PD – Malacca Road Trip

I seriously owe this post to my dearest friends. It’s been a month now, but worry not, it’s finally up.

i couldn’t decide which pictures to put up on my blog because we took so many photos! I mean it when i say MANY!


wish tina was here with us though.

part1 — Getting There: PD here we come!

me and my besties planned for a trip last year. around Christmas time. we all haven’t really go on a trip together. we have never been travelling together before. so here’s our first.

we went somewhere near for a start. so yea, PD and Malacca is our best bet. surprisingly this time Pei Ling came with us. she seldom join us during meet ups and gatherings. I sure wish Tina went too. She had some stuff going on last minute so couldn’t make it.

Anyway, this is gonna be a super duper extremely 100% freaking long entry. might need to wait a while for the pictures to load.


this is me and Stef in Naresh’s car. look at us, hair still quite neat.

ok. we went in 2 different cars. one in the morning and one in the evening. Wendy had work so Faiz, CY, Ling and Michele(mm) had to wait for her. Stef, Vimal, Naresh and I went to PD early in the morning to check out the place and check into the apartment. so in the next few minutes, u are gonna see lots of us. hehe.

02.JPGthen…. look at our hair. Naresh’s car has NO aircond! see la. like crazy ppl only.


before we hit the road, we went to Tesco Kajang to get frozen foods and some snacks because Mr Naresh here curi his mom’s deep fryer. ><

(still can’t believe we brought our own fryer)


jakun a bit n take picture together while shopping for grocery


after shopping. my tummy was making noise. well, haven’t had anything what, so i made noise too. made every1 follow me to the mamak at Sg Chua to makan.


they were bored waiting for me to eat my roti.

Naresh and Steph’s smile can qualify for Darlie’s ad la.


no. not showing my teeth.



ok. after makan, we are back on the road. can’t wait. i just can’t wait.



road to the highway.

part 2 — here we are~

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finally @ the beach!

we both havent been on a vacation for quite sometime, well, to be exact, the last time we both went out for a holiday was almost one year ago, to Malacca. this time after submission we took a slow drive down to PD. of course we went to Tanjung Tuan. the beach is cleaner there. i know wat ur thinking… “PD? dirty and oily polluted sea water?” haha…
if i go to PD there’s only 2 spots i’ll go, it’s either tanjung tuan or the spot near Ilham resort. it’s private and they take good care of that place.

anyway we took billions and gazillons of pics… yeah, i know, we’re vain. =.=”

i’m the living dead


im in singapore rite now. reach here yesterday around 5 pm.

the weather here is so hazey and me no like the food here. eat till nose bleed(due to haze la, not the food). luckily i brought along my nose spray.

was here to actually accompany my grandma. she is not feeling very well, but as soon as we reached here she insist that we’d go shopping.
im currently staying in my uncle’s house in bishan street. quite convinient. got shops, market and pubic public transport too.

today i went to chinatown. no biggie…cant buy clothes o accessories. kl got more baju. and i still prefer nick nacks frm kl.

the whole day only spent only $39 on junx. oh oh…..but i got a very good deal for the bag that i bought for my grandma in KL. its a dinner bag. very shinny and cute. hopefully she’ll like it. cant get things for dad and godFather. not the right place. in chinatown most of the things are for auntie 1, unlike chinatown in KL, happening place. good for children from 8 to old ladies at the age of 80. syiok. no place is better than home.

i got homesick when i reach here. im so useless. hmmm, but its ok…i got mochachino here to teman me. aiya….when i go back home to malaysia, i must give a tribute to mochachino and his family. he’s been there for me alot. i sure miss my family… sobs.

thats my first day in singapore. ntg much. will blog again tmr. muaxx!

-the reflection of Judy, mC-