Bait Host is a bitch

I have been long gone, i know… well, just a month or so.

My blog has been down due to the stupid web hosting company (BaitHost). They screwed up, big time!!!! Just because they did a boo boo, they got my blog screwed as well.

It has been really stressful for not being able to blog. My fingers feel itchy.. some kinda reaction like how a drug addict is addicted to drugs.

Well now, I got my blog back. Do visit for more updates.

Been really busy with convocation and such. Will update more soon!



p/s: i have lost my blog roll. so plas do leave me a comment on this post of ur blog link and etc. =) love you guys!

Last day at Grey

Last Friday was my last day of internship! I have been waiting for this moment for 3 and a half months ago. but you know, just when i got the hang of working, i had to go. honestly, some of you might hear me complain about how much i hate working and how much i don’t like advertising, i ended up psycho. i slowly love all these crazy people, and the heavy fast paced work.

anyway, i had 3 farewell lunches from 3 different departments. took some pictures with some friends.

i did not manage to take picture with a lot of them because my last day was on a Friday so they were mostly out servicing at client sites. here are the few.

btw, i just found out this cool feature of this word press thinggy. i didn’t know that it allows me to add the whole gallery onto this post. hehe. cool.

Day 51:kanak-kanak ribena

My star-scope told me this today:

“If you can get away into a quiet spot

and do your own thing without being hassled,

you should do it”

i think it’s a sign. hehe, i brought my PSP to work today (didn’t i tell you i bought one?).

*show off ceramic white PSP*

where should i go and play? hurm? i think the toilet is a safe bet.

no. seriously.

i have been trying to pass this 1 damn stage in GTA: Liberty City. been playin all weekend, and am still stuck!!!! waaaaa, right now i can’t concerntrate on work, because i felt like there’s an unfinished business left for me to do.

ouh well, i think i am gonna skip lunch and finish the game. it is raining btw, can’t go no where for lunch.

today is actually quite a good day for me. i can tell. i had enough of sleep last night, i had a kick ass super action pac dream and most important of all i started my day well. i managed to talked to some people in my office today asking for advices. it has been 12 weeks since i started internship here in Grey and i have approximately 3 weeks left. i wanna make full use of my time so i opted up to get a rotation.

i am pretty much done in this department. i got to learn what i wanted and i gave Grey what they wanted from me so yea i am good to go. This morning was really scary la. i talked to my boss, Sunny, then Jenny from traffic and then Alicia the HR director. was all shaking because i don’t know if i actually have the rights to tell them what to do, and demand what i want, but i think it is for the better la.

so yea, anyway i will be hopping to 3 different department to learn the structure and overall of each. i will be asking for a rotation to the costing department, AV and production. i still have to attend a meeting with the bosses tmr, just to get approval for my rotation. gosh, this is exciting! wish me luck.

actually i am really really free now. i have no work to do. idling, so might as well blog.

i am trying my very best not to get myself wasted, need to conserve energy for later. i have a Polident infomercial shoot at GSK this evening. my boss says it is gonna start this evening and will only wrap at 7 am tmr. i am praying really hard that they provide free flow of Ribena for me. and the best part is that i must come to work directly after that. but i guess i am allowed to go back after lunch.

ok i got to go. i will update later!