day filled with love!

what a day.

i started my 3rd day of CNY at 4am. didn’t get much sleep last night, and the night before and the night before! @_@
i had to clean the hse, do this and do that. go visiting here n there. gosh, it isn’t really a break for me, every festive season, esp Chinese New Year. surely there are things for me to do.

today i am very very happy. i had hosted a gathering at my place like every other year, but this year is better than the previous ones. its just getting better. i had so much fun and i am really happy. i don’t know how to express myself in words but i surely am HAPPY!

hmm, let me give u some updates. things are smooth sailing for me and jas0n’s family. i have been joining them for breakfast lunch and dinner. his family really made me so welcome and so at home. i feel like i am part of the family. i am very grateful that they can accept me and yes, my parents too can accept jas0n.
other than that, i am very glad that my close friends are still the same. well, they have change physically but not their attitude. we are still able to get along very well, and laugh our asses off on lame lame jokes. =) no one can understand how i feel right now. i just feel like crying =’)

*tears of joy rolling down my cheeks*

my life has been wonderful. i am blessed with joy and laughter, and most importantly Love.

i will not trade this life of mind with anything else. never…

…and to all that came to my house today, thank u very much and i appreciate it alot. thank u!
i hope to see u guys again next year, same time and same day at the same place!!!

happeeee chinese new yeAr and hapie holiday! ^^,

** this post is out to wendy, my bestfriend who just turned 20. HAPPIE BiRTHDAY!!!

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