Flinders Station, Melbourne

Homesick.. All over again…

It’s CNY eve. Time for awesome food, great company, card games, mahjong, shandy, pineapple tarts, family reunion dinner, cookies and nuts. But I am stranded all the way here in Brisbane. Leaving Melbourne for Brisbane actually made it worst. I’m flooded with such homesick feeling. I now officially miss Malaysia and Melbourne. Damn.

Flinders Station, Melbourne

So much has happen.

Cherry season is over, and it’s almost time to leave for home. Brisbane will be the last stop of my entire journey here in Australia. Tonight I am just feeling ever so down. I will probably update this blog again soon. Just can’t find the right words to put into this entry.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating, and to all my Malaysian friends and family, Happy Chinese New Year and happy holiday! It’s the year of the dragon so let’s all just get a bad ass dragon tattoo.

Lots of love from down under,

Michelle xoxo

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