Last day at Grey

Last Friday was my last day of internship! I have been waiting for this moment for 3 and a half months ago. but you know, just when i got the hang of working, i had to go. honestly, some of you might hear me complain about how much i hate working and how much i don’t like advertising, i ended up psycho. i slowly love all these crazy people, and the heavy fast paced work.

anyway, i had 3 farewell lunches from 3 different departments. took some pictures with some friends.

i did not manage to take picture with a lot of them because my last day was on a Friday so they were mostly out servicing at client sites. here are the few.

btw, i just found out this cool feature of this word press thinggy. i didn’t know that it allows me to add the whole gallery onto this post. hehe. cool.

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  1. Michelle,i’m really gonna miss you darling!! :(( Anyhoo,im really proud of you,you really proved to everybody how strong you are, you really made it!I think everyone here can see how hardworking you are,staying back late nights and all and thats why they want you back ;) Cant wait to see u back in sigh..2 weeks.

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