bright and sunny

wow…the haze had gone so fast…it was on critical last nite and today the weather is so nice..No more haze and no more holiday(*sobs*) well its good coz i feel less depressed and much happier plus i dun have to suffocate in the bad weather. yeaterday i did manicure and it turn out to be SO NICE AR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love my finger nails soooooooooooo muuuuucchhh!!!!!!!! Muaxx! (crazee adi)

Hazy holiday

Yesterday when I was in drawing class, Mr Gouth J. announce holiday for MMU cyberjaya till monday due to the bad haze. how nice(*sarcasticly of course*)…
this is not good. not getting any better. i heard there’s hailstorm last night in shah alam, i never seen one and would really loved to witness 1.
Anyway i promised Mr Tajali to go for drawing class this morning but i didn’t make it. I slept realli late last night coz my roomies are on their computers till 5.30 am in the morning. Lately i’ve been getting a lot of nightmares too.
Eeee…so scary! Sobs…

I’m in Polluted-ville!

Today i woke up feeling really miserable… I didnt sleep well last night. The dust mite on the bed have been biting me through out the night. Argh, very frustrated. *munch munch* Actualli I’m having my breakfast now. Eating biscuits n milo. Wednesday mornings are the best coz class will only start at 11am and i will be able to wake up in time to breathe in the fresh air and feel the cooling morning breeze on my skin… but not today. the haze in cyberjaya has worsen. there is so many bush fire around here. oh no…almost forgot, i got to download my media appreciation assignment. ciao!

Bad Weather = Bad Health

Yesterday I was down with a very high fever, then eventually i got better this morning(without taking any medication), and thanks to the bad weather, i got fever again. not onli fever, i had difficulties in breathing and also bad allergy attack. Stupid bush fire in sumatra and cyberjaya. i was just thinking bout singapore suddenly. why must the wind carry the smoke and haze from sumatra to malaysia?…blow it to singapore lah… since their air is so clean. well, when the air is pollutes then the singaporeans can take the oppurtunities to smoke. hehe…let the desperate smokers there enjoy life once in while.
anyway got to go…*sneeze*.. buh bye!

Shopping Spree

What a day… Shop and shop and shop…
Haha…I went to sg wang today with my godmom n my mom and bought quite a lot os stuff! I must say that I’m a silent shopaholic. Coz normally i dont show it and most of the times i’ll save my money then when it comes to shopping day, I’ll spend it all! *yawn*

Holiday again…

holiday! holiday! haha, sumtimes i feel very happy when it comes to holiday but on the other hand, not! why? u ask? well, I’VE PUT ON WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This happen every holiday.. doesn’t matter what holiday, whether is it mid term, long break, school holiday, the sultan’s birthday….arghh… my grandma, god mother and my mom will definitely cook n bake my favourite food. they will feed me as if i havent eaten for ages!
then my dad n my god father will bring me for hi-tea n buffet. is not that i’m complaining because i have food to eat…NO… definitely not…i know that i am very blessed and lucky but i realli put on a lot of weight. it’s so hard for me to loose weight u know. i went for ns n i lost a lil weight n staying in MMU’s campus made me lost even more and suddenly came home for mid-term break(less than a week) i’ve put on 1 kg! I swear that no chocolates and ice-cream for the next whole month! gee….


Last night was definitely a very long night for me. Mom and dad talk to me about Syafiq. They don’t agree that Syafiq and I should start a relationship. They said that somehow the differences of our religion is the barrier to our relationship, moreover I’m too young to commit myself to only one person as I a world to explore. There is alot of people that I havent met.
My parents are so worried for me that they already think far ahead for me, like marriage.
They told me their biggest fear is to see their only daughter to convert into Islam. Yes, I know how they feel bout this but what can I do? I like Syafiq very much, more than a friend to be exact. Mom and dad compared me to a butterfly, saying that when I convert, my wings will be tied up and I will loose out a lot. Come to think of it, it’s true. What will I get in return after converting? Why do I have to come across such scenarios?
I spent the whole night crying and thinking bout it. After all the thinking I still havent come out with a decision… I’m too depress to write on. I guess I will have to continue some other day.


Yippie… I just finish class and guess what? Next week is my mid-term break…Woo hoo!…
But… i got a feeling that i will not enjoy this break as i have a lot of ASS-IGNMENT to do.
Syafiq’s birthday is coming soon and i still dont know what to get him. *sigh* I only bought a bottle of perfume (Of A Man) from Body Shop for him.
I thought of making something for him, sounds more sincere. Well, will think bout that later.
Hmm, so far my i find my first term very challenging, especially in design fundamental class. I’m always worried that my assignments that I’ve completed will get rejected. My art work are my blood and sweat! I guess all FCM students fear the rejection of their art work. Fortunately, all my artwork is excepted..none of it has been rejected(finger’s crossed!)…so proud of myself. Anyway got to stop. Have to unpack my stuff right now because daddy’s gonna bring me home today! Just can’t wait to go home!

Yes, I’m Back!

It’s been months since i post in my blog. I was always so busy till I don’t even have time to spare for myself. I miss alot of stuff and regret for not jotting it down coz i know as i grow i will tend to forget most of them. I think my last post was in march 2005, right before i attended my national service in Gombak. So many memorable things happen to me dring this few months. So I guess i’m back and I will make it a point to write and post all the ups and downs in my life in this blog. Right now I’m in the Faculty of creative Multimedia in Multimedia university at Cyberjaya. I don’t want to miss life in university, so I will go on blogging. Hopefully when i’m gone, some one will find this one day, and that some one will know about the special things in the life of an average gurl(that’s me).

Long Distance Relationship

Distant love is never easy, especially whenyou are living far apart. However each mile that seperates 2 person who truly care, can be joined with strong love they have got.The loneliness you feel when you are far apart, can sometimes easily defeat the love.This happens especially when you miss someone who u want to share ur life with,and when they are not able to be by your side.Have faith in each other, and believe that they do feel the same as you. When you are farapart, you will easily doubted whether their love is true.Have faith in each other, and stand firm with your trust. Though sometimes it might be tough, for the sake of long lasting relations,this is a must.Think of one another’s emotional needs, let the other knows that you always care. Makefull use of the time when you are together, open up your heart and share.Respect that sometimes each of us need some space, but it does not mean that they dun want you to be around. We all need some privacy on our own, never says we no longer need the love we used to share.Do not let the seeds of jealousy, grow deepin your heart. If you let this happened, your relationship will surely be doomed to fall apart.Be honest to how you feel, and never lead the other one on. It is unfair and irresponsible to play around with other’s feelings, and turn around one day and walk away.Never give up for your love, and hold on to what you feel from deep within. For love thatis sincere and strong, will be held together,no matter how far you are apart………..It does hard.. despite all the problems..Love is more of a commitment not merely emotional feelings that can easily fades..You can not say you are faithful,not before u have the chance to be unfaithful, yet, you choose to give your heart only to that person whom you cared so much,yet,so far apart..