a Friday off

on Thursday, I was out all day in Damansara Perdana at PixelPost. Was there for an offline edit and also to attend a pre-production meeting. I had a long long day, so i had to have the all famous Ikea meatball. jas0n waited for me after work and treated me to some delicious Swedish meatball with cranberry sauce! mmmm, yummy!





so juicy~~





for ur information, you can click the picture to enlarge it. how can u not want to click. u see la the meatballs are so yummy and the cranberry sauce is just irresistible!


And so this is what i did on Friday. I took a day off, and went back to Cyberjaya to pay my school fees. I sure miss that place very much!!!






Miss the long straight road to Cyber, the big white fluffy clouds on the big blue sky. I feel hor, Cyberjaya’s sky is always blue. ^^,


Then jas0n and I had the Palazo’s nasi lemak. it is really nice!





nah, nasi lemak hb2.


after that we head on to Cathay in Cineleisure to watch a movie. We went for The Elephant and the Sea. It is written and produced by one of our ex-MMU lecturer, Ming Jin.





this movie has fetch many international awards. it was pretty awesome, but i have to admit that there are parts of the movie that i didn’t like. but overall i will give it 7/10.





go watch it. it is only being screen at Cathay’s. support local indie film! =)


you can easily get the trailer on youtube and here are some reviews if u need to know more about this movie.







onion rings

rocks. i did so much this weekend. well, at least i thought i did.

I went for a campfire in Bukit Bintang Boys School on Saturday night. jas0n wanted to show me around and introduce his scout friends and also his buddies to me. they are really happening. had a blast. while i was in the school, looking at the other kids there, i wished to relive the moments in high school, by far that was like the best times ever.

and, and, jas0n dear brought me to A&W to get the waffles that i have been craving for nearly a week, and to be honest, it’s my first time having the onion rings. and right now i cant stop thinking bout it.

enough of the cravings and ranting, back to reality. it’s Monday, and i am in the office.

not getting any symptoms of Monday blues, but i am definitely feeling all drained out n exhausted~

p/s: i want onion rings >.<

10th Oct 2007

Last week i went for my NS gathering. It was suppose to be in Mid Valley but only 20 of us were there.

The others, which is like 80% more, went to Tmn Titiwangsa! @_@

All sesat. Dunno where’s Mid Valley ar? *smacks head* Anyway i went there only for a while. then i rushed down to KLCC to take some photos for my Environmental Media assignment. didn’t get to meet everyone though. coz i heard it was freaking jam that day. sorry guys, gotto go early.

Here’s some pics.



L-R : Atiey, Shakira, Sharon


Shaleen! my sayang in camp! i miss u so much, girl.

we really went through thick and thin together. and really miss those times in camp with u.

you are the one that i can never forget. so sweet and precious :3



group pics

my bestie and me


(might take a while to load, so many pictures)

I went out with my best friend, Steph last Thursday (yeah, because i went out with her i wasn’t at home when my house got broken in, God is really watching over me). anyway, we both thought that we needed some time to together, so we’ve plan a date just for the two of us, to Mid Valley. i really owe this post to her ler. i was supposed to blog about this long time ago but it took me quite some time to prepare these pictures for this post. we just went out for half a day but u should see the amount of photos that we took. a whole lot of pictures i tell ya! took me some time to sort it out because we took 100+ pictures on that day. >.<


my friend and my sister


while waiting to board on the bus to go One U, what do you think two girls with a camera will do? CAMWHORE-lah~


wow, we’re so gorgeous… look at our teeth. looks like long lost sisters.


look at this. it says “tong sampah” and it’s pointing to Stefie.


see la, get down from the bus continue camwhoring… tsk tsk tsk~

actually we both didn’t have the intention to shop, but when we reach the mall we were like withdrawing money from the ATM and start walking into shops after shops, trying on clothes. In the end of the day we both got ourselves some blouse and tube tops from Dorothy Perkins. did not really shop because sales was over adi and there’s no new arrivals. just the same old stuff.


then we couldn’t decide where to go for lunch, so I brought her to Fish & co. food there was fantastic, and am glad that she like it too!


a picture of Steph in Fish & Co.

14.jpg 16.jpg


food here is better than Manhattan Fish Market. I’m no bias. go give it a try, and be the judge yourself.

stef and mC

syiok sendiri-ness

after makan, we shop again!


juice works taste so good!



we’ve always got each other to lean on =’)

love you,


sushi overload~

sushi for dinner

sushi King

Yesterday was the first day of the Sushi King RM2 bonanza. RM2 for all sushi! what a deal. Baby jas0n brought me and my roomies go makan makan because he has the member card. At first we went to Seri Kembangan’s branch but its freaking pack! there were like so many MMU and LKW students. It’s like the whole of Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and jaya jaya all were there~ sheehss, it’s just sushi.. (look who’s talking)

On the way

on our way

Anyway, we didn’t want to wait and squeeze through the crowd, because i foresee that we might end up fighting with random stranger for a plate of Unagi, so i suggested we all should go to the branch at The Mines Shopping Mall. Although it was quite jam and all, the journey is worthwhile. When we reached there, what else happen? we splurge on sushisssssss!!!


mC, carlyn and rachael

jason and mich

can’t have sushi without wasabi!

carlyn and sushi plates
we ate so much!

we will be back~


last night was fun. miss every moment of it, except for the allergy i got after that and the incident where i kena tipu in the arcade~ =)


the after effect

photo-39.jpg photo-25.jpg photo-44.jpg

photo-31.jpg photo-33.jpg photo-30.jpg

photo-27.jpg photo-35.jpg photo-29.jpg

we got sushi poisoning and were all so hyper XD


Malaysia Mega SALE!

i contributed to the sales. sigh. i gave into temptation. =\

I have to make something clear. I am NOT a shopaholic like most girls. yeah. you can confirm that with jas0n or my daddy… but… i have this habit of saving up a lot, then when it comes to some mega sale or maybe Chinese new year, i will finish up all my money in the bank! @_@ i think this is worst than a shopaholic isn’t it? sigh, i got to change, before i really go bankrupt.

i recall going out with my roomie, Pei Wen to Mid Valley last week, spent on unnecessary things and a pair of shoe(i need it, ok?).

then on friday night, I went out with Wendy and Seet to Mid Valley again to makan and catch a midnight movie. Rush Hour 3 was great. better than i expected. i will rate it 4 out of 5. not bad at all. anyway, before the movie started we went to Brewball for a short game of pool snooker. totally pawn the both of them. i think it was pure luck.

hehe… then on the way home we went “yam cha“.

Saturday and Sunday i spent my weekend with my family. Daddy brought us out to The Curve because mummy wanna go to the street market and collect her new car. again i spent on some small lil unnecessary stuff. *smack own head* Went shopping after that, in the Curve. although daddy paid for my blouses and some Famous Amos cookie(it was orgasmic!!!!!!!!!!!), but i still made him spend. gosh.

not long after, i broke my damn heels! urm, what else, daddy got me another replacement. its a sweetie :3 this is like my 4th pair of shoe in 3 months from Vincci!!!

i declare myself broke for this week! yea, ppl around me whose reading this, pls be a dear and stop me from good expensive food, cute cute stuff, pool, movies, cookies and SHOES!!!




A day out with Michele (with 1 “L” – mine is double “L” as in Michelle)


one of my bestfriends. cool chick. lovely and bitchy. had 2 tattoos. fun. sweet. manja. angelic. sean paul fan. lotsa admirers, but damn picky. still available… and i love her.

I’m Coming (back to skool, hell yeah!)

here i am again, im Cyberia, blogging. yeap, u’ve guess it right, school’s starting. was busy last night till i have no time to blog n edit those pics that i’ve took during this holiday. i have just reformatted uncle nut kraker and i brought him to campus instead. and thus, i don’t have photoshop yet, so i cant do photo editing. michael is fine, if u guys were wondering. i just want him to stay at home with my new lovely table i bought. tee hee~

I wana make full use of this whole week well. must not slack and procrastinate~ i gotto juggle my time as i am taking 6 subjucts this sem!!! –hectic.
I think i had enough of fun n now i have to concerntrate on my studies again. last saturday i went to the bukit jalil stadium to watch RAIN’s world tour with my bestfriend, Wendy. it was fanta-bulous <– blonde-word! >.< it was really great and worth paying for. got nice seating, nice show n nice supper after that.

I have not uploaded the pics i took with MM and Wendy, during the hols. and my old skool’s pic too~ gosh HillStreet changed so much.

RAIN’s Coming, and I’m Going ^^,

Went to Rain’s World Tour concert in Bukit Jalil on 27th Jan with Wendy. Didn’t have much time to edit the pic and upload them, finally i have time to do so.

The concert was crazily good n it was so so COOL!

tixs to the concert…hell yeah!
the crowd : before and after (over 10,000 fans showed up!) yeah, was Crazee!

the backdrop and stage design was super duper extremely good! very creative and the korean technology are getting better. inspired me alot!

when Rain rap and dance.

this was the part that i have been waiting for. the rain!
yeap, thats me and wendy!!