funny feeling

Had dinner with family yesterday. The happy feeling came back, but somehow or rather it is still very difficult and rather empty without mama at the table making jokes out of the blue to entertain us before dinner is served. i miss her, i do.

Justin couldn’t join us for dinner, as he is stranded in Malacca. Justin if you are reading this, the porridge steamboat was awesome and good luck for your exams yea. yums! :P

The purpose of this post is to jot down the little feeling I have in me. The feeling that I have cannot be written/translated in words, not sure what it is but still.. I want to jot it down, before I forget how wonderful and warm it makes me feel inside.

My New Year’s Resolution

It’s a brand new year and yes, time to conveniently forget/misplace your previous year’s resolution. You tell yourself it’s time to jot down a new set of new year’s resolution, and this time stick with it. I know what most of you will have on your top ten things to do. To lose weight.

Hmph, I won’t even bother including it in my 2011 new year resolution. It’s pretty impossible for me to actually eat less (heh, I’m not saying that I eat like a pig either) and lose the weight that I think I will gain from it, because heck, I am living in Malaysia. Festive after festive, there’s always another big occasion. My year (or at least this year according to what i foresee) usually/will goes like this:-

January – New Year’s Day dinner with the family, family going to Penang! I cannot resist all the Penang hawker food and all the Nasi Kandar

February – Chinese New Year! (nom nom real food and junk food, dinner with family, and boyfriend’s family, house visiting and more house visiting)

March -Usual by monthly trip to Thailand

April – My birthday! There will definitely be dinner with family and makan makan session with friends

May – There’s Labour Day. Whenever there’s a public holiday, I will hang out with some friends at a mall or go on a road trip with my family, and then again, eat

June – It’s daddy’s birthday, what more it’s also father’s day. CAKES CAKES CAKES!!

July –  Thailand again and some small lil trips here and there with bestfriends

August – Mom’s birthday, Merdeka Day, Hari Raya (mmm, rendang!) and a whole bunch of  other public holidays

September – Malaysia Day, another road trip and excuse of food hunting

October – Baby’s birthday :) Nice dinner..

November – Deepavali (not nice to visit friend’s place but not eat).. OMG suddenly thought of Indian Kitchen *drools*

December – My family usual trip to Penang. How can one be in Penang and on a diet? And there’s CHRISTMAS DAY! The usual Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas lunch and dinner and.. New Year’s Eve dinner

See, all planned out. Either it’s a festive season or it’s someone’s birthday or a vacation. This year I am clear of what is the top of my list. EXERCISE! That’s right. Instead of eating less and getting all sad and food deprived (warning:may cause depression), I’d rather get my butt up and start working out. To be honest, I have been hitting the gym frequently in 2010, but I will make sure this year will be even better.

Have a sweet & sweaty 2011. Happy New Year :)


I’m glad it’s December. Never in my entire life, I wish for time to fly as fast as I wanted this year to.

They say time will heal, well, is it true? Or is it just a saying? Anyway December is a happy and jolly month. Justin’s birthday, Christmas, turkey and cupcakes. For once, something to look forward to, in 6 months :)

I’m blogging again… like finally

Woah, I cannot believe I am updating my blog again. I never thought I would actually update. Like after how many donkey months?! I also kinda forgot how to log in to my website. That is how freaking long I didn’t blog.

Just a quickie. This year has been a bitch to me. I had a horrible first job, lost my loved one, non-stop going tot he hospital, having friends come and go, not having enough time to myself, not enough sleep…

Enough is enough. I quited my job, and found another. Finally moving on with life, accepting how life works and slowly picking myself up. I also have decided to take a break from here, from all this sadness. Therefore, I applied for a work and travel visa to Australia. I have got everything done and my visa is approved; after so much pain (very painful process) going through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Putrajaya just to get my paper work sorted out.

See, I wanted to escape from my daily routine so bad that I actually applied for a visa and will be leaving on 1st March 2011, but then right now at this point in time, I am feeling very heavy hearted.

In the process of picking myself up, I realize that I don’t really need to run away from here to be happy. Because to be poko-poko-blue-bunny honest, I am happy right now. I have been hitting the gym very often, work all my troubles away, been helping mom set up an online boutique which is doing pretty okay( *wink*), been working with Studio 212, meeting clients, developing iPhone apps and design for a month and plus now. Seriously, I am liking what I am doing. Today is my off day. And yes, working with Studio 212 I really get off days off. Unlike my previous company, although it’s my off days, weekends, public holidays or whenever I am on MC, I still have to work from home. Thinking about it makes me sick. Well in order to keep myself super busy, I even signed up for the Nike KL vs SG 5K run and I bought tickets to watch Adam Lambert live in KL.

I guess i shall not dwell on what is gonna happen next. What ever comes, comes. I will make it a point to upload all the pictures that is in my draft box this week.

Will upload again soon :)




Well, ever since I stopped working, been loving the smell of my freedom.

Been really really productive. Got so many things done.

Honestly, deep deep down inside of me I miss my job in Digitalyst, I think I enjoy doing what I do. I too missed my colleagues, how we tease each other, laugh at almost everything, bullying  Tan. I also missed those mornings when I am feeling totally trashed, then some angels will come by and cheer me.

Tieng, Jin Min, Wei Ming, Stephy been great to me. <3 u all!

Well, I have moved on and am very excited on what the future is in store for me.


This post is a quickie and a lil teaser *wink*

More info on the next post!~ :D

hint: in picture~

One door closed, another opens

I have officially quit my job. I guess I haven’t been blogging much about it.

Well long story cut short, I took up a job at an agency in KL Sentral. Convenient location, great environment, cool bosses, awesome colleagues and very well paid, but I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone.

I know this is ridiculous, but something tells me that opportunity is coming and something big is awaiting. I have not got a job yet i quit my current job. must be disappointing for daddy… but I just have this feeling, I belong somewhere else and I will be happier then.

Well, don’t want to waste a beautiful Monday morning like this.

I hope today will be a progressive day.