some dog biscuits, chewy and 3 years supply of toilet roll. don’t ask me what for.

I could not explain how it feels like in words, helping out at the center, but the experience that we got was priceless. We started our day pretty early. I woke up at 8am for heaven’s sake!!! The night before i slept at 6 something. @_@ So, i was grumpy as ever(lack of sleep). Got ready in half and hour, then went to Cyberia with jas0n to pick Ben, WeiMing and Han Joo up.

Bubbles (jas0n’s ride), was a bit small so i volunteered to sit at the back and let Han Joo sit in front (he has longer legs than me what~). Then unexpectedly Ben came with his pillow >.< Yeah, his pillow!!! Hmmmph, it took so much space in the car until me and WeiMing had to cramp cramp in the backseat.

We started our journey around 8.45 ish, and got there around 10am. Had breakfast deli-delay till 10.30am. We went to the SPCA center to help them feed the dogs. After feeding like almost 200 doggies, we were allowed to rest and the people there ask us to go “yamcha” and come back at 1pm. 1pm!!! where are we to go at the mean time? the most happening place(place with air-con) around was the 7-11. So kesian. So what we did? we lepak in front of 7-11 like typical kaki lepaks.

Ken Ken

ken ken was the first one to greet me in SPCA
he is very adorable and emo… >.<


dunno what they are looking at


weiming and hanjoo

Somehow time flies damn fast. before we realize it, it was 1pm. We went back there and here’s the tiring part of this whole damn day. Feeding was easy, but now the 5 of us had to take back the dog bowl that we first put in the cage. some dogs there are pretty unpredictable u know. scary. after taking out the bowls, our task got even tougher. we had to wash all the bowls and stack them up, clean the poo (thanx Han Joo for helping me to go through it), change the newspaper, refill their water, wash the floor, clean the cage. surprisingly the poo were all so much more bigger than Chelsey’s My goodness, was so tiring!

Cleanin time

cleaning up wasn’t easy

Sweet Pea

some sweet pea


they locked me in~

In the end of the day we were all so worn out. K.O. to the max! On the way back we stop by at Mc D’s. from there I think i kinda get to know my group mates even better. they are all so cool people and they are really different from what i see them. =) Han Joo is quite talkative than most of the guys there, WeiMing quite a friendly dude, not as emo as how he looks, Ben was the all time small boy that u can tipu. not as macho as you think he is! =D baby jas0n has always been my baby jas0n. ::wub::

Although I was back in hostel all smelly and tired, i sure did have a lot of fun and learn a lot of things too. thanks guys for making my day.

** Didn’t take much ‘pixtars’ because WeiMing’s camera KO halfway through, but Ben got some videos. will update them soon. oh and thanx baby for driving us there~ ^^,

** Special thanks to SPCA, especially PrisHendricks for the interview, the report and a whole load of experience there. Will miss the meow meow and dog dog, the smell of dog biscuits, bird’s shit, dog poo, the Indian uncles and the oily water… XD


if any of you guys wants to help out at the SPCA, you can check out the website here. Don’t forget to take a look at their wishlist. there are certain things that you can contribute.

i’m gonna KO d, my body still hurt till now. Yoga was exhausting too. gtg now.