it’s nice

it’s nice to lie in the pool with my arms and legs wide open on a wet Wednesday

it’s nice to feel raindrops in my eye

it’s nice to have a hot banana pie when I am feeling cold

it’s nice to know that I am still on track

it’s nice to not take pain killers for a while

it’s nice that I am still sane

it’s nice to feel alive when I woke up this morning

it’s nice… to smile again


life so far has been treating me well.
a little cruel at times but over all, life’s good.
it has been rolling non-stop for me, yeah.. this moment in time i am very happy as i have save a few friendship by doing the right thing. isn’t that a relief? well, that’s one.
secondly is that my pet kambing, Christopher has gone on a holiday with Scha’s pet goat, Johnny. She told me.
hopefully they enjoy themselves where ever they are.

I am still enjoying life pretty much although I am under a lot of stress.
I have my finals now. 4 papers down and 1 more to go.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. After my Digital Animation paper, i sat outside of the FOE building in campus, hanging out with some friends…
The morning was wonderful. Nice blue sky, fresh morning breeze.
Took some pictures.

Life might be hectic, and fast, especially for those who lives in the city.
I suggest that u take a break from what ever you are doing, just put a pause in life, enjoy the weather, the natural beauty of mother nature. and soon u will realize that it is much more beautiful than u think it is.

seems like i have to change the things to do for my coming holiday.
The original plan was to hibernate through out my holiday, but on second thought, i might wanna go to the beach for a picnic.

wish list : MacBook 13” White, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.16 GHz, 1GB of RAM, AirPort Extreme 802.11n, built in iSight and BlueTooth and 200GB hard drive. Ah what the heck, just gimme a G5! *drool*

~ Butterfly ~

A butterfly.
Should it live or die?
As I hold its fragile body in my hand…

A gentle being,
Can’t scream as I tear off its wing
If I let go, where will it land?

I look at its colors,
Cheerful and happy,
Bright lines and stains…

And as I crush it,
Its beauty dissolves
Only my memory of it remains.

poem by : mr-caine

this poem is written by mr-caine, a deviantart artist. i came across it while i was looking for butterfly images and graphic for inspiration. i need to sketch it out before Sunday, so im doing my homework here.

i have been obsessed with butterflies since she left. I lie down on my bed and began to think bout how fragile life is. in life, we have choices. it is up to us on which path are we gonna take and what are we gonna do.

for me, i have never regretted on things that i have done, or the good and bad things that happened, simply because i believe that everything does happen for a reason. BUT, there is this thing in me that will never rest in peace. it would be a lie if i said that i have live so long without regrets.

…..i have regretted.
i have regretted on the things that i didn’t do.

i cannot do anything to fix it but to learn from my past, and NEVER repeat history.


now there’ nothing more that i can do, but to let the butterfly remind me of what happened and what i had learned from it.

hopefully one day my soul will be as free as the butterfly, bring me more colours and joy, and give me the balance of life.

i don’t want to know the past of the butterfly, but i will accept it for what it is right now. because i have moved on.


*bangs head against the wall*


i haven’t been updating my blog recently.

there’s not much to update, just that i have just pierce my ears…after so many years…
i almost chicken out coz i forgot what it feels like… im afraid of the pain.

last time, i use to have 12 piercing but rite now it has gone down to 8 only. my bestfriends and i were like so crazy over piercing. i think its the PAIN factor that keeps us going =)

i think my dad is very cool. he has been buying gadgets n all lately n he is damn pro in photography. my dad is getting a PSP for heaven’s sake!!!!

anyway, i really respect him as he is really into what he likes…meaning he will pick up a hobby n then master it. i have to give my dad credit for being the most creative man, i ever know. i always wanted to be like him (minus the beard n big belly). he is like my idol. i admire him. he deserve the BEST DAD awards!!!! *hugs* i love u daddy!

btw, my boyfriend hit a BMW while reversing today and he is very proud and happie bout it. he’s ok, his car too… i just dont get it why is he so happy? maybe its a BMW kot? >.<

Paper Cut

here i am, blogging in the office. urgh, my eyes are so tired and it feels like its gonna pop out. this few days i was down with fever, it keeps coming on n off. i think im gonna die.

im now working at my mom’s office as a temp staff at the human resource dept here in Alstom (Menara Genting). basically i do alot of paper works, read letters and resume, sort out e-mails and calls the managing directors here. this job is so boring. but the directors here are so nice, they are not “sombong”. thats the good thing bout small companies.

right after SPM, i’ve work at Telelink, in Menara Maxis my dad’s office, the ppl there are very LC (lan-c)<–not a good word… they all think that they are so high class n all. sheehs.. i am taking a break from my job, for a while….hehe… and i did lotsa thinking. yeap… i mean ALOT! first of all i was thinking of the course that i’m taking right now in MMU. i have no regrets, seriously. i LOVE what i am doin, very much!!!! do u know everytime when i get my hands on a pen or a paper, the first thing i do was doodling. i scrible and draw nonsence. gosh, i am such a typical FCMer.

i wonder my coursemates do the same o not? i can picture myself as a designer, i think i would really appreciatte n love my job more, comparing to what i am doing right now, data entry, paper works, payroll, and bla bla bla.

i cant wait for school to resume. i got my result and i improve from last sem. i am satisfy, but i will not stop here. i promise…

Meaning of FRIEND

“Remember that no one cares about you, they only care when you have something they want.” (money, fame, profession skills, ideas, etc) ” — enigmationX (

everything turns out very cold when i finally realized it. iris is phucking true!

what i have discover this week… is that friends are divided into 2 parts.


okok, let me elaborate about P-Friends first…
P-Friend |f?ktA:dfr?nd| (noun) offensive slang senses

— they are there most of the time. when ur happie or sad. sometimes they can go pretty crazy and wild with u. thay are infact, quite fun ppl to hang out with. but when majority voice out about things that they are not satisfied with u, they will not help to back u up, instead will go with the majority. in the end u will feel burnt, crashed and desiccated. and this, i would call, BETRAYAL. this type of friends can be found and can be made in a very short period of time. commoner. (no prob if ur looking for 1. i have many to introduce to u.)


TRUE FRIEND |tru?fr?nd| (noun) , (plural friends) rare

very straight forward. corrects u when u are wrong. might hurt u by doing so, but the intention is always right. may fight and argue quite often. will learn and relationship will grow stronger after every misunderstanding. never fail to be there for u. will listen although he/she fails to advice.lets you sleep on her bed. accompany u when u are scared. buys lip gloss for u (hehe!). rare. very rare.

-girl with only a few true friends-