Phuket Trip: Day 1


My besties and I planned a small trip to Phuket, Thailand from the 17th – 19th Sept 2009. We booked our tickets via Air Asia, surprisingly, the fare was quite cheap. We each paid RM280 for a return ticket including 3days 2night stay , inclusive of breakfast at Leelawadee Boutique Hotel. =) how cool is that?!

Well, I never really get to travel out of the country with my friends before, so we were all excited over every lil thing. We took the earliest flight possible, which is 7.20am, and book for the latest flight back. *wink*

So we arrived and gathered at LCCT at 5 am.

DSCF1774L-R: Jason, Naresh, Natalie, Ken, Chey Men, Steph


drizzle drizzle


We checked in and what not. Board the plane, and it was raining that morning.

As usual, I get to sit next to the window.

Just <3 to see those fluffy clouds.


While waiting for the plane to take off… so we CAMWHORED!


The flight took about an hour, from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket.


The streets near where we stayed. It was like a dead town during the day.

But at night, full of booze and mat salleh. Didn’t feel like I was in Thailand at all.


This is the hotel that we stayed. Leelawadee Boutique Hotel.

It was really nice, new hotel, there fore rooms and every thing were very good. My room even had a mini garden at the back.


so zen!

We took 3 rooms all together, and my room was in the middle, end up everyone were climbing in and out  =\


as mention the town was pretty dead, no shops were open for lunch. we were all starving.

we walked and walked till we finally reach this lil shack like cafe and had our lunch there.

everything was so expensive but…


it’s worth paying for. we get really authentic and good Thai food. yumm..

after food we went to the nearest 7-Eleven to buy the Thailand all famous Singha and Chang beer.


super cheap. even their Heineken was cheaper than Msia, I wonder why.


*tuk tuk*

after a good lunch, off to the beach we go!


Patong Beach!


Naresh and Nat


baby jas0n and mC


Ken and Chey Men


First day itself was super fun… It only gets better. Day 2 post coming up in a bit! =D

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