6 thoughts on “My Graduation”

  1. haha..
    i bet i was really annoying back then that u can still remember me xD
    yup..im still stayin in sg long..what bout u?..shifted?

  2. nope. still in sg long too. no u weren’t annoying.. really. gosh u grew up adi. so fast!hehehe.. i kinda feel old right now. :( let’s exchange blog links!

  3. still staying here?..
    its been years and i didn’t even bump into u :(
    haha..ofcoz i grow up dy la..i got makan nasi wan ma..
    ya noe wat..
    i still remember back then where we use to stop at 7-11 to buy lollipops and slurpies..
    and we made a heck load of noise at the back of the bus! xD

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