When you trust ur friends too much!

Ben and Joanna are an ocean-lovin’ couple with a great sense of humor who decided they wanted something other than the norm when it came to their wedding slideshow, keeping with the theme of “totally rad wedding” set by having the thing in an aquarium.

As the big day approached, husband-to-be Ben handed out different assignments to each of the groomsmen, and it was friend Adam’s job to make the slideshow.

Given the instructions “We want our slideshow to be different. You can do whatever you like, and I won’t even try to approve it,” Adam took his recently granted carte blanche and got to work, cutting and pasting to his heart’s content until he finally came up with the best wedding slide show ever.

Watch and see what happen when you trust ur friends too much!

Best Wedding Slideshow Ever from Olde English Comedy on Vimeo.

haha =)

Journey to the hospital? It was hell? I hate it?

I am so glad to be back!

What happen. I started having off and on fever since the Saturday, two weeks ago. Just came back from my Life Saving Course and got immediate sunburn and slight fever. Fever never went off. Basically was sick for the whole mid-term break.

Seeking help. Then it came to Sunday night, a week after that. Mid term break ended, went back to campus, and thats when i started vomiting non-stop. Went to the 3 different doctor, that week. Diagnosed with a viral fever and got myself a few jabs on the butt and a blood test. Not dengue, so it is a relieve. But more vomiting and fever. Can’t do anything but to lie down and get some good rest.

Vomiting worsen as the day goes, body rejecting food intake, then on Thursday, body started to reject water. can’t even take a single droplet of water.

Grandma suggested that I seek a Chinese medium for help. I went to the temple, the guy went on TRANCE!!! I am so so so so so so so scared. So sorry to say this, but I was freaking shaking like a leaf when I saw him go on trance. He held my hand and told me what symptoms I had been having for this past few days, and then he gave something for recovery.

I went home and do as he said. I SWEAR! i started eating and drinking. was craving for some sweet drinks and food. So then, I took a nap and that night everything came out. nope, nothing was digested. I survived 4 days without food and 2 days plus without water. Till last Saturday midnight, I was admitted to Pantai, Cheras.


The condition. When i was in the hospital, I had a quick blood test, and normal procedure, then admitted. Found out that fever was a bad viral fever, had severe gastric problem. And because of the gastric that I had, it trigger some kidney problem, mainly due to dehydration.

The feeling. It sucks to stay in the hospital. I don’t remember my last stay in HUKM was this awful. The bed was really uncomfortable, the food was bad, toilet was funny (it had a mini ramp like those you see in X games), injections was painful, medication was bitter, had the whole room to myself was scary, hand was numb and blood drawing was the worst!

Bored and lonely. I never really tell anyone that I was admitted, whether my friends or family. Grandma called from Singapore, Daddy and I had to lie. So I was dead bored to be honest. I never felt so bored and lonely before. I didn’t want my friends to see me in that state, didn’t want my parents to stay over to accompany me, because the environment was really uncomfortable , so I will tell them that I am OKAY.

Daddy brought me my handphone, PSP, hoping it will keep me company, but I was on drips, couldn’t even type a proper message and can’t even play a proper game.

There’s nothing to be watched on TV when there is no Astro. All I see on TV is just Malaysia’s ex and new Prime Minister. Every single hour of the day, same old news. The only time I was really watching TV was on Sunday morning, when Spongebob was aired on TV3, or was it NTV7?


if it hadn’t be it, i will be counting holes on my body.

Hygiene. I haven’t been able to bathe or shower since Thursday. I STINK. I cannot take it. Same clothes, same undies, and to make things worst, i had period. Waited and waited till Sunday when the nurse finally let me off drip for an hour. I bathe, and bathe and bathe. Getting my hair wet never felt this good!

What I don’t like. Taking blood! They never find my vein. Honestly, I am a very weird human being. Only can draw blood from right hand, and since my right hand is on drip, they have got no choice but to take blood from my left. The doctor have to poke 2-4 times to get it right. T___T

I appreciate. The nurses and doctor who are so good at their job.

Things I did when I reach home. take off clothes & bandages, bathe & shave weigh myself =D, spray a lot of EA. my fav.

Now. I am feeling so so much better. Recovering well, worried at the same time though. Don’t know if I can make it to my presentation this coming 14th. I have to speed things up, try to catch up with time that I have lost.


This is very interesting.

I have finally set foot into my final semester in MMU. In just 2 weeks i feel like i have learn a lot from my Design Process class. I found myself a new source of inspiration and ideation. i no longer need to inject ideas into my blood stream. I guess if you try hard enough, ideas will eventually come. This is where the name of the class make sense to me. Process.

Today, I learned about subcultures. Pretty interesting. I am aware and exposed to most subculture, till the bricolage slide came.

Bricolage means the practice of working with whatever materials are at hand, “making do” with what one has. As a cultural practice, bricolage refers to the activity of taking consumer product and commodities and making them one’s own by giving them a new meaning. This has the potential to create resistance meanings out of the commodities. For example the Michelle punk practice of wearing safety pins as body ornamentation is one of the most well-known examples of bricolage.

I am very surprise that what ever i am doing is actually an existing subculture. And heck, there’s a name for it.

one of the usage of safety pin
one of the usage of safety pin

I still remember, in high school days, my best friends and I use to always visit the piercing shop on Fridays. We would go down there and pierce our ears/nose together. Some of my friends will actually take out the piercing and let it close, and redo the whole process again on the following Friday. I use to have like 10-12 piercings on each ear. what more my friends.

Even better still, I once manually pierced my bestie’s earlobes. not just onces but twice. To make things even more exciting, i pierced her ear in a bumpy school bus ride on the way home. I guess we all shared one thing in common, is that we love the pain, the adrenaline rush and we use to think doing all that is beyond super(i am not gonna say it’s cool). I am so glad that WE ALL TURNED OUT TO BE DECENT. well, sort of.

I secretly likes the idea of body piercing and tattoo. Actually I thought of getting an industrial piercing and hand piercing though.

Gosh, no no… thinking back of things that I did gives me super goosebumps. 8 + 1 is more than enough. Really, I had enough.