finally @ the beach!

we both havent been on a vacation for quite sometime, well, to be exact, the last time we both went out for a holiday was almost one year ago, to Malacca. this time after submission we took a slow drive down to PD. of course we went to Tanjung Tuan. the beach is cleaner there. i know wat ur thinking… “PD? dirty and oily polluted sea water?” haha…
if i go to PD there’s only 2 spots i’ll go, it’s either tanjung tuan or the spot near Ilham resort. it’s private and they take good care of that place.

anyway we took billions and gazillons of pics… yeah, i know, we’re vain. =.=”

i love u guys!

left: Wong, Michele (MM), Michelle (mC), Vimal, Tina, Faiz, Stef, Naresh
missing : Wendy and Pei Ling

last weekend, i had a gathering with my old school buddies in one utama. really miss them alot. almost everyone turned up except for Wendy and Ling. Wendy has gotto work and Ling has to attend church. It’s so hard just to get everyone to attend a gathering. Gosh…

the feeling of hanging out with them is just so nice. really brings back good ol’ memories. we had lunch together at sri melaka and we made lotsa noise and chat and made more noise!!!

then we played pool together. michele and tina was so good at it. i wonder if they had a pool table at home. they play like a pro. beginners like me kena buli teruk teruk-lah…what else.


tat nite and had a catch up session. telling each other stories and all. things like these never grow old for me. i still enjoy doing it with y bestfriends till now. wish wendy and ling could join us. i think the next gathering will be near new year in Sunway lagoon. hopefully this time every1 can make it. time pass really fast, in a blink of an eye we might be old and some might leave us..for all u know i will not be here anymore. gotto cherish these moments…

four hot chicks running away from paparazi… hehe!**may the bond of our friendship grow stronger each day**

a day in the park

today, *ahemm* i mean yesterday, i went to klcc park to reshoot my photography assignment. i have to say it was tough finding the right spot to get the right picture. was not easy at all. no no.

*shakes head*
actually i havent enjoy myself outdoors like how i did today for a very long time. i was a kid again today. it all started with this morning. dad sent jason dear and i to klcc and he gave us some tips on photography. then my dad headed to register his new photography company (congrats dad!).

then jason and i was like wondering around the park, looking for nice nice spot. and i realize w\one thing, klcc park/playground is so BIG! if only i was a kid, then i can play all the swings and slides.
i did anyway. i ask jason to post post nicely he make monkey faces and all. tsk tsk tsk.

after shooting, we were so tired and thirsty. so we head to klcc and makan pizza. the pizza was extraordinaryly good! service was good too! *two thumbs up*
we also did crossword puzzle in pizza hut. we were enjoying ourselves and laugh so loud till we forgot that we are in a public place. but, who cares? anyway we continue laughing and giggling till we didnt realize that everyone at the restaurant had left. we did so many things. gosh i just cant put all the memories i had into words.

i feel like today i have achive many things. partly i get to release the child in me (jason was like a big baby too), got to finish up my assignment, make some cash and study.

baby, if ur reading this, thanx for pushing me to study and helping me with my assignment. u gave me a lot of support and inspiration, u taught me how to have fun too. ur really a cool boyfriend that i could ever asked for. thanx hunny.

Photofest 2006

there is so many things i wana blog… i should just jumble up all in the 1 post. it’s gonna be long…very long.

where to start? *rubs chin*
oh oh okay… i know… i wana blog bout my weekend. i spent my last weekend with my family in malacca( justin wasnt there tho =/ ) . dad, mum, jason and i participated in the photorace 06 organized by tourism malaysia. the competition is about taking really creative picture at the very best angle and at the best moment. hmmm, it wasnt as easy as i first thought it was. time is so precious that we cant even afford to take time to go to the loo. the race started of in jalan ampang at the MTC then to Putrajaya, PD, Bandaraya Melaka, then back to KL.
during the race, we took many pics…really good pic, i wish i could share all of them but before that, just lemme finish my manicure first, then i will upload it to my blog.
so, we manage to complete the race but we didn’t win anything. we did not have enuff time to choose those pics and my mom’s lap top crash while opening photoshop. it’s snailing… she should get a new one. anyway, it doesn’t matter whether we win or lose… i just take it as if i took the week end of for a short break from assignment. i did had fun eating buffet at the Reviera hotel(argh, so hard to pronounce) in Malacca. Food, accomodation, petrol and toll is all covered by the organizers… that means it’s FREE!!! hehe…
[congrats to my daddy for winning the art wear photoshoot and iris too]

my family and i booked tickets to Haadyai, Thailand this October, but now it seems like the plan is cancel. why? because some ppl got no brains and keep wanting to bomb other ppl’s country and see the innocent suffer. the thai bombing is pretty bad..there are three places in thailand that was attacked. sigh, i feel so sad for the ppl there. they dont earn much, and the only way they get business is through tourist, and now, i don’t think that tourist will go back there anytime soon. haadyai will be dead once again… i’m so sad. mum cant go for facial and i cant go to the spa there anymore…coz the building is no longer a building. it was destroyed. i can now say bye bye to the delicious thai food esp at Odeon. gosh… life is cruel.

so there goes my holiday.. i gotto plan something else then.

just now when i was goin thru those junks in my mail, i saw this really cool jeans, but sadly is only available in japan. i think it will take ages to get to malaysia. but even if it does, i think whoever who wears them will be fined. damn this country… not open enough. actually anything other than education and open-mindedness, it’s fine. ahhh….crap! screw that.

looks good huh?

i want one of those. =|