I don’t know where to start. The state I am in right now seems surreal. I am in so much of a mixed feeling. Feels like a pair of old pink jeans in a washing machine. Tumbling all around, with pennies and other remains falling out of it’s pocket. A good mixture of happiness and sadness.

I have been ”stranded” in Australia for the 8 months now. Baby jas0n just visited, but left for home. I miss him so much. Well, I have no regrets though, because when he was here we did so much together. Not a second wasted.

Something happened while he visited. Not sure how I’d announce this on my own personal blog (probably it’s just for my own keep sake, because no one read blogs anymore :P), but I have to say that Jason proposed.

It has been a good 6 years. Did not even feel like it was that long, maybe because there are so much to learn about each other. Makes everyday so interesting. Dare not say I have been through everything with Jason, or done every single thing with him, but we definitely have grew and learn from one another over the years that we have been together. He is someone I definitely, 99% low fat, super duper truly, without doubt and would love to start a family, experience life and grow old with.

Baby, if you are reading this, I just want to say that I know that this is not easy, especially I am not back at home. I hope everything will fall back into place when I get back. We will have so much fun planning for our big day and our whole life ahead of us. I promise.

I apologize if I ever told you that I might not want our big day to happen so soon. I just want us to take our time to plan this properly. We will enjoy the planning process. I just know it :)

And baby if you are wondering I DID NOT see that coming. I take my hats off to you. You are still the same Jason I know in Alpha, boy (now man) who have many tricks up his sleeves (and not to forget you and your creative juice *wink*). I am very shocked still :E

Proposal at Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

This post is dedicated to my dearest, baby Jason.

In loving memory

I have known her for all my life, even longer than I have known my own mother.

I never realized how much I depended on her, and needed her.

I crawl to her every time, to seek comfort when I am sick, when my torn blouse need some sewing. No one cooks like she does, no one care like she does, and no one love me like she does.

She is strong, smart, incredibly creative lady with a kind heart and a gentle spirit.

It is hard not to love and miss a person like that.

I miss her very much.. and I wish that she is here right now to tell me that everything will be okay.


I miss u, Mama.

departed peacefully on 16th May 2010.

Pampered with Desserts

I am truly thankful that I have you baby.

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Was awefully moody and extremely feeling all dark and emo. Baby came over to see me, but I kinda lost my temper (feels so guilty now).

Although I was so moody, he was very patient with me. He tried many ways to cheer me up. Tied  to bribe me with cupcakes, desserts and sorts. He even brought me on a ride to God-knows-where. We were on the road driving aimlessly, hoping it will cheer me a lil. Then we stop by at Mid Valley, had a very yummy tiramisu at Delicious.


Honestly it was good. But what made me feel even better was to know that he was with me by my side, all day long. so patiently, and trying oh so hard just to see me smile.

Baby, you are the best thing that ever happened to me.


I love you.



green green b’day

i woke up on Wednesday morning only to find baby jas0n waiting for me down there at NEA apartment with a bouquet of flowers. it is not even my birthday yet, but hey, i liked it! =)


all in all, this is the third time jas0n is giving me flowers. i don’t usually get flowers for valentines, birthdays and so on.. i only get them when he happens to find daisy, even though it is not my birthday. for the past two times its was just daisies, but this time it was OXEYE DAISY!!! my favourite! cannot get it locally you know, and somehow he managed to find them <3


there’s 1 word to describe my 22nd birthday = “superduperuberly100%funandwarmanditsallgreen!”

yeah… somehow this year was better than the last.


all my green goodies


a parcel came from the US. apparently i won a craft book from threadbanger.


handmade nation


they only gave out five copies. guess i was lucky~

(even the book is green!)


couldn’t be any happier


jimmy the krokodil

he has a tag on the hand that says “Michelle, Please take me home *RAWR*”

haha, it was so funny.. i thought only dinos rawr..


my new boyfriend


a blankie to keep me warm at night!


then off we go to dinner…

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