mr red shirt

i was being stalked by 3 middle eastern guy yesterday while i was walking to KLCC from wisma genting after work.

it was really scary, i don’t even want to mention it here.

anyway i met this Indian guy who happens to be a very nice soul. he helped me and brought me to safety. i know it sounds like damn dramatic here but really, if he wasn’t there at that moment, i am not sure if i can be here blogging.

all i know about him is that his name is Kumar, he works at Std Chartered (just across the street from where i work), he was wearing this red and white shirt with the word Honda at the back.

i can never thank him enough for what he did. =)

if u are that Kumar that i am talking about, andGod knows, probably u do blog hopping, and happen to read my blog, pls do drop me a msg saying hi ok? =)

thanx dude.

again and again

it’s the time of the month again. nope nope. not PMS or anything that is gonna do with it.

it’s about SSS, i called it the super-stress-syndrome. it  only attacke me when i have submissions and many many important errands to do in one day.

i’m trying to hang on, it’s just frustrating not being able to speed things up. esp, this current assignment, it’s a group one.

i have to settle many things with the MMU office, hoping to get those official forms and letters for daddy. then i have to freaking think about transportation to town this thursday. i have an interview with Greys. oh well, at least i got something done this week. i unbarred myself from the system.

remember i said that last last friday i went to Dentsu for an interview? yeap, it turned out well, and yes i got a job. I GOT A JOB AT DENTSU, but it seems like i have to turn down that offer. i am still in dilemma about taking that job. i have to think of how to get my ass there every single day. it’s in Damansara Heights. it will be great  if i can carpool with someone to work. argh, feel so angry that i don’t own a car. even if i do, i won’t be able to drive. daddy is over protective. i dare say i am the earliest among all my friends who got a drivers license. but hey, look at me now.

anyway, i hope things will work out well for me. and yea, if anyone who is reading have to travel to Damansara Heights, pls pls pls, do lemme know if i can tag along. *kesian face*

it’s 4.14pm, im late for my 4 o’clock class.

bad luck 100%

lady cluck luck went for a holiday with my goat, Christopher.

this week is awesomely bad luck.

if it was raining here now i would be worried, very worried that i might get struck.

i am barred from 2 subjects in my university. i have no luck with the internship thinggy. i have got replies, but they were pathetic. oh jelly beans… no.

besides no luck with internship and being barred or what so ever, i kinda almost fell in the toilet bowl while i was at it, had freaking 2X period, ran outta pads, gotten bad bad allergies after dinner, lost my allergy pills, i even freaking choked on my own saliva and and, the best part was, i have no idea since when i have used up the space in my C drive… i had to remove my Need For Speed Pro Street in order to install my other important programmes.

i blame my gloomy desktop wallpaper for all this bad luck n stuff. i am gonna change it now. yes i am.

argh.. i think i sound like i am high on drugs or something. noh i am not, and i am on drugs then my thai test like phuck and i am happy phat friend and steamboat with prawns with red paint in the Petronas gallery and my painting canvas broke and cost me rm69 with some chicken feather that belongs to a duck that is doing some 3D in Maya.


Procrastination running circles in my head

In my last new year’s resolution, not procrastinating is one of them i had in my list.

i clearly did not achieve that. oh dear…

nevervmind about that, at least i have achieve most of the things that i jot down in my list. yay for me.

i am currently struggling working hard (yes, very hard) on my final animation. i haven’t even study for my finals yet. omg~ i really don’t know how am i gonna cope.

my final exam is on the 2nd. then the following day i have my final submission and presentation for my major subject. i so need time to breath. i have predicted that tonight i might not have the time to go for any new year’s countdown or even to blog, so i will do it now.




i’m not even making sense. what an emo new year post.

ok la, 2007 is drawing to an end. don’t want to waste anymore time now.

HAPPY 2008 guys! ciao.


Meaning of FRIEND

“Remember that no one cares about you, they only care when you have something they want.” (money, fame, profession skills, ideas, etc) ” — enigmationX (

everything turns out very cold when i finally realized it. iris is phucking true!

what i have discover this week… is that friends are divided into 2 parts.


okok, let me elaborate about P-Friends first…
P-Friend |f?ktA:dfr?nd| (noun) offensive slang senses

— they are there most of the time. when ur happie or sad. sometimes they can go pretty crazy and wild with u. thay are infact, quite fun ppl to hang out with. but when majority voice out about things that they are not satisfied with u, they will not help to back u up, instead will go with the majority. in the end u will feel burnt, crashed and desiccated. and this, i would call, BETRAYAL. this type of friends can be found and can be made in a very short period of time. commoner. (no prob if ur looking for 1. i have many to introduce to u.)


TRUE FRIEND |tru?fr?nd| (noun) , (plural friends) rare

very straight forward. corrects u when u are wrong. might hurt u by doing so, but the intention is always right. may fight and argue quite often. will learn and relationship will grow stronger after every misunderstanding. never fail to be there for u. will listen although he/she fails to advice.lets you sleep on her bed. accompany u when u are scared. buys lip gloss for u (hehe!). rare. very rare.

-girl with only a few true friends-