In loving memory

I have known her for all my life, even longer than I have known my own mother.

I never realized how much I depended on her, and needed her.

I crawl to her every time, to seek comfort when I am sick, when my torn blouse need some sewing. No one cooks like she does, no one care like she does, and no one love me like she does.

She is strong, smart, incredibly creative lady with a kind heart and a gentle spirit.

It is hard not to love and miss a person like that.

I miss her very much.. and I wish that she is here right now to tell me that everything will be okay.


I miss u, Mama.

departed peacefully on 16th May 2010.

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3 thoughts on “In loving memory”

  1. Tieng,

    Thank you very much. I am sure she is at a better place, and she will definitely be happy. Thank you for ur well wish!

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