Eric!!! don’t think I don’t now what you did today!


wah lau can you believe this.



I walked away from my computer and someone changed the icons and names on my desktop


look carefully.




damn cha dou >.<” was wondering who so free?




(click to enlarge)


anyway, thanks for cheering me up! and oh, before i forget, CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion today!

I hope you are happy and please do continue to kick asses around Grey. =)


this morning while i was going through my yahoo messenger, i saw a link on stef’s status msg. was so bored so i tried it out. i think u should too coz it’s cool!


look like me meh?
was looking at it for quite sometime, and other Simpsons character, i realized they look like Chinese! >.<

check this out! my baby photoshoped this..


me: daddy, can i have some vodka pls? *innocent eyes*
daddy: have u been a good girl?
me: yes. *smile sweet sweet*
daddy: okay, here u go.


it is freaking amazing that i am alive till today. i had a rough weekend, and so is my monday and tuesday…urm yea, and wednesday too. i was busy with my assignments, club registrations, meetings and lotsa meetings. i won’t wanna go on telling u what i’m actually busy doing, i’m afraid that it might bore u to death.

anyway this past week was crazy. and I’m running outta luck. seems like this bad luck thing is haunting me. it started off last week, on the way to class, i slip and fell in front of the bathroom. toilet i tell u, TOILET! then i lost my digital camera’s battery while i was charging it.
ok..ok… that was last week.

this week, things wasn’t any better. after my swim club meeting, while walking back to my room, i “dikejar” (being chased) by this big fat hostel cat. gosh, u know la.. i don’t quite like them.. >.< *sigh* anyway, the list of unfortunate event keeps happening to me. the best one was yesterday. went out for an Earthquake in Swensens with pei ling, faz, su yuen and baby. then baby and i decided to catch a movie in OneU, and my heels broke. i was so frustrated that i just took off my sandals and walk barefooted from shop to shop to get myself a new pair of shoes. well, am use to being-looked-at-in-public-because-i-have-no-shoes-on thing.. this wasn’t the first time.

argh, enough of ranting and raving here. gotto go do my work. need to get back on track. oh did i tell u why? my copywriting assignment was rejected!
btw, there’s this random video that i would like to share, coz i feel that guy in the video is so hot and damn charming. two thumbs up. must watch!!!
An Advertisement for Minyak Urut

i have got no idea what language is he speaking in. i think its either hokkien or teow chew. i don’t understand but i laugh like heck!

p/s: thanx carlyn and pei wen, my lovely roomates… i had a really bad week but u guys never fail to cheer me up! here’s the video that we’ve been laughing at. yeap dedicated to both of u. ENJOY!


am i a MAN? or a freak?

i just came back from dinner with Stef. We went to the clubhouse behind the townhouse that we are staying. I had a carbonara, and i think that it the best place you can find good western food in Cyberjaya.

anyway, back to the title of this post. i don’t think so im a normal teenage gurl anymore. i mean besides turning 20 this month. i was chatting with Stef via skype and i realize that i no longer know how to shop!

[9:09:16 PM] stephie says: lets go shopping!!!

[9:11:27 PM] Michelle says: i wana buy heels but now vincci got no nice shoes
[9:15:34 PM] Michelle says: i went to mid v last week, then i go klcc, then sg wang,
then one u…. in 1 day… oh n low yat too but i didn’t buy anything!!!!!!
[9:15:45 PM] Michelle says: can u fcking believe it?

[9:15:51 PM] stephie says: huh?

[9:15:53 PM] Michelle says: i no longer remember how to shop

[9:15:54 PM] stephie says: serious?

[9:16:00 PM] Michelle says: freaking serious
[9:16:20 PM] Michelle says: i couldnt get anything i like

[9:16:25 PM] stephie says: so now i slowly train back
[9:16:28 PM] stephie says: warming up

[9:16:30 PM] Michelle says: train?!!!
[9:16:35 PM] Michelle says: wtf
[9:16:36 PM] Michelle says: hahaha

[9:16:40 PM] stephie says: so i beli 3 bras dulu, next stop is new shoes!!
den is a bag, den 2 pairs of jeans, den later clothes.
[9:16:41 PM] stephie says: wakakakaka

[9:17:23 PM] Michelle says: u gotto teach me la
[9:17:31 PM] Michelle says: *kneels down to sifu*
[9:19:45 PM] Michelle says: rite now im saving alot so in the end of this year im gonna get new camera, M2card, new phone, new i MAC, and a PSP!
[9:19:58 PM] Michelle says: im into gadgets, i dunno why?
[9:20:05 PM] Michelle says: i forgot how to dress up n shop.
[9:24:44 PM] Michelle says: dun tel me im changing into a MAN!

[9:24:49 PM] stephie says: feel like din make good use of the $
[9:25:00 PM] stephie says: guys oso like to shop wat

[9:25:07 PM] Michelle says: sei la
[9:25:10 PM] Michelle says: im aGUA!

[9:25:17 PM] stephie says: aqua more la

[9:25:27 PM] Michelle says: alamak
[9:25:31 PM] Michelle says: im not human d?

i told baby jas0n bout our conversation and he teased me!!! so notty. On top of that he quoted this :-

You no longer want earrings and small cute cute stuff… you want the big guns now eh~?
You want to go where no girl has gone before… *ahem* you got money meh?

>.< !!!