Guys check this out.

Go ahead and type in 1Malaysia.com.my on your browser. go to our PM’s site, and click on:

> 1M Interactive > 1Malaysia Song Contest

There are the top 10 finalist.

You have got to listen to each and every one of them.

(The streaming is pretty fast)


Freaking cool songs. But they are all in Bahasa Melayu though, still… it’s cool!

My all time favourite is Sehati Sejiwa by D. Gerard Singh.

Nyanyikan Lagumu is not bad too.

Now go get your favourite, and sing your hearts out for Merdeka!

Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia.

Yasmin Ahmad

I don’t know how to put all my thoughts in words. I am crying my eyes out as i am writing this.

how do i say this? well, I have been a fan of Kak Yasmin’s all this while and recently, on July 25th, Malaysia has lost a director, a story teller, a sister, a legend. I feel very inspired whenever i watch her movies, TV commercials and especially those aired during the festive season. I have always secretly wanting to meet her in person, simply just shake her hand, hug her, to tell her how she great she iss, and how she inspire me. Sadly I didn’t have the chance.

Just a minute ago I was watching Yasmin Ahmad Dalam Kenangan on Astro 110. But what really made me write this post was because i was watching her memorial, they played one of the video i edited for MDP class during my beta year’s assignment. they freaking aired it on astro!! i am so thrilled. though i know i cannot reach out to her in person, i am honored that my short video was shown on astro, in her memorial. it’s too good to be true.

Her passing is a great lost to the advertising industry, Malaysia and to me. Most people will remember her for her great movies and tvc, but little do they realize, most of her artwork comes with an important message. a message of love, hope and unity. I will always remember her as the sunshine of Malaysia, constantly giving hope to unite our nation, constantly telling wonderful stories about life, love and family. I really wished she won’t have to leave so early, but i know, God loved her more.

I hope her works will not be forgotten and will not die together with her. I will always remember the legend of Yasmin.


In the memory of Yasmin Ahmad 1958-2009

Earth Hour

60 Earth Hour

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for 1 hour. In 2008 the message had grown into a global sustainability movement, with 50 million people switching off their lights.

In 2009, Earth Hour finally came to Malaysia. So guys, please participate, vote for earth, do your part to stop global warming. Spread the words if you may.

Click on the website to find out more.

Earth Hour

If you are in Malaysia or Singapore, the time to switch off those lights is on:

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm.

Remember the date! =D

Let’s celebrate!

I find it super duper hard to loose weight, especially when it is around this festive season. First of, 3 Hari Raya open houses, then today Deepavali open house. the food was GOOD!!!!! no words can describe what i had today. It is by far the best indian food i have ever tasted!!!

oh no, Christmas is next, and not long after that it’s Chinese New Year. crap. have to do yoga daily and swim twice in between meals, jog in the middle of the night. Not complaining though, I am happy to see and be part of the many pretty and colourful festivals and celebration here in Malaysia but…

happy cookie
happy cookie

there goes my diet.

Here in My Home

hey guys,

this is gonna be a very short and direct post.

if you are a true Malaysian, pls pls pls, i urge u to visit this site and support them.


The Malaysian Artistes for Unity Project

free download



You can help by downloading the song, lyrics and music video.

this is so so cool! i love the song and it makes me wan to sing along.

Good job to all that has participated. =)


and yes, i am proud to be Here in My Home.

Malaysia’s First Astronaut

I am now watching Astro channel 588. I am quite excited about our Malaysian astronauts.

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and Dr Faiz Khaleed have been chosen among 200 aspirants to represent Malaysia to make a trip tp the ”ISS”(international Space Station).


*woot* we have our first hawt astronaut. Am so damn proud of him. He will be launching with the Expedition 16 today (10 Oct 2007). I am so so excited. Well, well, another day in history for all Malaysian.

what do u know? while i was doing some Google research, I found out that Dr Sheikh Muszaphar was a model! Click here for the link. *wink* he is quite ‘yeng chai’ i have to admit.
(oh no, baby jas0n is gonna kill me after reading this post) :P

aaaaanyway… He, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar is gonna do something where no astronauts has done in space. Because it is the Raamdhan month, he is gonna ”puasa” (fasting) out there. poor guy. i am sure he is looking forward for ”buka” time. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations claims that he is gonna make teh tarik in space and also do batik painting. @_@ thats not it. the Ministry of Agriculture wants him to play some traditional games like “batu seremban” (five-stones).

Sigh, weird things that Malaysian wants to achieve. >.<

I wish the him all the best and hopefully he will return home safe with his batik painting, and a hot cup of teh tarik for the PM =)


For more updates, you can check out the Angkasawan Blog, where Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and his co-pilot Dr Faiz Khaleed blog about their training in Russia.

wave the Jalur Gemilang when u reach out there guys!!! *wave wave flag*

Unity Band

Unity Band: An embodiment of what we stand for. distinct in diversity, united in nationality. A proud badge of our uniqueness. The colour red symbolises the blood that runs through our veins; no matter how we may differ in race, religion or creed, one factor unites us. And that is Malaysia.

We are calling all Malaysians to wear that uniqueness as part of your identity. The Unity Band does more than just commemorate our 50th Merdeka. It celebrates what makes us great – our enduring spirit and UNITY.

Let us all lend unity a hand. Malaysia Tanah Airku.

taken from : http://www.ub50.com.my/

if anyone knows where i can get this, do let me know! =)

Eye on Malaysia


Baby jas0n and i went to the Tmn Titiwangsa to visit the big fat ferris wheel that most Malaysian have been talking bout. He was really being very nice to me. how many guys out there will teman his gf at night to practice her night photography leh? Anyway,we have no idea how to get there, but in the end, thanks to me(perasan!!!! ok la…and the map), we got there safely. Although its a weekday night, there were like many peaple! people! I

we paid rm 15 for the ride, per person that is and it lasted for a freaking 20 long minutes. damn worth it right?~ have to admit, i was scared. Had sweaty palms and almost past out.

when we were at the counter, we realize there’s a VIP gondola that cost rm 100. it has a mini plasma TV, great sofa, a refrigerator and some classy music i assume? wth do u need a TV for when ur on the Eye of Malaysia? u are suppose to look at the city view, not the bloody TV that shows only RTM1 and RTM2. sheesh~~~

baby jas0n and i shared a gondola with an indian family of 4. they were so friendly. they have 2 very curious children. i was freaking out when i am on the ride, but the kids seem excited. they were moving up and down… standing up and sitting down. @_@
really don’t understand them. how can they be happy when you are up in the air, very very high, above ground in a small lil cabin, and still be happy bout it.

i was totally keeping my cool. if it wasn’t the family, i will be screaming, panicking, curse and swear n might just jump of the cabin!
baby jas0n did pretty well, he didn’t seem to look scared or panicky, and he still has mood to take picture! i, on the other hand was a living dead. almost puke on the small girl’s face. luckily i didn’t, she was too cute!

dedications: In this post i would like to send my condolences to Loga’s family and fans. He was a member of Alleycats. My dad was sad after hearing this news. he rush all the way home from work just to watch the TV which has like a tribute to Loga. I can sing along to his songs as well. kinda weird for my age, but my daddy listens to Alleycats once in a while. I am sure its a shocking news to the nation but look on the brighter side, our Prime Minister, Pak Lah is getting married. I am happie for him! Congrats, Pak Lah. Invite me to your wedding and i will bake u some cupcakes!
P/S: couldn’t upload more pics. blogger keeps on failing on me! =\