Draw a House – Personality test

Based on the drawing and the 10 answers they gave this is a summary of their personality:
Your house tells the world that you ought to be a leader. You are a freedom lover and a strong person. You love your house and family. You are a gifted artist as well. Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. Your life is always full of changes. Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. Your life is always full of changes.

When it comes to love, you shut yourself off. It’s difficult to win your heart because you have decided to keep your feelings deep inside. You see the world as it is, not as you believe it should be.

You added a flower into your drawing. The flower signifies that you long for love. It also safe to say that others don’t see you as a flirt. You don’t think much about yourself.

michelle says: “i think this is only 70% accurate. till this very day i still cant find an accurate personality test. everything is quite true bout me, except for the part which says that i shut myself off. i am a very expressive person and will express my feelings and emotions in the best way i can. and i love doing it. =)
another one would be me, being a leader. i can be a leader but its not always smooth sailing for me. im often taken advantage of.”

where are the rest of the wira and wirawati?! –big big blast!–

5 hours away to my flight to thailand, and here i am blogging and photoshoping…

nothing much tho, just wana update me blog a lil. yesterday i went mid valley for gathering with my NS buddies. Some of them did not turn up but most of them did. meet some new friends like Kenneth(suzhen’s bf) and Nabilah(shaleen’s crazeeeeeeeeeee gurlfriend). surprisingly there were so many ppl. i was only expecting shaleen and sharon., but then, nadia, fadli, ju, suzhen, kenneth, nabilah and traver were there! it was such a blast last night. we hang out in mid v till the place close down. we cam whore all the way…even the guys joined us.

wheee~~ was really great! haven’t had so much fun in a very long time. we chat and cam whore, and chatted again, and syiok sendiri again! took so much picture and block the traffic in mid v. bet those ppl there yesterday were cursing bout us!

so many things happen in that few hours. it feels like forever…
shaleen, nabilah and i were outta our mind, we actually went on the main stage in the center court and got ourselves kick out from that stage by a security guard. haha! tak malu punya pea-ple! =)

ex wira and wirawati from Kem Temasya Rimba kump2/siri2

gosh, really miss them now.

signing off,
-wirawati mC-

PC fair by PIKOM (1st Dec 06)

went PC fair with baby jas0n last friday after class. u know something funny happen on that day…
allow me to share…

During Malaysian Study class, my baby jas0n was telling me that he wasn’t feeling well, and he started sniffing and sniffing, then telling me that he is gonna get flu and he felt a slight fever. i was worried and dunno what to do, so he said he had to go to the toilet and i said ok, since i cant do anything t help him feel better. he went to toi toi for so long… (i wonder what he do in there?)… After our Malaysian Study class, he was kinda like excited. i took a good look at him and he was smilling away. he held my hand and said, “come let’s go”…i was like? lets go where?
oh, rupa-rupanya got PC FAIR today!!! aiyaa…i totally forgot. he was like so excited jumpy jumpy and all up for it. i was like =.=” … GUYS….

tsk tsk tsk…so we went PC fair. we left Cheras around 4 and reach there about 5 stg like that. was phreaking jam. cars everywhere and was raining too. got stuck for sometime. Even the KLCC parking was full. can u believe it? gosh, i felt so restless in the car… so near yet so far. In the end, baby jas0n and i took monorail then LRT to KLCC.

this PC Fair was less happening compared to the last. i thin because its a friday…
we went thru hall 1 till hall 5, and so happen at that time they were having this competition. we have to wear a reindeer hairband and get spotted and we will get a chance to win an iPod and some stupid gift. i have to say that baby jas0n is super sporting boyfriend. he is crazy enough to wear the reindeer band with me. i’ve seen couples who 1 of them refuse to put that thing on. it takes a lot of guts to wear that. i feel like we are one happening couple!!! of course, knowing that we both are so vain, we took pictures!!! =)

look at my balloon!!! nice o not?

was walking around till my back breaks. both of us tak sampai hati wana go till my dad start calling. we were lepaking till 9 pm and both of us still havent take our dinner. *respect*
both of us got quite a good deal from the PC fair. we got a couple pendrive, hehe. we got ouselves the new PenDrive nano, and i got the appple scented tutti frutty Penskin.

dear dear also got himself a super duper big and heavy speakers by Edifier. damn syiok la. altho i didnt get to buy my webcam and harddisk i still feel very puas d. i learn alot from baby jas0n. he tought me lotsa stuff. he is cool.

really had fun at the fair, esp with my baby.

clear blue sky

im lucky,
i am alive here till this very day to b able to pop my head out the window,
and feel the cool morning breeze.

finally its over,
no more grey dull sky, no more haze.

today the clouds are prettier than yesterday.
tho its less fluffier but its very soft.
could almost fall into a deep slumber while looking at it.

Clouds are fluffy and soft,
Like a pillow,
Also squishy and smooth,
Like a marhmallow.

Clouds can also form, very big and prestigious painting in the sky.

i guess i’m gonna stare at the sky all day.

purple headed freak

he invited me over for dinner.
i agreed in less then a split second. making it sound like im so cool.
as if i was totally ok.

deep, deep down, im nervous.
wonder what to talk about.
im worried…. i cant even hold my fork and spoon properly.
im scared…. that i might say things that will make me look stoopid.

i got butterflies in my tummy. my head is spinning.
got no clue what to wear or how to impress.

its a big thing for me as i really love him. hopefully i wont screw up. and i really wish they will accept me.

i suddenly forgot who i really am


Di Pintu Syurga

Sekukuh mana ikrar kasih kita
Setebal mana masih ada sempadannya
Akan tiba nanti… harus ditempuhi
Ada daya kita melawan masa
Takdirnya… takdirnya dunia hanya sementara
Walau begitu cinta suci untuk selamanya
Ini realiti… hilang tak terganti
Namun ku tahu aku akhirnya kembali bersatu

Andai daku pergi sebelummu
Kenangkanlah ku selalu didalam doamu
Kaulah cinta pertama dan terakhir untukku
Ku berjanji kan menantimu
Setia menunggu di pintu syurga

Di sana… di sana menati gemilang cinta
Jadi lenyapkanlah titisan airmata
Tabahkanlah hati… mengharungi hari
Abadikanlah saat indah… kita kan tetap bersama

will be waiting


im back!

fuh, what a long journey it has been.
right now i’m kinda missing my grandma, although when i was with her she restrict me to do almost anything. i was really living like a princess over there. she wont even let me bring my cup to the sink in the kitchen. gosh…

i miss her story telling time before bed. i miss all the funny stories she shared with me bout my mom. actually i realized this is no ordinary trip to singapore, she wants to keep me “updated”. thats what.

oh well, i finally get to spent time with her and she is happy now.

yesterday was my baby’s birthday and also our 9th month anni. i think i have dissapointed him coz i did not celebrate with him. but i sure made it up to him today. miss him like crazy.

you know, i had the weirdest dream ever. i dreamt of many friends, whether new found friends or really old time buddy. really really missed them.
i planned to call up a small gathering this wednesday for my buddies. i hope they can all make it. i’ve talk to wendy and she said she’ll be there, but i’m not sure bout the rest. im afraid that ling and mm has classes and vimal has exams. steph should be ok, i hope!

i realized that my mom is taking up photography and my god mother is staying up late to watch soccer and golf on espn. they learn these stuff that they are not exposed to, patiently so that they will have more in comment and more to talk to in a conversation, with their hubby. – respect –

…and i’m playing dotA @_@


there is something that i wana share here on my blog.

you know, there is a myth (the Chinese) saying that when u fall asleep, ur soul will come out from ur body and wonder around. i dont know to what extend this is true but i’m beginning to believe it.

i just woke up from a very horrible nightmare. and so i called the person that i dreamt about, he too had a nightmare about me. this is not happening for the first time. its realli freaky.

there are also myths like when a person is sleeping no one should paint the face of the person who is asleep, if not when the soul comes back to the body it does not recognize its “owner”. and therefore, the soul cannot go back into the body which will make the person sleeping harder to wake up or not wake up!!! <>

the other one is, not to take picture of the person who is sleeping. why u asked? because the soul of the person might get capture into the camera if there is flash or it might be scared away.

i really dont know how far this myths are true, but i certainly believe that when we sleep our soul will meet the person that we dream of. sometimes the person that u dream of might not be dreaming, but there is also a possibility that the person woke up forgetting what he/she had just dreamt of. it happens.

something bout adrian and kong kong

im hanging! feel screwed up. i think i slept too long. feeling all crapped up. right now im blogging thru stef’s laptop in our cozy lil living room in the townhouse. i’m sitting behind steph and jazlyn…all i can hear is kong kong’s theme song playing and what not all the F words. gosh.
adrian really can influence ppl. so “terror” … if only adrian was a pope or a priest, he can make peace and share love among one another. he can really make a very big impact, sadly he is not.

now jaz is talking bout some guy with 2 inch dick. la la la…
kong kong really is addictive. i was once addicted but i think i still can control myself.
my will power is getting stronger and stronger each day… not bad. pat pat for me.

i feel like a very easily influenced person. i kenot do my work in cyber, why? because i’m easily distracted. i wonder how the other d23ab-ians can finish their work in time? i actually took 1 week of just to finish up my finals. oh well, i dowana blog d. got spliting headache.