Krispy Kreme


half way doing FYP suddenly i had this super weird craving for bak kut teh and Krispy Kreme

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I often seen Krispy Kreme featured on Dexter (the tv series)

Just can’t wait to get my hands on one. This is so much more tempting compared to the overly advertised and talked about JCo and Big Apple doughnuts.


I’m seriously drooling over these pictures

Take my orders now. I want a puffy powdered strawberry filled, glazed devil’s food cake, glazed cruller, glazed blueberry cake, chocolate iced custard filled, glazed raspberry filled and a chocolate iced glazed with sprinkles. =D


and please throw in 2 strawberry sprinkled heart cake

a Friday off

on Thursday, I was out all day in Damansara Perdana at PixelPost. Was there for an offline edit and also to attend a pre-production meeting. I had a long long day, so i had to have the all famous Ikea meatball. jas0n waited for me after work and treated me to some delicious Swedish meatball with cranberry sauce! mmmm, yummy!





so juicy~~





for ur information, you can click the picture to enlarge it. how can u not want to click. u see la the meatballs are so yummy and the cranberry sauce is just irresistible!


And so this is what i did on Friday. I took a day off, and went back to Cyberjaya to pay my school fees. I sure miss that place very much!!!






Miss the long straight road to Cyber, the big white fluffy clouds on the big blue sky. I feel hor, Cyberjaya’s sky is always blue. ^^,


Then jas0n and I had the Palazo’s nasi lemak. it is really nice!





nah, nasi lemak hb2.


after that we head on to Cathay in Cineleisure to watch a movie. We went for The Elephant and the Sea. It is written and produced by one of our ex-MMU lecturer, Ming Jin.





this movie has fetch many international awards. it was pretty awesome, but i have to admit that there are parts of the movie that i didn’t like. but overall i will give it 7/10.





go watch it. it is only being screen at Cathay’s. support local indie film! =)


you can easily get the trailer on youtube and here are some reviews if u need to know more about this movie.

there goes my holiday

i have not been doin anything progressive this past week. after finals all i want to do is just sleep. i think i have been hibernating from monday to friday, then i decided to wake up and meet up with baby jas0n, Sam and Suiteng in Leisure Mall. I can’t remember what we talked about. All i remember was nipples, dick, vagina, teeth and some super heroes. how random and gross.

anyway, i spent Saturday at Mid Valley Gardens. Nothing to do, so me and my bro spent all morning at the directory. it was so cool la. touch screen 1. *jakun jakun* and hor, their premium toilet is like more expensive than KLCC’s. i think their toilet bowl is made outta gold. freaking RM5. this ain’t my first time going there, but i really did not realize how cool the directory board was and how expensive the damn toilet was.

Anyway, we had lunch at Tony Roma coz Justin was making noise about it… he’s been craving for Tony Roma’s.


honestly, it was my first time there.


lil bro, waiting for his food.


omg… food there was really good!!!!!!


salad was superb.


rib was purrrr-fect!!! *faint*





see see, after tony roma’s we are much happier people.


Justin and I. ouh yea, cut my hair again… >.<

miss the times when i had fringe, so decided to cut like that again. i’m basically a mangkuk now. = )

okay, have to stop blogging for now. gotto sleep early. tomorrow will be my first day of internship. i’m so excited and scared at the same time. ouh well, die die also must tahan till 5.30pm. wish me luck.
good night.

February Babies turning 21


suppose to post this up in February, but i was caught up with assignments and submissions. *takes a deep breath* i was freaking stressed up last week because i couldn’t get certain things done in time because i was away for a few days. went to bangkok, rode an elephant while all my classmates were in e-commerce class. >< you have no idea how helpless i feel. damn.

back to the topic…




here’s some pictures on Wendy and Stefie’s birthday. =) Continue reading February Babies turning 21

Bad Hair Day

today baby jas0n and i, coincidently, both had very bad hair day. o.O despite the bad hair day we had to attend a very boring class. the lecture was killing me inside out. made me look even worst.

so since we both had bad hair day, we decide to splurge on something nice (ahemmmm.. excuse). something nice to pamper ourselves so we don’t feel so guilty for us. *wink*

and so…. we went for Sushi ZanMai & Shojikiya at Sunway Piramid.


seriously this is my first time there. was recommended by Stef. she has been telling me bout that place since forever, so finally i have a reason to go. ^^, i was a lil skeptical at first about that place at first. look super nice n classy with no body. first thing that came to my mind was, it sure gonna cause me a bomb or the food sucks (or maybe its Monday >.<).

we went in anyway n start ordering like crazy. splurge ourselves on those nice, fresh and yummy sushis. the damage? only rm50. it is super cheap leh! honestly, if u asked me compare it to Sushi King, the food is much nicer and cheaper too. They give less rice but more meat, fresh cut meat. so generous you know. I enjoyed the unagi and tuna the most. *happy happy*


the kanikama is 100% made out of crab meat. i kid u not. they did not use the rm1.60 crab stick. it is FRESH, i repeat FRESH crab meat! so delicious~


i am so gonna go back there. baby says not anytime soon tho. *sobs* who wants to bring me there ar?

really a very nice place with good food n superb ambiance. love it so so much~! highlyly recommended, i give them 5 stars *stick stick star stickers* ! have to go try it urself and you’ll know how crazy i am over this place, try it and go spread the words!! =] I’m currently suffering a severe addiction to Japanese food!!!

in the end of the day, we


have bad hair day

are happie people with happie tummy and bad hair day~