Blue Blue Sky

Today seem a lil different then the normal days….
As I was starring at the clouds up in the sky, my mind was flooded by the memories, the memories n times that i used to spent with my mom…

Mummy used to drive us (my bro n I) to Singapore every once a year to visit grandma. While drivin on the highway, mummy always tells us how beautifull the sky was.
I love to look up in the big blue sky n look at clouds that have funny funny shapes. Some looks like dinosaurs, some look like a palace, some even look like toys that i have always wanted! Isnt it cool?
Its just so amazing that the clouds can form shapes of an animal, places or objects.

Normally when i look at the clouds, I see diff things than what my bro sees.I really dun know why why till today… I finally realise that whatever things that i see in the clouds its those things that i wish to have. It’s like a paradise. Its not real but its just things that we wanted realli badly.
Are u surprise or amaze that I finally got the answer to my question? I found it becoz today i saw the most beautiful thing in the world up high among the clouds…. I saw Mummy.

I really look up to mummy cz she is a really tough lady. She never gives up on fighting her cancer till the very last moment in her life, n yes i understand how must suffering she went through last time.

I will always be loving u n i am looking forward to the day we meet again, at the heavenly gate!
Love u, mummy!

Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love?

Each time we have a quarrel,

It breaks my heart,

Coz I am so afraid that we have to part,

Each night I ask the stars above,

Why must I be a teenager in love?

One day i feel so happy, next day I feel so sad,

I guess I will have to learn to take the good with the bad.

Each night I ask the stars above,

Why must I be a teenager in love?

I cried a tear for nobody but you,

I will be lonely if u should say that we are through,

If u want to make me cry and if u should say goodbye,

I will still go on loving u, and I will keep asking the stars up above,

Why must I be a teenager in love?

[Copyrighted by MC]

Simple Plan

I was really looking forward to go to KLCC with Michele Mayuri to meet Simple Plan, a pop-punk group from Canada. I was more excited to meet David Desrosiers, the bass player of the band. My dad didn’t want us to go there by ourselves so he decided to drive us there.

We left Kajang at 12 something and reach there around 1 p.m. As we were about to step into Burger King’s to get ouselves a burger(we haven’t take our lunch yet!) or so, suddenly we saw a really big crowd at the Tower Records. The crowd was chaotic!

They we’re all there for Simple Plan… There were around 1500 lunatics, queing up since 7 a.m.

What did we do next?… Of course we didn’t get ouselves the stoopid burger….we ran towards the crowd n hoping that we’re not at the end of the queue. Thank God we made it in cause the people who came after us was seperated from the crowd and they have to queue near the entrance of the public toilet!!! How lucky i though we were!

After hours of queing up, Simple Plan haven’t show up yet. The head and the noise that the crowd made is really getting into my nerve. Mayuri told me to be patient as our patience will be paid of as soon as we meet Simple Plan. As we were waiting for them i suggested that we should get them somthing from Guardian, so Mayuri volunteered to go and get them some chocolates.

The bill came up to RM 36 for chocolates for 5 of the band members. I was totally in shock, but what the heck? We seldom have this chance to buy them stuff.

I see many people holding an envelope or something like that to give to their fav band members, but look at me! I came with empty handed. I quickly pull out a note book and a pen and started scribbling a note, hoping to pass it to David.

I really don’t know whether he will get my note and my chocolates or not but it’s worth trying.

45 minutes passed, finally they showed up!… The DJ was playing the first single “Welome To My Life” and the crowd started singing along. It was such great fun and i personally thinks that the meeting the fans session is better than their concert.

Later, the autograph session was on and i didn’t get to get in because i didn’t bring their posters, and the rules are “stricly no notebooks”, just posters from universal records!

man, i was heart broken.

My best friend, Mayuri had a poster and she did get in, so i pass her my digi camera and the note that i wrote to David. As she went in there, she took a few shoots of Simple Plan but it all turn out blur, but that was ok because she passed my note to David. David smiled and he kept my note in his pocket!

I was jumping high n low! My feelings was just undescribable!

Later that night, I went home telling my family that David kept my note n hoping that he will call, everyone told me not to expect so much n i did.

At 10.35 p.m. sharp, a man from Zouk called. David ask him to call me. It was unbelievable. He said David left a msg for me saying that he is really tired after the concert so he ask him to call me. He also said that i would get a personal autograph by David and i can collect it from a bartender in Zouk. I was really happy and felt like I’m the luckiest girl on earth. Although I didn’t get to talk to David, but i really appriciate what David had done for me.

I knw some ppl is lucky enough to meet and hug David in person, but i still think that i’m the luckiest gurl alive! Thank u David Desrosiers! U’ve really brought me hope and i will never stop writing to u!!!

Love u lots!!!