my bestie and me


(might take a while to load, so many pictures)

I went out with my best friend, Steph last Thursday (yeah, because i went out with her i wasn’t at home when my house got broken in, God is really watching over me). anyway, we both thought that we needed some time to together, so we’ve plan a date just for the two of us, to Mid Valley. i really owe this post to her ler. i was supposed to blog about this long time ago but it took me quite some time to prepare these pictures for this post. we just went out for half a day but u should see the amount of photos that we took. a whole lot of pictures i tell ya! took me some time to sort it out because we took 100+ pictures on that day. >.<


my friend and my sister


while waiting to board on the bus to go One U, what do you think two girls with a camera will do? CAMWHORE-lah~


wow, we’re so gorgeous… look at our teeth. looks like long lost sisters.


look at this. it says “tong sampah” and it’s pointing to Stefie.


see la, get down from the bus continue camwhoring… tsk tsk tsk~

actually we both didn’t have the intention to shop, but when we reach the mall we were like withdrawing money from the ATM and start walking into shops after shops, trying on clothes. In the end of the day we both got ourselves some blouse and tube tops from Dorothy Perkins. did not really shop because sales was over adi and there’s no new arrivals. just the same old stuff.


then we couldn’t decide where to go for lunch, so I brought her to Fish & co. food there was fantastic, and am glad that she like it too!


a picture of Steph in Fish & Co.

14.jpg 16.jpg


food here is better than Manhattan Fish Market. I’m no bias. go give it a try, and be the judge yourself.

stef and mC

syiok sendiri-ness

after makan, we shop again!


juice works taste so good!



we’ve always got each other to lean on =’)

love you,


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