Journey to the hospital? It was hell? I hate it?

I am so glad to be back!

What happen. I started having off and on fever since the Saturday, two weeks ago. Just came back from my Life Saving Course and got immediate sunburn and slight fever. Fever never went off. Basically was sick for the whole mid-term break.

Seeking help. Then it came to Sunday night, a week after that. Mid term break ended, went back to campus, and thats when i started vomiting non-stop. Went to the 3 different doctor, that week. Diagnosed with a viral fever and got myself a few jabs on the butt and a blood test. Not dengue, so it is a relieve. But more vomiting and fever. Can’t do anything but to lie down and get some good rest.

Vomiting worsen as the day goes, body rejecting food intake, then on Thursday, body started to reject water. can’t even take a single droplet of water.

Grandma suggested that I seek a Chinese medium for help. I went to the temple, the guy went on TRANCE!!! I am so so so so so so so scared. So sorry to say this, but I was freaking shaking like a leaf when I saw him go on trance. He held my hand and told me what symptoms I had been having for this past few days, and then he gave something for recovery.

I went home and do as he said. I SWEAR! i started eating and drinking. was craving for some sweet drinks and food. So then, I took a nap and that night everything came out. nope, nothing was digested. I survived 4 days without food and 2 days plus without water. Till last Saturday midnight, I was admitted to Pantai, Cheras.


The condition. When i was in the hospital, I had a quick blood test, and normal procedure, then admitted. Found out that fever was a bad viral fever, had severe gastric problem. And because of the gastric that I had, it trigger some kidney problem, mainly due to dehydration.

The feeling. It sucks to stay in the hospital. I don’t remember my last stay in HUKM was this awful. The bed was really uncomfortable, the food was bad, toilet was funny (it had a mini ramp like those you see in X games), injections was painful, medication was bitter, had the whole room to myself was scary, hand was numb and blood drawing was the worst!

Bored and lonely. I never really tell anyone that I was admitted, whether my friends or family. Grandma called from Singapore, Daddy and I had to lie. So I was dead bored to be honest. I never felt so bored and lonely before. I didn’t want my friends to see me in that state, didn’t want my parents to stay over to accompany me, because the environment was really uncomfortable , so I will tell them that I am OKAY.

Daddy brought me my handphone, PSP, hoping it will keep me company, but I was on drips, couldn’t even type a proper message and can’t even play a proper game.

There’s nothing to be watched on TV when there is no Astro. All I see on TV is just Malaysia’s ex and new Prime Minister. Every single hour of the day, same old news. The only time I was really watching TV was on Sunday morning, when Spongebob was aired on TV3, or was it NTV7?


if it hadn’t be it, i will be counting holes on my body.

Hygiene. I haven’t been able to bathe or shower since Thursday. I STINK. I cannot take it. Same clothes, same undies, and to make things worst, i had period. Waited and waited till Sunday when the nurse finally let me off drip for an hour. I bathe, and bathe and bathe. Getting my hair wet never felt this good!

What I don’t like. Taking blood! They never find my vein. Honestly, I am a very weird human being. Only can draw blood from right hand, and since my right hand is on drip, they have got no choice but to take blood from my left. The doctor have to poke 2-4 times to get it right. T___T

I appreciate. The nurses and doctor who are so good at their job.

Things I did when I reach home. take off clothes & bandages, bathe & shave weigh myself =D, spray a lot of EA. my fav.

Now. I am feeling so so much better. Recovering well, worried at the same time though. Don’t know if I can make it to my presentation this coming 14th. I have to speed things up, try to catch up with time that I have lost.


i used to want a boyfriend when i was younger.

then, i used to want a boyfriend who is very “lala”.

then i wanted a guy who is very athletic.

then another guy who is religious.

then i wished for a tall dark and handsome one.

then i wished harder a guy who can shower me with anything and everything i wanted.

but then, i forgot to wish that they could at least come with brains.

Happy Sunshine Date

this is what we did on our 3rd anniversary


the weather was great.


preparation in the morning of our big day

first stop : jas0n’s house


baby jasOn cooked his all famous scramble eggs for me

so yummy…


breakfast is served with love! (and a big cup of ribena, my fav!)


it was all fun and games.

baby jas0n hid so many clue cards, that in the end will lead me to a surprise. =)

that was fun!


freshen up before we head out for lunch.

love his room mirror btw. so big!


then we went to Fullhouse cafe

i swear it is the sweetest and cosiest cafe around!


this is the ground floor. super cute and cosy.


the first floor.

the interior is all white!


that’s my date


it’s a cafe cum boutique

most of their stuff are imported from korea..

super funky tees, but it cost a bomb


the food that i recommend are the soups, mushroom soup is the best!

ice lemon tea and lime juice.. *slurps*


urm, this is something that i probably will not order if i would to go back there.

it is not that yummy


oh oh, the ice cream is superb! soft and sandy chocolate chip cookie.

homemade =)


i’m drooling while blogging


i cleaned my ice-cream cup alright.


ouh didn’t realize there was a bird next to jas0n all this time when we were eating


shopping time!! i couldn’t wait to get my butt up after makan.

ran around like a crazy lady, looking at some blouses and bags.

look at the vain pot

hmm, it actually does look good on him


was hiding in the toilet


bag shopping


more stuff to look buy



after lunch we went shopping. then we got bored and decided to take those seriously lame but fun picture from those Japanese speaking sticker photobooth


aaaa…super fun i tell u. we went for it twice!!!!

so much fun posing and editing the pictures.

this is the first try, both looking decent and all. second one was horrifying!

i think i will just keep that to myself.


then, we had dinner at the cave.

The Cave basically stands for couple cafe. sweet name and cool concept.

i have not been there before. i heard they have a very nice and exotic environment. they spent 4million to build it.

let me be the judge of it.


this is where our table is. in the corner and the back of the cave.

if im not mistaken it is call the “couple cave” hehe, i feel like a dino *rawr*

we have the whole room to ourselves and lots of privacy.


the food and drinks there are really no big deal


camwhoring near the toilet


the boyfriend


on the way out


after a full long day of fun and food, we are now a pair of

satisfied couple!


3 and counting….

In a blink of an eye, without realizing, we have been strong together for 3 fantastic years. I didn’t realize how time flies when I got together with you, but it definitely feels like a cool breeze walk through the park, except that we have tripped over a couple of pebbles. If you know what I mean. You and I agreed that the hardest part of our relationship was to stand back up every time we fall, but with our presence, getting back on track seems easier each time. =)

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary (and counting….) , Jason!



Another blood donation drive

Today i donated blood in campus. It has been almost a year since i last donated. Had slight complications the last time i donated, so i had to stop for a period of time.


While donating blood, i had a flashback about an incident happened 3 years ago.
I remember how jas0n use to urm, court me? *blush*

I asked him to accompany me to the atrium to donate blood, and so he did.
He was willing to accompany me to the blood donation drive, although in his entire life he has not done it before. i guess he was all nervous, i could see it in his eyes. well, evil evil me.. i still dragged him into it and even volunteer to get him forms and what not.

he freaked out of course, but in the end, i really have to tip my hat off to him. he impressed me. he kept his cool and without hesitation gone through the whole process with me.

i still remember he was trying his luck to whole my hand while the nurse wanted to put the needle in me. i find it super cheesy. he even sang the Spongebob theme song to me.
haha, silly lil jas0n. =)


it’s so sweet thinking about what we had gone through.. i mean even little things like this. baby if u are reading this, i just want u to know that ur the sweetest!

Pass: happybirthday (img heavy)

This post will remain lock till his birthday is over =D

I have no clue what to get for him at first, but after i thought of the first plan, more and more ideas keep coming to my head. woah, i don’t think i have that much to execute all of them. anyhow, here are some stuff i have plan for him =)

First of, I made a reservation in Saisaki at Menara UOA. i thought of making reservations for dinner but i guess it will be too cramped. i wanted us to have all the food to ourselves, that is why we are going for a lunch buffet instead.

So far Saisaki is still the best place to go for japanese buffet. I don’t quite like Shogun or Jagoya or even Kampachi. My initial plan was to bring baby jas0n to Nikko hotel for dinner, their buffet is pretty good. Then i thought of Renaissance too, but we’ve been there so might as well bring him to Saisaki since he jakun with that place.

these are some stuff i got him. can’t wait to surprise him! <3