hang over

*face turns green*

i am practically blogging from the toilet bowl right now. i had the craziest birthday ever.

jas0n dear and my best friends threw me a party at a karaoke lounge. was super fun and crazy. some couldn’t make it tho, but i sure miss those who weren’t there. you know who you are right dearies?

anyway i cannot blog much for now. i had a very terrible hang over now. last night after partying, we all head home to my place and drank a whole 1 litre bottle of Absolut Vodka. yes, we finished it. i ended my night with a pure shot of vodka, bottoms up. i wasn’t drunk to my surprise but i had the worst morning ever. i threw up over n over again, till i had nothing left in my stomach.

argh, you don’t wanna know what came out. it has been 20 hours ago, but i am still feeling really uncomfortable. i swear i will never do this to myself again. oh gosh. all this lack of sleep and too much alcohol is killing me. i think i have to go throw up now. must get it out of my system.


*puke puke, sings birthday song to self in toilet*

phuck. will update with pics soon.

p/s: to carlyn, pei wen, steph, scha, kahyee, wee, yu lin, chun jun, joanne, kit, shiew woei.

thank you gurls for the surprise party. i sure didn’t see that coming. (pei wen and carlyn sure are damn good at acting you know)

*hug hug*

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