Magic Mushrooms

… is as good as downing a whole pack of Skittles

One minute it makes you feel as light as a feather, and the next thing you know, you are sinking like a bar of gold.

Makes wonder where my goat had gone. Johnny must have gone on a long holiday with Peter and Alexander. Back packing through Europe perhaps?

Jason was planning for a launch in his little space shuttle while I watched the black & white TV. Laughing to a cooking show and cried when it’s time for bed. No signs of unicorn. Nope.

Bright lights, dimmed lights, and big polka dots. They somewhat disappeared when I start talking to Kimora and Pink.

My hands are really sore from all the clapping. 2 days of clapping. Don’t blame me, I can’t control them.

Was fun while it lasted.



I have been working hard through out winter. And I finally got off the whole working cycle. I’m going to resume where I left off in Perth. Adelaide here I come!!


Traveling to Adelaide by The Overland, Great Southern Rail. Woke up pretty early this morning. Look zombified, so no self portrait of me here :p

The train ride will take roughly 10 hours and 30 mins. It’s a long 828km from Melbourne to Adelaide. Fuh. My butt is gonna be square when I reach! Anyway I am so excited, I have been waiting for this day to come 6 months ago. Will blog soon. And baby, if you are reading this, I just want u to know I’m thinking of u :)

Colours to my winter: Alumbra

Haven’t been anywhere since I started working (this is bad). I seriously miss those days where me and Mei wake up in the morning somewhere in Perth, then put on something comfy, grab my camera, sunnies and the map and start walking around and exploring. Also I miss moving around from one point to another. Been too comfy in Melbourne. I just can’t wait till September ends, then my adventure will resume.

It’s hard to explain the state I am in right now. Won’t say it’s the best and most happening period, but I guess this is just a point of transition. Anyway I met a few friends here in Melbourne, won’t say that we know each other very well, besides that we are all from Malaysia, we all have one thing in common, we love to travel.

We met each other not even for 24 hours, we decided to go clubbing at Alumbra and then make a road trip to Brighton Beach and to Peninsular Hot Springs. Awesome. This is what I am talking about.. Adventure.

First up : Party pictures taken in Alumbra, Docklands on Forever Fridays!

love this place to bits

L-R : Lin, Michz, Ness, me & Mei :))

Tequila Shots

mr bartender mr dee jay

waiting for our drinks

need a new liver when I get back to Malaysia

long island tea! :3

friends from Malaysia, Singapore and Indo :)

Docklands at night



The average temperature at night is about 4-6 degrees, and it’s not even winter. Sometimes it is so cold it hurts.

This is the time where I get homesick the most. Not only missing everyone at home but the weather too.

I hate grey gloomy skies.

Anyway, it’s the 3rd month of autumn, going into winter soon. I have noticed most of the trees slowly shading its leaves, and some tree leaves starts to turn red.

It’s just beautiful.

KL to Perth; and hello Melbourne!

It’s time to update my blog.

I am now blogging from Tullamarine, Melbourne. It’s been 3 weeks since I left KL. I am in Australia on a work and holiday visa. This past three weeks hasn’t been pleasant. Been wanting to blog as soon as I got here, but I was so caught up in planning my next move. I dare say I am a bit stable now.

I left KL for Perth on 1st of March 2011. I spent exactly 2 weeks in Perth at Modillion Ave South, Riverton. It’s 30 minutes to the Perth CBD and only 5 minutes drive to Faiz’s place. Been around a lot, and manage to see almost all of Perth, except the northern region. * shrugs * Will go back there when I have more moolah.. :D

I left Perth for Melbourne to get a job. Chances of getting a job here in Melbourne are much greater.

I don’t know which is better comparing Perth and Melbourne. Never really like Perth’s lifestyle as it was too quiet, and sometimes I find it… a bit…dead. But I totally love the weather, the beaches and the people in Perth. It’s a perfect place for retirement, not for me though. As  for Melbourne, people here are rude, sky as grey as if dooms day is coming, and the weather has been screwing me up. It’s cold and then hot and then rainy. You literally have 4 seasons in a day.

I am definitely more of a beach bunny. Don’t mind the sun and the tan!

I hate to say this but I miss Perth.

North Quay, WA


Australia: Week 1

temperature here has dropped again. during the day on average it was 21 degrees Celsius, now it’s 16.. and night is at 4 Celsius. Que, YunYi and Hanim are in Canberra, i heard the weather there is even colder.

anyways, finally i have resized some pictures so it’s blog ready. =)

these are just the pictures of my first week stay in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Nerang.

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i’m on a high

i spent all my money.

i have a blardi long list of things to buy and do.

one of it is a bigger memory card for my psp. i came to realize 4G is not enough.

how how u tell me how?!not to forget this is already October. so many of my darlings’ birthday. Have to get something and send over to UK for Michele, a sweet something for Pei Ling(she got licence adi!) and ahemm, buy an “ah moi” for jas0n. >.<”

thank goodness for nuffnang. still got money coming in for me.

anyway, i am having a long break now. done with internship and presentations. honestly i am missing my hectic working life. it has been really shitty but yet i am missing those days. i definitely miss those ppl there. ouh well, i am loving my holiday!

i did so much this holiday. i went taking pictures at Putrajaya all day, went shopping at IKEA, completed and submitted an entry for SKA, volunteered to help out in a NGO event, went Genting theme park, then went Genting again the following week for a drink and come back. finished 2 seasons of Dexter, now on the 3rd one, watched Heroes 3rd season also, and i got to spend a lot of time with my besties… i am a super happie person right now.

it was 12 celcius

we went to Genting for a drink

iced latte

i don’t know why on earth i did that.

camwhore a bit

and came back. =D

that was fun.

and… and.. i am planing for a backpacking trip. don’t know where yet. maybe 2 trips. feel like goin to KaoShan in Thailand. lotsa cheap boost! haha. ouh well. will see how it goes.

will upload Putrajaya pics after this. me goin out for a movie with Steph. ciao.