green green b’day

i woke up on Wednesday morning only to find baby jas0n waiting for me down there at NEA apartment with a bouquet of flowers. it is not even my birthday yet, but hey, i liked it! =)


all in all, this is the third time jas0n is giving me flowers. i don’t usually get flowers for valentines, birthdays and so on.. i only get them when he happens to find daisy, even though it is not my birthday. for the past two times its was just daisies, but this time it was OXEYE DAISY!!! my favourite! cannot get it locally you know, and somehow he managed to find them <3


there’s 1 word to describe my 22nd birthday = “superduperuberly100%funandwarmanditsallgreen!”

yeah… somehow this year was better than the last.


all my green goodies


a parcel came from the US. apparently i won a craft book from threadbanger.


handmade nation


they only gave out five copies. guess i was lucky~

(even the book is green!)


couldn’t be any happier


jimmy the krokodil

he has a tag on the hand that says “Michelle, Please take me home *RAWR*”

haha, it was so funny.. i thought only dinos rawr..


my new boyfriend


a blankie to keep me warm at night!


then off we go to dinner…

more pictures click here


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