Halloween @ MOS Euphoria

What I did on Halloween.

A day or two before halloween, I saw this poster by MOS. Been dying to go.

I was actually bugging baby to bring me, then he couldn’t decide to bring me or not, then i also asked all my besties to go with me, in the end no confirmation, so eventually I plan was off. I did not go.

Then just before midnight, I was in my comfy pajamas, surfing the web on my lappie, while getting so comfysnuggy on my bed, suddenly baby called. He was like “Wanna go Euphoria with my cousins?”

I was like “HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Who will actually say no to Euphoria huh, you tell me. Been all around town, and yet I still find this place the best. Havent been to all the clubs yet *fingers crossed* but I really love Euphoria – Ministry of Sound. One of the main reason was that it’s a non-smoking club.

Why would I pay to get myself smell like cigarettes and satay? nonsense.

So anyway, Jas0n’s bro and cousin came by from SG, so we decided to show them the nightlife in M’sia.


Anyway , last last and a half Saturday was Halloween. Gosh, this post has been in my draft for about two weeks plus already. Here’s some awesome socks rocking pictures i took that night!

(batt died halfway through)

pics credited to Heidi and Phelicia.

euphoria 1

best place club in town

euphoria 2

Sunway Hotel


was such a last minute plan


what in the world is that guy doing?


phelicia, mr skeletal, liv, mC


cute lil cupid


no halloween is spookey without a pumpkin!


jas0n’s cousin, Phelicia his bro, Sean (both from Singapore) and half drunk jas0n


oh oh, I met Mr Iron Man.


If you realize he is actually wearing a spec under that mask.

tee hee…


our bartender / ninja


jas0n + eng park

heidi and michelle

then then then… I met Heidi there! What a coincident. The place was so dark, like that also she saw me and jason. >.< urm don’t ask me why Heidi look so fair and why I look so red

club lighting not good kot..


jason + michelle + heidi *meow*

see la, so last minute and rush, till i forget to bring my reindeer costume




cute ^^,


hogging on to the bottle


that night 6 of us open bottle, but more than half of that chivas was finished by jason and I

that explains the redness in the photo


Ironman meets Batman


Ironman’s heng tai


just dance

michelle and pontianak

ouh ouh! my fav!!

PONTI the Pontianak =)

this is so funny, that place was a lil dark, so happen that Phelicia and I wanted to go down stairs and this pontianak wants to go up the stairs, she suddenly stop to give way to us. Phelicia being blur and all, suddenly she scream! she thought this pontianak was real. =D haha~


mC + Phelicia


: D


*dance dance*


:) :D =]


group photo!


jason about to KO in the mamak

can you believe, jason was too drunk to drive, in the end I drove him back to puchong! Manual car sumore!!! *claps*



PD – Malacca Road Trip

I seriously owe this post to my dearest friends. It’s been a month now, but worry not, it’s finally up.

i couldn’t decide which pictures to put up on my blog because we took so many photos! I mean it when i say MANY!


wish tina was here with us though.

part1 — Getting There: PD here we come!

me and my besties planned for a trip last year. around Christmas time. we all haven’t really go on a trip together. we have never been travelling together before. so here’s our first.

we went somewhere near for a start. so yea, PD and Malacca is our best bet. surprisingly this time Pei Ling came with us. she seldom join us during meet ups and gatherings. I sure wish Tina went too. She had some stuff going on last minute so couldn’t make it.

Anyway, this is gonna be a super duper extremely 100% freaking long entry. might need to wait a while for the pictures to load.


this is me and Stef in Naresh’s car. look at us, hair still quite neat.

ok. we went in 2 different cars. one in the morning and one in the evening. Wendy had work so Faiz, CY, Ling and Michele(mm) had to wait for her. Stef, Vimal, Naresh and I went to PD early in the morning to check out the place and check into the apartment. so in the next few minutes, u are gonna see lots of us. hehe.

02.JPGthen…. look at our hair. Naresh’s car has NO aircond! see la. like crazy ppl only.


before we hit the road, we went to Tesco Kajang to get frozen foods and some snacks because Mr Naresh here curi his mom’s deep fryer. ><

(still can’t believe we brought our own fryer)


jakun a bit n take picture together while shopping for grocery


after shopping. my tummy was making noise. well, haven’t had anything what, so i made noise too. made every1 follow me to the mamak at Sg Chua to makan.


they were bored waiting for me to eat my roti.

Naresh and Steph’s smile can qualify for Darlie’s ad la.


no. not showing my teeth.



ok. after makan, we are back on the road. can’t wait. i just can’t wait.



road to the highway.

part 2 — here we are~

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Eye on Malaysia


Baby jas0n and i went to the Tmn Titiwangsa to visit the big fat ferris wheel that most Malaysian have been talking bout. He was really being very nice to me. how many guys out there will teman his gf at night to practice her night photography leh? Anyway,we have no idea how to get there, but in the end, thanks to me(perasan!!!! ok la…and the map), we got there safely. Although its a weekday night, there were like many peaple! people! I

we paid rm 15 for the ride, per person that is and it lasted for a freaking 20 long minutes. damn worth it right?~ have to admit, i was scared. Had sweaty palms and almost past out.

when we were at the counter, we realize there’s a VIP gondola that cost rm 100. it has a mini plasma TV, great sofa, a refrigerator and some classy music i assume? wth do u need a TV for when ur on the Eye of Malaysia? u are suppose to look at the city view, not the bloody TV that shows only RTM1 and RTM2. sheesh~~~

baby jas0n and i shared a gondola with an indian family of 4. they were so friendly. they have 2 very curious children. i was freaking out when i am on the ride, but the kids seem excited. they were moving up and down… standing up and sitting down. @_@
really don’t understand them. how can they be happy when you are up in the air, very very high, above ground in a small lil cabin, and still be happy bout it.

i was totally keeping my cool. if it wasn’t the family, i will be screaming, panicking, curse and swear n might just jump of the cabin!
baby jas0n did pretty well, he didn’t seem to look scared or panicky, and he still has mood to take picture! i, on the other hand was a living dead. almost puke on the small girl’s face. luckily i didn’t, she was too cute!

dedications: In this post i would like to send my condolences to Loga’s family and fans. He was a member of Alleycats. My dad was sad after hearing this news. he rush all the way home from work just to watch the TV which has like a tribute to Loga. I can sing along to his songs as well. kinda weird for my age, but my daddy listens to Alleycats once in a while. I am sure its a shocking news to the nation but look on the brighter side, our Prime Minister, Pak Lah is getting married. I am happie for him! Congrats, Pak Lah. Invite me to your wedding and i will bake u some cupcakes!
P/S: couldn’t upload more pics. blogger keeps on failing on me! =\


i woke up patriotic today. yea, for no reason…just feel like it.

i started my day early. listened to the morning crew, JJ and Rudy on hitz.fm. they were really doing a very good job at promoting our country. they made it so fun n interesting. wanna know what i am talking bout? tune in to hitz.fm(92.9) from mon to fri, 9-10 am.. yesh, free publicity on my blog, esp for the dynamic duo, simply because they are good…damn good!

Malaysia is turning 50 this year, and i promise i will celebrate and make it big. not only that i will be promoting to my Malaysian and foreign friends to visit my country. sometimes there are small lil things that i am not happy about my own country, but no matter what, i will still love my country. yea, i do.

I know a lot of my Malaysian friends who always go traveling overseas. but they haven’t even visited their own country yet. for an example, me… i love to go Thailand and wish to one day own a holiday home over there.. and i visit Thailand very frequent, but i, myself haven’t been to Sabah and Sarawak. how sad.

I’m gonna take this holiday to go around and take picture of this beautiful land. and will post it up here… first destination will definitely be the place that they put up the ferris wheel for the Eye of Malaysia, Visit Malaysia year 2007. see la… i also dunno where is that place. im gonna find out and make an effort to go there. at the same time gonna practice my photography skills.


right now i am home alone, and while i was lying on my big comfy bed, i was just thinking a lot of the things that happened in the past. i missed all the people that i met in my NS camp. really. some i couldn’t even catch their name, and time past so darn fast. it makes me sad thinking bout it. it makes me cry. there are certain people that i would like to thanks, friends and trainers from the camp. i really have to thank them because they really guided me through the toughest times… 2 years have past now. i really really missed them. am crying while blogging actually. i wanna put all my feelings and emotion into words so i will remember this moment forever.

true friends…

i would like to dedicate this post to shaleen, angeline, nadiah, syafiq, yo, my character building class teacher and classmates, physical trainer, also not forgetting mr moorthy, mr sam, mr hafizz, cikgu pet, the camp sarjan and commandant, the KJ, the head of diceplinary teacher and the whole of Kem Temasya Rimba Templer trainer and trainees.

u guys really guide me through every morning, day after day till the three months is up. back then i wished time past quick but now i really want to stay with all of u again. for another 3years if possible. thank u again for keeping me safe from harm, the supernatural and when i was at my weakest point.

p/s: baby jas0n, i know you will not like the fact that i mentioned something that has happened in the past. pls dont misunderstand. i have no intention at all. just wanna say thanks only. =)

i am still alive,

Photofest 2006

there is so many things i wana blog… i should just jumble up all in the 1 post. it’s gonna be long…very long.

where to start? *rubs chin*
oh oh okay… i know… i wana blog bout my weekend. i spent my last weekend with my family in malacca( justin wasnt there tho =/ ) . dad, mum, jason and i participated in the photorace 06 organized by tourism malaysia. the competition is about taking really creative picture at the very best angle and at the best moment. hmmm, it wasnt as easy as i first thought it was. time is so precious that we cant even afford to take time to go to the loo. the race started of in jalan ampang at the MTC then to Putrajaya, PD, Bandaraya Melaka, then back to KL.
during the race, we took many pics…really good pic, i wish i could share all of them but before that, just lemme finish my manicure first, then i will upload it to my blog.
so, we manage to complete the race but we didn’t win anything. we did not have enuff time to choose those pics and my mom’s lap top crash while opening photoshop. it’s snailing… she should get a new one. anyway, it doesn’t matter whether we win or lose… i just take it as if i took the week end of for a short break from assignment. i did had fun eating buffet at the Reviera hotel(argh, so hard to pronounce) in Malacca. Food, accomodation, petrol and toll is all covered by the organizers… that means it’s FREE!!! hehe…
[congrats to my daddy for winning the art wear photoshoot and iris too]

my family and i booked tickets to Haadyai, Thailand this October, but now it seems like the plan is cancel. why? because some ppl got no brains and keep wanting to bomb other ppl’s country and see the innocent suffer. the thai bombing is pretty bad..there are three places in thailand that was attacked. sigh, i feel so sad for the ppl there. they dont earn much, and the only way they get business is through tourist, and now, i don’t think that tourist will go back there anytime soon. haadyai will be dead once again… i’m so sad. mum cant go for facial and i cant go to the spa there anymore…coz the building is no longer a building. it was destroyed. i can now say bye bye to the delicious thai food esp at Odeon. gosh… life is cruel.

so there goes my holiday.. i gotto plan something else then.

just now when i was goin thru those junks in my mail, i saw this really cool jeans, but sadly is only available in japan. i think it will take ages to get to malaysia. but even if it does, i think whoever who wears them will be fined. damn this country… not open enough. actually anything other than education and open-mindedness, it’s fine. ahhh….crap! screw that.

looks good huh?

i want one of those. =|