Happy Sunshine Date

this is what we did on our 3rd anniversary


the weather was great.


preparation in the morning of our big day

first stop : jas0n’s house


baby jasOn cooked his all famous scramble eggs for me

so yummy…


breakfast is served with love! (and a big cup of ribena, my fav!)


it was all fun and games.

baby jas0n hid so many clue cards, that in the end will lead me to a surprise. =)

that was fun!


freshen up before we head out for lunch.

love his room mirror btw. so big!


then we went to Fullhouse cafe

i swear it is the sweetest and cosiest cafe around!


this is the ground floor. super cute and cosy.


the first floor.

the interior is all white!


that’s my date


it’s a cafe cum boutique

most of their stuff are imported from korea..

super funky tees, but it cost a bomb


the food that i recommend are the soups, mushroom soup is the best!

ice lemon tea and lime juice.. *slurps*


urm, this is something that i probably will not order if i would to go back there.

it is not that yummy


oh oh, the ice cream is superb! soft and sandy chocolate chip cookie.

homemade =)


i’m drooling while blogging


i cleaned my ice-cream cup alright.


ouh didn’t realize there was a bird next to jas0n all this time when we were eating


shopping time!! i couldn’t wait to get my butt up after makan.

ran around like a crazy lady, looking at some blouses and bags.

look at the vain pot

hmm, it actually does look good on him


was hiding in the toilet


bag shopping


more stuff to look buy



after lunch we went shopping. then we got bored and decided to take those seriously lame but fun picture from those Japanese speaking sticker photobooth


aaaa…super fun i tell u. we went for it twice!!!!

so much fun posing and editing the pictures.

this is the first try, both looking decent and all. second one was horrifying!

i think i will just keep that to myself.


then, we had dinner at the cave.

The Cave basically stands for couple cafe. sweet name and cool concept.

i have not been there before. i heard they have a very nice and exotic environment. they spent 4million to build it.

let me be the judge of it.


this is where our table is. in the corner and the back of the cave.

if im not mistaken it is call the “couple cave” hehe, i feel like a dino *rawr*

we have the whole room to ourselves and lots of privacy.


the food and drinks there are really no big deal


camwhoring near the toilet


the boyfriend


on the way out


after a full long day of fun and food, we are now a pair of

satisfied couple!


a Friday off

on Thursday, I was out all day in Damansara Perdana at PixelPost. Was there for an offline edit and also to attend a pre-production meeting. I had a long long day, so i had to have the all famous Ikea meatball. jas0n waited for me after work and treated me to some delicious Swedish meatball with cranberry sauce! mmmm, yummy!





so juicy~~





for ur information, you can click the picture to enlarge it. how can u not want to click. u see la the meatballs are so yummy and the cranberry sauce is just irresistible!


And so this is what i did on Friday. I took a day off, and went back to Cyberjaya to pay my school fees. I sure miss that place very much!!!






Miss the long straight road to Cyber, the big white fluffy clouds on the big blue sky. I feel hor, Cyberjaya’s sky is always blue. ^^,


Then jas0n and I had the Palazo’s nasi lemak. it is really nice!





nah, nasi lemak hb2.


after that we head on to Cathay in Cineleisure to watch a movie. We went for The Elephant and the Sea. It is written and produced by one of our ex-MMU lecturer, Ming Jin.





this movie has fetch many international awards. it was pretty awesome, but i have to admit that there are parts of the movie that i didn’t like. but overall i will give it 7/10.





go watch it. it is only being screen at Cathay’s. support local indie film! =)


you can easily get the trailer on youtube and here are some reviews if u need to know more about this movie.







Bad Hair Day

today baby jas0n and i, coincidently, both had very bad hair day. o.O despite the bad hair day we had to attend a very boring class. the lecture was killing me inside out. made me look even worst.

so since we both had bad hair day, we decide to splurge on something nice (ahemmmm.. excuse). something nice to pamper ourselves so we don’t feel so guilty for us. *wink*

and so…. we went for Sushi ZanMai & Shojikiya at Sunway Piramid.


seriously this is my first time there. was recommended by Stef. she has been telling me bout that place since forever, so finally i have a reason to go. ^^, i was a lil skeptical at first about that place at first. look super nice n classy with no body. first thing that came to my mind was, it sure gonna cause me a bomb or the food sucks (or maybe its Monday >.<).

we went in anyway n start ordering like crazy. splurge ourselves on those nice, fresh and yummy sushis. the damage? only rm50. it is super cheap leh! honestly, if u asked me compare it to Sushi King, the food is much nicer and cheaper too. They give less rice but more meat, fresh cut meat. so generous you know. I enjoyed the unagi and tuna the most. *happy happy*


the kanikama is 100% made out of crab meat. i kid u not. they did not use the rm1.60 crab stick. it is FRESH, i repeat FRESH crab meat! so delicious~


i am so gonna go back there. baby says not anytime soon tho. *sobs* who wants to bring me there ar?

really a very nice place with good food n superb ambiance. love it so so much~! highlyly recommended, i give them 5 stars *stick stick star stickers* ! have to go try it urself and you’ll know how crazy i am over this place, try it and go spread the words!! =] I’m currently suffering a severe addiction to Japanese food!!!

in the end of the day, we


have bad hair day

are happie people with happie tummy and bad hair day~



my beautiful dates

13th June 2007 @ Milwaukee

Wendy said she is gonna come and pick me up at 7pm, but she came an hour late.
what a friend. i almost die of hunger. lucky i have a big big bar of Toblerone dark chocolate. if not i would probable die.

big leh?
*lick lick*

i went on a date with Wendy to Milwaukee for dinner. food there was great but urm, looks kinda wrong. i had Chicken Maryland. was suppose to get various fried chicken nuggets, or chicken fingers, i actually got a chicken chop with a banana fritter(pisang goreng) -.-“

thats wendy with her very big bowl of ice kacang


Picture below contains adult contents. If u r above 18, u may proceed. if ur underage, view it la, wad da heck!

will u just look at it? it looks like… u know what i’m trying to say here
and if u place it like the picture shown above u will have a hamsap looking thing.

chicken+pisang= what a combo

later on…



14th June 2007 @ Pizza Hut

took some pics in Pizza Hut in Alamanda, Putrajaya with baby.
we got a RM 5 rebate because on our pizza because it came after 15 minutes. syiokneesss… budget dating~ XD

baby trying to decide which pizza he wants

an angel in my hand


syiok sendiri while waiting..
see la, the waiter took so long to prepare our pizza till we got time to syiok sendiri.

our orders came late..
so got rm5 % =)

hot soup

the moment we reached home, i thank baby for bringing me out by biting him.
there was a loud scream after this pic was taken.

i love u~ teehee…


Eye on Malaysia


Baby jas0n and i went to the Tmn Titiwangsa to visit the big fat ferris wheel that most Malaysian have been talking bout. He was really being very nice to me. how many guys out there will teman his gf at night to practice her night photography leh? Anyway,we have no idea how to get there, but in the end, thanks to me(perasan!!!! ok la…and the map), we got there safely. Although its a weekday night, there were like many peaple! people! I

we paid rm 15 for the ride, per person that is and it lasted for a freaking 20 long minutes. damn worth it right?~ have to admit, i was scared. Had sweaty palms and almost past out.

when we were at the counter, we realize there’s a VIP gondola that cost rm 100. it has a mini plasma TV, great sofa, a refrigerator and some classy music i assume? wth do u need a TV for when ur on the Eye of Malaysia? u are suppose to look at the city view, not the bloody TV that shows only RTM1 and RTM2. sheesh~~~

baby jas0n and i shared a gondola with an indian family of 4. they were so friendly. they have 2 very curious children. i was freaking out when i am on the ride, but the kids seem excited. they were moving up and down… standing up and sitting down. @_@
really don’t understand them. how can they be happy when you are up in the air, very very high, above ground in a small lil cabin, and still be happy bout it.

i was totally keeping my cool. if it wasn’t the family, i will be screaming, panicking, curse and swear n might just jump of the cabin!
baby jas0n did pretty well, he didn’t seem to look scared or panicky, and he still has mood to take picture! i, on the other hand was a living dead. almost puke on the small girl’s face. luckily i didn’t, she was too cute!

dedications: In this post i would like to send my condolences to Loga’s family and fans. He was a member of Alleycats. My dad was sad after hearing this news. he rush all the way home from work just to watch the TV which has like a tribute to Loga. I can sing along to his songs as well. kinda weird for my age, but my daddy listens to Alleycats once in a while. I am sure its a shocking news to the nation but look on the brighter side, our Prime Minister, Pak Lah is getting married. I am happie for him! Congrats, Pak Lah. Invite me to your wedding and i will bake u some cupcakes!
P/S: couldn’t upload more pics. blogger keeps on failing on me! =\

V for Valentines

I’m feeling so groggy rite now. slept for the whole afternoon.

*munching cookies and drinking milk*
I am actually eating cookies and milk. Can u believe it and now my mouth taste like milk, MILK for haven sake. Eeewww~~~ I’ve got no choice, i am hungry.

I have a very very curious question…What is Valentines to u?
To me Valentines day is just a day filled with flowers and chocolate, new couples and heartbreak, joy and also tears. I know certain couples who actually celebrate Valentines just because other ppl are doing it. They get gift for their partners like teddies, chocolate, flowers, rings and get done with it.

I also know the other type of couple, who don’t go with the rest. not to say that they wont be celebrating this very special day, but just that they do not take things for granted, and celebrate each and everyday like Valentines day.

Thank God that my bf is a very understanding and sensitive guy. He does not take me for granted and never failed to give me surprises on normal ordinary day.

My valentines this year was fun, although i had gone through shit earlier of the day. Yesterday, on valentines, i had class from 9-6 pm. that is like one full day. then after that i had meeting with my Media Production crew. Meeting lasted till almost 9pm, and i still haven’t had dinner yet. that sucks rite? anyway after that my baby and i took a slow drive to the city coz we wanted to spend some quality time alone… we chatted and laugh in the car and it feels good. for whatever shit i have gone through for the day is so freaking worth it! we then went for steamboat at Mutiara Damansara. Later on, my baby and i drop by at Tina’s because she invited us over. and so we hang out and play so many games through out the night till the very next morning. and from Tina’s place baby jas0n and I went to class straight away…

yea…that explains why am i so groggy rite? >. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! and to those who are celebrating it alone, worry not, u’ll have the chance. to my friend fanshu, who is reading this, i hope u wont feel lonely( i just read ur blog =) ). cheer up!

note: thanx hunny for the pretty BUTTERFLY anklet!

a day in the park

today, *ahemm* i mean yesterday, i went to klcc park to reshoot my photography assignment. i have to say it was tough finding the right spot to get the right picture. was not easy at all. no no.

*shakes head*
actually i havent enjoy myself outdoors like how i did today for a very long time. i was a kid again today. it all started with this morning. dad sent jason dear and i to klcc and he gave us some tips on photography. then my dad headed to register his new photography company (congrats dad!).

then jason and i was like wondering around the park, looking for nice nice spot. and i realize w\one thing, klcc park/playground is so BIG! if only i was a kid, then i can play all the swings and slides.
i did anyway. i ask jason to post post nicely he make monkey faces and all. tsk tsk tsk.

after shooting, we were so tired and thirsty. so we head to klcc and makan pizza. the pizza was extraordinaryly good! service was good too! *two thumbs up*
we also did crossword puzzle in pizza hut. we were enjoying ourselves and laugh so loud till we forgot that we are in a public place. but, who cares? anyway we continue laughing and giggling till we didnt realize that everyone at the restaurant had left. we did so many things. gosh i just cant put all the memories i had into words.

i feel like today i have achive many things. partly i get to release the child in me (jason was like a big baby too), got to finish up my assignment, make some cash and study.

baby, if ur reading this, thanx for pushing me to study and helping me with my assignment. u gave me a lot of support and inspiration, u taught me how to have fun too. ur really a cool boyfriend that i could ever asked for. thanx hunny.