My New Year’s Resolution

It’s a brand new year and yes, time to conveniently forget/misplace your previous year’s resolution. You tell yourself it’s time to jot down a new set of new year’s resolution, and this time stick with it. I know what most of you will have on your top ten things to do. To lose weight.

Hmph, I won’t even bother including it in my 2011 new year resolution. It’s pretty impossible for me to actually eat less (heh, I’m not saying that I eat like a pig either) and lose the weight that I think I will gain from it, because heck, I am living in Malaysia. Festive after festive, there’s always another big occasion. My year (or at least this year according to what i foresee) usually/will goes like this:-

January – New Year’s Day dinner with the family, family going to Penang! I cannot resist all the Penang hawker food and all the Nasi Kandar

February – Chinese New Year! (nom nom real food and junk food, dinner with family, and boyfriend’s family, house visiting and more house visiting)

March -Usual by monthly trip to Thailand

April – My birthday! There will definitely be dinner with family and makan makan session with friends

May – There’s Labour Day. Whenever there’s a public holiday, I will hang out with some friends at a mall or go on a road trip with my family, and then again, eat

June – It’s daddy’s birthday, what more it’s also father’s day. CAKES CAKES CAKES!!

July –  Thailand again and some small lil trips here and there with bestfriends

August – Mom’s birthday, Merdeka Day, Hari Raya (mmm, rendang!) and a whole bunch of  other public holidays

September – Malaysia Day, another road trip and excuse of food hunting

October – Baby’s birthday :) Nice dinner..

November – Deepavali (not nice to visit friend’s place but not eat).. OMG suddenly thought of Indian Kitchen *drools*

December – My family usual trip to Penang. How can one be in Penang and on a diet? And there’s CHRISTMAS DAY! The usual Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas lunch and dinner and.. New Year’s Eve dinner

See, all planned out. Either it’s a festive season or it’s someone’s birthday or a vacation. This year I am clear of what is the top of my list. EXERCISE! That’s right. Instead of eating less and getting all sad and food deprived (warning:may cause depression), I’d rather get my butt up and start working out. To be honest, I have been hitting the gym frequently in 2010, but I will make sure this year will be even better.

Have a sweet & sweaty 2011. Happy New Year :)

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