i’m on sale, ouh no, i’m FREE


trimester 2 of 2007/2008 has ended yesterday(Thursday, i wrote this halfway and kept it in draft >.<). it was my final submission and my presentation went well for me.

here’s what I’ve been working my ass off for. did corporate id for this whole trimester.

we got to create a Malaysian brand. so… yea, this is mine. nota.










gosh, glad it’s all over, for now.

despite not having enough of sleep, i still went out with baby jas0n immediately after presentation. this time we went to One Utama by public transport. ntg much, just want to have something else for a change. It kinda suck actually to take public transport in Malaysia, as the buses will only arrive on time according to the Malaysian time (always being late). it’s true, it is even on AllMalaysia Info.

” It can be said with some certainty that Malaysian time is plus but never minus

– i.e., expect things to generally start a little past their scheduled time, or people

to get to an appointment just a teensy bit late. ”



taken form: http://allmalaysia.info/msiaknow/malaysiana/malaysian_time.asp

and also check out http://thecicak.com/?p=29


anyway, we both went for a movie. couldn’t decide which movie, there were Alvin and the Chipmunk, Alien vs Predator, National Treasure, Heartbreak Kid but in the end, we went for ‘I Am Legend’. who will say no to Will Smith??

at first, i thought that movie was just like any of his usual movies, typical ones, but oh no… no… it was freaking interesting!!!! I was having cold feet n palms throughout the show. You guys who haven’t seen it, it is definitely recommended.

mC gives ‘I Am Legend” four and three-quarter 5 stars!

*stick stick star on Will Smith’s poster*

k lah, got to go now.

ciao & tora poopoo to you~

i am free?

    I DIDN’T DIE!!! o.O I survived this semester… yea, wit till results day comes *slaps forehead*

Today was my final paper, it was Video Post Production, and i kinda think i screwed up. ugh, what ever la! what has been done, has been done. can’t turn back time to correct it right. i mean how would i know what on earth is a SECAM? Super Elephant Caught on A Magnet???!!! It doesn’t make sense. ok ok, enough of exams. over d. >.<

I was kind of in a bad mood after i exit the exam hall, but then i thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to go back to my room and emo emo, so i decided to follow jas0n, weiming and ben to go LowYat Plaze to get ben’s Asus G1 lappie(for education purposes he said, bleh… it’s a gaming laptop for heaven’s sake). anyway ‘ikuted’ them there and was laughing about random things in the car. i laugh so hard till stomach ache n face cramp! @_@ it’s good to go out with a bunch of random guys. lighten up abit. if u know what i mean.

had 1901 hotdog for lunch, but it was like so eew. the last i remember it, it wasn’t like this. don’t think i will ever want another hotdog form 1901.


on the way home we were all caught up in a jam, a very horrible vegetable one. Kesian my baby… so tired and stressed up *rub rub shoulder*


then jas0n dear brought me to Milwaukee in Balakong for dinner. Wanted to sit at the romantic spot outside, but it was raining cats and dogs, so terpaksa sit inside. the interior wasn’t too bad. =)


aih, now am in my room. feels like in the war zone. so messy. gotto go clean my room d. can’t believe u actually read through this draggy post. hehe…sayang u!!!


it is freaking amazing that i am alive till today. i had a rough weekend, and so is my monday and tuesday…urm yea, and wednesday too. i was busy with my assignments, club registrations, meetings and lotsa meetings. i won’t wanna go on telling u what i’m actually busy doing, i’m afraid that it might bore u to death.

anyway this past week was crazy. and I’m running outta luck. seems like this bad luck thing is haunting me. it started off last week, on the way to class, i slip and fell in front of the bathroom. toilet i tell u, TOILET! then i lost my digital camera’s battery while i was charging it.
ok..ok… that was last week.

this week, things wasn’t any better. after my swim club meeting, while walking back to my room, i “dikejar” (being chased) by this big fat hostel cat. gosh, u know la.. i don’t quite like them.. >.< *sigh* anyway, the list of unfortunate event keeps happening to me. the best one was yesterday. went out for an Earthquake in Swensens with pei ling, faz, su yuen and baby. then baby and i decided to catch a movie in OneU, and my heels broke. i was so frustrated that i just took off my sandals and walk barefooted from shop to shop to get myself a new pair of shoes. well, am use to being-looked-at-in-public-because-i-have-no-shoes-on thing.. this wasn’t the first time.

argh, enough of ranting and raving here. gotto go do my work. need to get back on track. oh did i tell u why? my copywriting assignment was rejected!
btw, there’s this random video that i would like to share, coz i feel that guy in the video is so hot and damn charming. two thumbs up. must watch!!!
An Advertisement for Minyak Urut

i have got no idea what language is he speaking in. i think its either hokkien or teow chew. i don’t understand but i laugh like heck!

p/s: thanx carlyn and pei wen, my lovely roomates… i had a really bad week but u guys never fail to cheer me up! here’s the video that we’ve been laughing at. yeap dedicated to both of u. ENJOY!


Still Young At Heart

was chatting with Tina darling the other day on MSN. We were catching up on stuff and life and i have no idea how we ended up in a doodle competition. Tina suggest that we take turns to name a random object, and we both draw it. the best picture wins.

here are some funny stuff that we drew~~~

got cute cute panda ^^


yummy yummy spaghetti

cute cute tea set
tina drew hers like damn detail

our crib

this one is very interesting. i suggest to her the topic MZ mamak man that i dislike
he very rude, fierce and alwiz get my orders wrong!! !@#$#*

urm… this one ar, a little bit hard to explain
she ask me to draw naked lady.. -.-

oink oink

holiday island

our rooms

row row row~

Pretty lil butterflies…
our favourite!

High heels, women just love them
See the 1 i draw got bulu~~~ =P

Tina drew me and i drew her~ haha, good job Tina!

we must be crazee~

sometimes if u really enjoy a moment, the best way preserve it is to capture the moment

suppose to be a freaking gif filethis conversation happen at 4.40 am on 21st June 07, in HB3 C1009, after watching Survivor Finale (Fiji) with my room mate. we talked and laughed till we did not realize how fast the time fly by. anyway, this is what happen after that…

carlyn turns the lights off, preparing to go to bed

Carlyn : Good night, michelle.
mC : Good night. ^^,

then there was a long paused
after 5 minutes

Carlyn: *roll roll, tossing and turning*
mC: aiya, forgot to take picture with my roomie..(this is the random thing that we do since alpha) we take picture before u go to class ok?
Carlyn: *baru teringat* yea hor? take picture!
mC: yea, we take picture when we just wake up tmr, hair messy messy very nice!
Carlyn: huh?? *suddenly got light bulb lighted near her head* wanna take now?
mC: yes yes yesssss!!!!!
Carlyn: ^^v

both jumps outta the bed and turn on the lights and get our cameras ready. I need not explain what happens next.

this moment really reminds me of alpha times, where Shyyi was still around to sot sot with Carlyn and i. then iris and more alpha girls(scha, jaz, kahyee, yisin, kit…so many more) will join us at wee hours to take crazy pictures! gosh, where is everyone?