Colours to my winter: Alumbra

Haven’t been anywhere since I started working (this is bad). I seriously miss those days where me and Mei wake up in the morning somewhere in Perth, then put on something comfy, grab my camera, sunnies and the map and start walking around and exploring. Also I miss moving around from one point to another. Been too comfy in Melbourne. I just can’t wait till September ends, then my adventure will resume.

It’s hard to explain the state I am in right now. Won’t say it’s the best and most happening period, but I guess this is just a point of transition. Anyway I met a few friends here in Melbourne, won’t say that we know each other very well, besides that we are all from Malaysia, we all have one thing in common, we love to travel.

We met each other not even for 24 hours, we decided to go clubbing at Alumbra and then make a road trip to Brighton Beach and to Peninsular Hot Springs. Awesome. This is what I am talking about.. Adventure.

First up : Party pictures taken in Alumbra, Docklands on Forever Fridays!

love this place to bits

L-R : Lin, Michz, Ness, me & Mei :))

Tequila Shots

mr bartender mr dee jay

waiting for our drinks

need a new liver when I get back to Malaysia

long island tea! :3

friends from Malaysia, Singapore and Indo :)

Docklands at night



One of the feeling i fear most is feeling unwanted. it sucked just as bad as if i have lost someone dear to me.

Had a weird ass dream last night. dream that daddy got a new baby girl and he bought a 10 bedroom house in Melbourne.

Guess he doesn’t want me in the dream and want to move out. I dislike both the baby girl and the house in Melboune. grr >:E

… but after SMS-ing daddy, I felt all warm and happy inside, because i love the feeling of assurance :)


The average temperature at night is about 4-6 degrees, and it’s not even winter. Sometimes it is so cold it hurts.

This is the time where I get homesick the most. Not only missing everyone at home but the weather too.

I hate grey gloomy skies.

Anyway, it’s the 3rd month of autumn, going into winter soon. I have noticed most of the trees slowly shading its leaves, and some tree leaves starts to turn red.

It’s just beautiful.

KL to Perth; and hello Melbourne!

It’s time to update my blog.

I am now blogging from Tullamarine, Melbourne. It’s been 3 weeks since I left KL. I am in Australia on a work and holiday visa. This past three weeks hasn’t been pleasant. Been wanting to blog as soon as I got here, but I was so caught up in planning my next move. I dare say I am a bit stable now.

I left KL for Perth on 1st of March 2011. I spent exactly 2 weeks in Perth at Modillion Ave South, Riverton. It’s 30 minutes to the Perth CBD and only 5 minutes drive to Faiz’s place. Been around a lot, and manage to see almost all of Perth, except the northern region. * shrugs * Will go back there when I have more moolah.. :D

I left Perth for Melbourne to get a job. Chances of getting a job here in Melbourne are much greater.

I don’t know which is better comparing Perth and Melbourne. Never really like Perth’s lifestyle as it was too quiet, and sometimes I find it… a bit…dead. But I totally love the weather, the beaches and the people in Perth. It’s a perfect place for retirement, not for me though. As  for Melbourne, people here are rude, sky as grey as if dooms day is coming, and the weather has been screwing me up. It’s cold and then hot and then rainy. You literally have 4 seasons in a day.

I am definitely more of a beach bunny. Don’t mind the sun and the tan!

I hate to say this but I miss Perth.

North Quay, WA


Same bench, different feelings

I am sitting at the bench where I use to sit a year ago, while waiting for daddy to get off work. Accept that, almost a year ago, I was crying but now I am smiling from ear to ear.

I use to hate my previous job so badly that I was all down and depressed but not this job. I love every single bit of it. I have to admit that there are hiccups here and there, but that is how a normal working environment should be like.

My current employer, Ben, is very appreciative and have been rather supportive on my decision. I’m glad that I try out for this job and I really owe it to Jason and also my family for encouraging me to take up this job. It was a challenge as I never done UI design before and right now I am happier than ever!

I say it is very rare that one can find a job that he or she enjoys doing. This experience has been great. But, I have to move on, and try other things. Well let’s hope that I will get to do what I love in future :)

For now.. Australia here I come!