i’m on a high

i spent all my money.

i have a blardi long list of things to buy and do.

one of it is a bigger memory card for my psp. i came to realize 4G is not enough.

how how u tell me how?!not to forget this is already October. so many of my darlings’ birthday. Have to get something and send over to UK for Michele, a sweet something for Pei Ling(she got licence adi!) and ahemm, buy an “ah moi” for jas0n. >.<”

thank goodness for nuffnang. still got money coming in for me.

anyway, i am having a long break now. done with internship and presentations. honestly i am missing my hectic working life. it has been really shitty but yet i am missing those days. i definitely miss those ppl there. ouh well, i am loving my holiday!

i did so much this holiday. i went taking pictures at Putrajaya all day, went shopping at IKEA, completed and submitted an entry for SKA, volunteered to help out in a NGO event, went Genting theme park, then went Genting again the following week for a drink and come back. finished 2 seasons of Dexter, now on the 3rd one, watched Heroes 3rd season also, and i got to spend a lot of time with my besties… i am a super happie person right now.

it was 12 celcius

we went to Genting for a drink

iced latte

i don’t know why on earth i did that.

camwhore a bit

and came back. =D

that was fun.

and… and.. i am planing for a backpacking trip. don’t know where yet. maybe 2 trips. feel like goin to KaoShan in Thailand. lotsa cheap boost! haha. ouh well. will see how it goes.

will upload Putrajaya pics after this. me goin out for a movie with Steph. ciao.

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