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KL to Perth; and hello Melbourne!

It’s time to update my blog.

I am now blogging from Tullamarine, Melbourne. It’s been 3 weeks since I left KL. I am in Australia on a work and holiday visa. This past three weeks hasn’t been pleasant. Been wanting to blog as soon as I got here, but I was so caught up in planning my next move. I dare say I am a bit stable now.

I left KL for Perth on 1st of March 2011. I spent exactly 2 weeks in Perth at Modillion Ave South, Riverton. It’s 30 minutes to the Perth CBD and only 5 minutes drive to Faiz’s place. Been around a lot, and manage to see almost all of Perth, except the northern region. * shrugs * Will go back there when I have more moolah.. :D

I left Perth for Melbourne to get a job. Chances of getting a job here in Melbourne are much greater.

I don’t know which is better comparing Perth and Melbourne. Never really like Perth’s lifestyle as it was too quiet, and sometimes I find it… a bit…dead. But I totally love the weather, the beaches and the people in Perth. It’s a perfect place for retirement, not for me though. As  for Melbourne, people here are rude, sky as grey as if dooms day is coming, and the weather has been screwing me up. It’s cold and then hot and then rainy. You literally have 4 seasons in a day.

I am definitely more of a beach bunny. Don’t mind the sun and the tan!

I hate to say this but I miss Perth.

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2 thoughts on “KL to Perth; and hello Melbourne!”

  1. To be honest… Melbourne wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be. I mean, it’s interesting and all that…but the vibe wasn’t as welcoming. When I visited Aussie for 2 weeks, I preferred the time I spent in Sydney. :P

    I’ll be going down to Perth next year for a good friend’s wedding. :) Not sure if I’ll stop by Melbourne. How long are you going to be working in Melbourne?

  2. Yeap, I agree.. I don’t quite like the weather here, and the ppl ain’t as friendly. I haven’t been to Sydney, but I will be staying put in Melbourne for a few more months then I will head down to Tasmania then only up to Sydney and Brisbane.

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